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With the finale of The Walking Dead: Michonne right around the corner, we’re thrilled to share with you an intriguing interview with series creator Robert Kirkman.

In the video, he speaks on the depth and complexity of Michonne and what makes her a long-lasting fan favorite in such an immensely celebrated series, as well as reveals the first details of the third season of The Walking Dead Telltale series.

While we can’t share too much just yet, Robert reveals that Season 3 will take place roughly in the same timeline of the current comics and will go more hand-in-hand with the comics than ever before.

Another exciting bit of information is that the third season will be checking in on fan favorite Clementine, “seeing where she’s at and what’s going on with her, which is going to be great”. While it’s too early to go into further detail, we’re beyond thrilled for a return to such an incredibly beloved character that fans the world over have connected with.

With The Walking Dead: Michonne’s finale ‘What We Deserve’ arriving this week and Season 3 on the horizon to premiere later in 2016, it’s an exciting time for fans of The Walking Dead, and we can’t wait to share more details in the coming months!

The upcoming Oscar host and his husband, David Burtka, prize Kehinde Wiley’s regal portraits of everyday figures

This story first appeared in the Dec. 12 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Neil Patrick Harris, 41, owns three of Wiley’s works with his husband, David Burtka, 39, an actor, singer and chef. Recently the couple acquired a 2014 oil portrait, Venus Anadyomene, that hangs in the living room of their new town house in Harlem. Says Harris: “I love Kehinde’s ability to draw hands and wrinkles and skin tones. It’s phenomenal.” Adds Burtka, “What he does with the color patterns and the vibrancy of his paintings is extraordinary.” He and Harris favor such emerging talents as L.A.-based Tomory Dodge and Francesca Gabbiani and also collect such established artists as Mike Kelley and Robert Longo (a Longo drawing is the first piece the couple bought). “One of our favorite pieces is a digital piece on a projector by Jennifer Steinkamp that Neil got me for Valentine’s Day,” says Burtka. “It’s these moving flowers that are projected on a wall.”

Due to the rigors of his studio practice and of operating studios in Beijing and Brooklyn, Wiley (repped by Roberts & Tilton in L.A.) rarely meets collectors, but Harris and Burtka are exceptions. “I met Neil and David when they came to the opening of an exhibition in Los Angeles,” says Wiley, who wears bespoke suits covered in images from his oeuvre. “Very few collectors ask such in-depth questions — why and how the work was made and what my sympathies and passions are. They see art not simply as luxury but rather as something that really connects to people.”

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Decisions both old and new will come back to haunt you in The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries finale, ‘What We Deserve’. Check out the trailer for a look at the climactic conclusion we’ve been building towards since the premiere, and remember - this third and final episode will be available starting Tuesday, April 26th!