wilhelm and vito

Alright, so I recently saw The Reward, and here’s my two bits on shipping the main characters, whose names (if I’m not mistaken) are Wilhelm and Vito.

I think… what they have is sort of a bromance with benefits. Like, they’re just a couple of bros who wander around and pick up hot babes and have adventures and shit together, right? And I imagine they do occasionally do it. But it isn’t passionate “I love you” doing it, it’s just a couple of bros doing it. Y'know?

Superficial though this may sound, I do think they’re emotionally very close. I mean, they’ve been through so much together, how could they not be? I believe they love each other very deeply, maybe as much as two people are even capable of loving each other, but just not in a mushy romantic-candlelit-dinners-and-roses-and-shit sort of way.

I mean, maybe when they’re alone together there are moments of that cute sort of intimacy. And of course there’s the occasional doing it. But for the most part it’s just a bromance.

That’s my interpretation of the pairing, idk.