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Vito and Wilhelm from The Reward, an awesome ongoing animated series from Denmark!

You can watch the original short here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cw7aAFS5oc

Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUlg8Y_mLfA

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Something is going on in Wilhelm and Vito’s friendship today.

It’s the second part of Wilhelm’s Curse where we follow Vito and Wilhelm from The Reward again. They are older and have been questing for many years. Wilhelm is a vampire and together with the druid girl Amerath, they seek a cure. Turn on some candles and enjoy the newest Tale of Alethrion.

In this episode we put in an epic disco song sung by Mathias Winum. First montage with actual singing.

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Final Webisode of the Tales of Alethrion Season is out! What happens to Wilhelm and Vito after last week’s drama? See for yourself today!

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Forgotten dungeons with crawling monsters and hidden treasures are the favorite quest spots for the more experienced heroes of Alethrion.

These lands are full of dungeon secrets just waiting to be discovered by our main characters. Here are some work in progress stills from the intros that are going to be showed in front of some of our future Sun Creature Studio YouTube videos. Remember to subscribe if you haven’t already :)

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You might wonder why Wilhelm looks like a vampire here… well, we did the Vito and Wilhelm´s Logbook a while ago where our audience could choose how the story should go after Vito and Wihelm left the Mirror Room. One thing to know is that nosferatos are usually the bad monster kind where as vampires are the lords doomed to a neverending life of sorrow - they are not always bad… but they do need blood. Check out how the 4 chapters of Epic Vito and Wilhelm´s logbook went here on this playlist!

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Join Mikkel Mainz when he’s doing his magic in watercolor.

He’ll go through his process of doing the illustrations for the backers of our Kickstarter campaign. The Illustrations will also be getting out here on tumblr soon.

These are the last of the rewards we had to finish along the comic so now, goods will get out soon. We hope you enjoy this little tutorial and find it useful! Have an epic weekend!


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Wilhelm (Warrior)  

Wilhelm is a very focused and serious warrior. He sticks to the plan and doesn’t say much. Looking for a purpose in life, Wilhelm seeks to find a goal to attach himself to. When he aims for something, he does so with every fibre of his being, doing everything in his power, no matter how much he has to sacrifice in the process. He expects happiness to arrive after reaching a goal and needs to learn how to appreciate the journey instead. His biggest dream is to be like the heroes of his childhood, who seem to be the most respected and happy people in the world.  

Being an introvert, Wilhelm is not very social and he doesn’t like to mingle with others. When it comes to love he is very shy—needing to prepare himself mentally and write down what to say and do before he approaches a girl. He does not like being noticed or drawing attention to himself. For example, no one has ever seen his neck; it is always hidden behind his scarf, even when he sleeps. He is a bit of a solo hipster and he doesn’t really care much for others. Instead, he enjoys his passions, including reading poetry and practicing techniques of ancient swordsmen.  

Wilhelm learns on his travels that friendship is what is most important. Trusting and spending time with a friend is the true reward of life. When finally realizing how to appreciate the journey itself, he finds peace within himself, transforming him into a badass fighter, both beautiful and wise, with the biggest heart one can imagine.

Vito (Wizard)  

Vito is an extroverted, impulsive wizard with red hair who enjoys life to the fullest. He is cool and fun but also very naive and unfocused—he hates being alone and bored. Vito likes to party and is easily distracted, which often leaves Wilhelm impatient and frustrated. He gets distracted easily due to not wanting to miss out on anything on his journey. He wants to check out all dungeons and talk with everyone along the way! He doesn’t plan or think ahead, meeting the consequences of his actions when he stumbles over them. The worst part however, is that he doesn’t realize how his reckless actions affect other people.

Being a prankster and an entertainer, Vito wants and needs everybody’s love and attention. He doesn’t think about his actions, seeking only a smile or getting blown a kiss in his direction. He learns the hard way that his irresponsible actions can affect people other than himself, when his best friend, Wilhelm, loses two fingers and almost dies because of his frivolous way of life. This occurs in the pilot episode, The Reward. Luckily, best friends forgive one another for one’s transgressions. Vito comes to realize that if you find a true friend, you need to appreciate and earn that bond of friendship.

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2 hours left of our Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion - the animated fantasy series! We are 4% from reaching our stretch goal which is another episode! Since our backers choose (by voting) who they want to follow in the next episodes we have made a thank you illustration where the main characters are racing against each other! Amerath is in the leading position but Epic Wilhelm and Vito are really close to her! 2 more hours to vote or back the project if you haven´t already :)

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The days have been busy and It’s been a long time since our last Youtube upload but now we are back!

This is Kenneth Ladekjær doing his magic here at Sun Creature Studio. We would like to show you the different processes and happenings during the making of The Reward: Tales of Alethrion. This time we zoom in on Animation! Kenneth shows the scene he animated in the teaser while talking about the process of and the idea behind the animation in the Reward series.

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More behind the scenes videos can be found here

Alright, so I recently saw The Reward, and here’s my two bits on shipping the main characters, whose names (if I’m not mistaken) are Wilhelm and Vito.

I think… what they have is sort of a bromance with benefits. Like, they’re just a couple of bros who wander around and pick up hot babes and have adventures and shit together, right? And I imagine they do occasionally do it. But it isn’t passionate “I love you” doing it, it’s just a couple of bros doing it. Y'know?

Superficial though this may sound, I do think they’re emotionally very close. I mean, they’ve been through so much together, how could they not be? I believe they love each other very deeply, maybe as much as two people are even capable of loving each other, but just not in a mushy romantic-candlelit-dinners-and-roses-and-shit sort of way.

I mean, maybe when they’re alone together there are moments of that cute sort of intimacy. And of course there’s the occasional doing it. But for the most part it’s just a bromance.

That’s my interpretation of the pairing, idk.


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Vito and Wilhelm sneaked into The First Hero episode of Tales of Alethrion, but they are REALLY hard to spot. Some may not even see them even when told and showed. Since the story takes place in a time before Vito and Wilhelm’s original adventure in The Reward, they show up as babies in the Geysers of Prediction. In the original scene the magical smoke would then turn into an X (the treasure map) as you can see on the last picture. Unfortunatly we had to cut that out because of the camera movement.


Hello people! 
We, at Sun Creature Studio are working hard to finish the last Backer Rewards of the Kickstarter supporters. Here are some examples for our original illustrations (without colors so far)

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Here’s a little sneakpeak at The Reward Comic!

One of the stretch goals of the Kickstarter campaign was a short comic telling the tale of the three thugs who attack Wilhelm in Drahlouqe.

The comic will tell the story of the three thugs and how they ended up being the thieves they are. And there might also be a little teaser of a new character in the comic… who knows ;) ?

The comic will be 20 pages and divided into 4 chapters.

Tomorrow we will publish the one page shown in this video as a teaser of the comic.

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