Well, nobody likes to see a stalwart of the team, and the bedrock and foundation of the defense, a leader and fan faovirte for more than a decade go. Be handed his walking papers. Say adios, amigos! But…it’s a tough game, and a business (see “It is what it is.” ad infinitum) at the end of it all. So yes, it’s sad to see Big Vince go. He’s an all-timer, someone we loved, rooted for and counted on time and again, as fans, to carry the load, blow up the line and make it happen on the sometimes shaky, bend and occasionally break Patriots defense. He’s a monster, someone who the Pats got so much from, on and off the field. Someone beloved the world over, who we’re all looking forward to seeing a halftime of retirement and reverence dedicated to sometime very soon at Gillette Stadium.

But with tough decisions to make, younger pricier guys to sign, and abig $ for Vince, something he’s kinda worth but perhaps too much to make sure the defense remains top-notch, he’s gotta to go. or at least this deal does. Could he, will he, be back? Possibly, but probably not. It’s kinda “seeing your ex-girlfreind maiing out with another dude in the bathroom” gross to think of Wilfork in another jersey. But he almost left last year, and somehow all sides worked it out for one more year. And look what happened! Vince Wilfork go what so few will ever get; a career of winning in a uniform where he bookended his time with Super Bowl wins. Can you think of anyone else who won a Super Bowl his first and last season for a team that played over adecade there? Dude came back from injury in 2013 to prove in 2014 he was worth the money and one more shot to lead the team to the promised land, and he did. Before you and Argentina cry for him remember…he had winning seasons every year! Went to seven AFC Championships! And four Super Bowls! HE WON TWO RINGS! I mean…damn! That’s how you do it, Big Man!

Yeah, there will be some melancholy at Casa Wilfork today, and with the fans who love him and cheered for him. But no bitterness or disappointment. You really can’t ask for more, or get that kind of closure if you script it.

Happy trails and all the thanks and football love in the world to Vince Wilfork. Nobody, literally, will ever be able to fill those shoes. He’ll leave a huuuuge hole in the D-line, and locker room. How that gets filled? Lord knows. All I know now is that this guy helped our favorite team win two Super Bowls and had a hella good run. He had an appetite for winning and being a role model almost as big as his actual appetite. I’d offer to buy him a champion’s dinner, but I’m not sure I can afford what he deserves. Cheers ‘n Beers to Vince Wilfork, an ATGFP! (All-Time Great Fahkin’ Patriot)

Here he is, my sweet handsome boy! We decided that Peyton wasn’t quite the right name, so meet Wilfork Snubnose the First!

Some might wonder why a self-professed frog-lover would get a pet whose diet in the wild consists mostly of frogs and toads. I blame Wilfork’s adorable face and wonderful personality, but mostly william-snekspeare. ;D