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Group shot!

Annoying and shirtless

Type: random

Pairing: darkstache

3. “Don’t you dare think your shirtlessness is going to distract me- oh shit.”

Dark stormed across the halls making it to the Conference room where some of the egos rezide at the moment. All of them jumped when dark yanked the door open, his dark eyes scanning the room before looking at all of the egos. He clenched his hands into fists as he grit his teeth. “Where. Is. He.”

They all stared at him in fear, but dr. Iplier was brave enough to speak. “He-he said he was in his room.” He whispered.

With that dark turned a heal and slammed the door, causing the others to jump. Dark stormed through the hall. The hallway itself turning black as his aura drained the colors away.

He didn’t care if that pink idiot knew if he was coming, but he knew that he better be preying for mercy once he had his hands on him. Dark had it up to here with his bullshit he maybe use to tolerate it before but not now, not after what he done.

Earlier that day.

Mark was scrolling through his computer, while talking to dark, who was drinking coffee in a chair right in front of him. They were discussing their plans for the next video when mark looked at his computer in shock, his shocked look didn’t leave when he looked at dark.

“What?” He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Um… I didn’t know you made nude photos.”

Dark suddenly choked on his coffee staring ahead, before spitting it out. His eyes snapped over to mark who looked at him in fear, seeing the anger rise out of dark. “Where did you get it?”

“They-they were sent to me just now-.”


Mark turned his computer to dark showing that it was darks pain in the ass.

Wilford warfstache.

Present day.

Dark made it to his room and didn’t even bother to knock, he just kicked the door down with one hit, breaking the lock. He stormed in. “WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS WRONG WITH YO-.”

Dark stopped in his tracks as wilford turned around completely shirtless. He couldn’t help but stare him up and down, almost in shock.

“Well, you could of knocked darky.” Wilford chuckled folding his shirt and stuffing it in a drawer.

Dark snapped out of it, looking at wilford in anger. “YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR WILFORD!”

“Oh no what has happened now.” Wilford teased, stretching a bit.

Dark caught himself staring at his biseps as he stretched, showing that they were complete muscle. “YOU-YOU DARE SEND MY NUDES TO MARK! HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET THEM!” dark yelled in anger trying to pry is eyes off of him.

“Hmm nudes you say? I didn’t take you as the one who took nudes.” Wilford smiled putting more shirts in drawer.


“Is it bothering you darky?” Wilford teased as he started to walk toward him.

Dark could see a look in Wilford’s eye, as wilford looked him up and down, he knew that look… Celine knew that look. He sensed desire in them. Dark started to back away, trying to keep his compuser. “Don’t you dare think your shirtlessness is going to distract me- oh shit.”

He looked better up close.

Wilford had a pair of abs that dark could not stop staring at. He felt his face heat up the longer he stared.

What the hell am I doing?!

“Darky, you know I would never send your nudes if you didn’t want me to.” Wilford said, inches away from dark now. “I would never hurt you like that. And like I said I didn’t know you had nudes.”

Dark didn’t know if he could trust him, hell he didn’t want to. He just wanted to punish him, like he ment to do, but… something about wilford made him want to…to… Dark looked up at his lips, feeling an urge to lean in and-.

“What’s happening?” Dark whispered, holding his head, confused feeling something tug in his chest and it kept getting stronger. “What is this feeling?”

Wilford smiled as dark held his head and his other hand holding his chest. He then lifted his chin up, making dark stare at him. “It’s called love darky.”

“Love?” He breathed, his body leaning into wilford’s touch. “How’s this-this possible-?”

“It happens to everyone.” Wilford said, his other hand cupping darks cheek. “And in truth, I love you too darky.”

Dark felt as wilford leaned in and kissed him on his lips. He yelped in suprise but instead of pushing him off and straight up killing him, he kissed him back. Dark for the first time in his life, didn’t feel numb or cold to the world, instead he felt… warm and happy.

Bing and anti stuck their heads out of the hall corner staring at dark and wilford with a smile. “Mission accomplished.” Anti grinned glitching a couple of times.“

"How did you even get his nudes?” Bing said in question.

“Hey I’m a glitch, nothing can stop me.”

Give it back!

Type: random.

Pairing: darkstache.

Requested by: (anon)

“Give it back!”

“No Wil!”

“You have no right to take it from me.”

“Your acting like a child! This is not a play thing!”

“Give. It. Back!”




“GUYS!” Bim trimmer stormed in hearing them yelling from the other room. He watched as they both looked at Bim with anger in their eyes. “What is all the commotion?”

“Dark took my shooty!” Wilford said pointing at dark.

“You were shooting in the house when I strictly told you not to!” He snapped, stomping his foot.

“I was just doing light target practice.”


“Well it’s not fair for you to take my stuff.”

“God your acting like a child.” Dark turned away.

“At least I know how to have fun.”


Wilford stared at dark in shock, his heart falling into his stumic. He took to steps back looking down at his hands.

Dark’s face softens as he watch a couple of tears stream down wilford’s eyes. But his heart completely shatters as he watched wilford cover his face, heart wrenching sobs escaping his lips. He then clung on to Bim, hugging him tightly as he continued to cry.

“I..uh.” Bim stammered looking at dark, shruggling, before patting the pink man’s back. “Dark I-I think you went to far.”

Dark sighed, brushing his hair out of his eyes. He walked forward and hesitantly tried to put a hand on wilford’s back. “Wil-.”

Wilford flinched away, burring his face deeper into Bim.

Dark looked up at Bim, then sighed turning away. “I’m-I’m sorry Wil.” He whispered. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ve been having a stressful day and took it out in you. I shouldn’t have took your gun away from you. I know how much… shooty means to you.”

Wilford shifted under Bim to look at dark who had his head down in shame, pulling out the signature gun that wilford loved. He held it out to him, not making eye contact.

Wilford then let go of Bim and looked at the gun but he didn’t move to grab it. Instead he stretched his arms and pulled dark into a hug, his chin resting in his head.

Dark froze, his body becoming stiff as a board, listening to wilford sniffle a couple of times.

“I forgive you darky. And to make it even, I’m sorry for-for being so childish.”

“No-no Wil, your not… completely childish, I didn’t mean it.” Dark sighed hugging wilford back pressing his head into wilford’s chest.

Bim watched as they hugged for the longest time, starting to feel very awkward standing there. “So uh I’m gonna go. Uh glad that you to uh worked it out.” With that Bim left the room, a small smile on his face.

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