OK so hi! I usually don’t type things like this out because I’m not very good at expressing myself but I felt like I wanted to say some stuff  so excuse any mistakes haha.

So 20 million huh that’s a lot but Mark you really deserve every single one of them, you are a great and wonderful person and you’ve improved so much over time, the things you create, the videos, the vlogs, acting, singing, playing guitar, being a better you with every passing moment you truly are an inspiration!

And because of all of that I wanted to draw my favorite things on your channel (tho tbh if I did draw everything I would never be done with this lmao) like the egos and Tim and chica and amy(because she’s also the best and I love her)
Because I like what you make! And I get inspired by you! So thank you for being you

Got into semi realistic painting again! The main of this idea was to portrait what Harald would look like, if he scented danger during his thefts. I’ll keep this idea of Harald the wealthy thief btw. It fits very well to his other personality traits, in my opinion.

Big thank to my dear brother, who gave very helpful critique and advises. He may not be the best at arting but he knows how to give a good first impression.