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The Handmaid’s tale is not only spectacularly shot, superbly acted and written, in the current political climate it is going to be the most relevant tv series for a very long while. It’s amazing just on how many different levels it actually touches so many topics at once (fanaticism, bigotry, misogyny, racism, women’s reproductive rights, homophobia, sexual abuse, militarization of society, rise of tyrants and dictator wannabes etc). Which makes it that more terrifying, because it doesn’t feel like a work of fiction at all. Essential in every regard. Whatever you heard about it, no words can really describe just how amazing and important it really is. I was truly blown away. The perfect anti-dote to the Trump like mentality worldwide (not just USA). Timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. 

teslaoveredison  asked:

Are there any characters from ATWQ that you think appear in ASOUE, other than the ones stated? You mentioned that it's a popular theory in a previous post.

In “All The Wrong Questions”, not so much. In its supplementary material “File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents”, we however meet other characters who might be people we already encountered in “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”:

  • Smogface Wiley, who looks like a young Sir.
  • Hal Hairdryer.
  • The optometrist who lives in a nearby town, who might be Georgina Orwell.
  • Kevin, a boy with equal strength in each arm.

Interestingly the character of Marguerite was called Colette in an earlier draft, but she mysteriously changed names in the published book. Perhaps Daniel Handler thought that was one crossover too many.


THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST The Lady Speedsters of The Flash: requested by anonymous

Laverne Cox as Libby Lawrence/Liberty Belle
Amandla Stenberg as Jesse Chambers/Jesse Quick
Sara Arjun as Irey Allen-West/Impulse
Marjan Neshat as Dawn Allen
Yara Shahidi as Jenni Ognats/XS
Jocelyn India as Irey Park-West/Impulse II
Seychelle Gabriel as Sela Allen/The Flash
Samira Wiley as Danica Williams/The Flash

Note: This is an expansion of an earlier lady speedsters photoset and is not related to the CW show. And for reference, Irey Allen-West is Wally’s sister in this continuity while Irey Park-West is Wally’s daughter.


sense8 fanmix series [6/8]: will gorski (listen)

In group dynamics, there’s something psychologists call “savior behavior”. […] You want to help, Will. That’s a perfectly normal response. But sometimes when we try to help one person, another person gets hurt. Sometimes that person’s ourselves, sometimes it’s someone else.

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