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17 and 19 for Tracie and Preston?

17. Their ways of expressing their love.

Preston is less conveniently expressive since he keeps his cool but him opening up to Tracie, having fun with her doing Old World stuff, playing along her whole Disney story thing, going around old ruins to find items she likes and getting into all sorts of trouble with her is an expression of love in some way. However the one way he absolutely expresses that unconditional love towards her is that Preston is the only person that is patient with Tracie. Tracie has hard time understanding things and even harder time articulating a response when asked and sometimes these things can put her in danger and Preston understands her he knows she sees the things differently than most and he tries his best to actually listen to her because she isn’t stupid just people don’t understand what she is trying to say most of the time, she is just very hopeful and naive and absent minded and she doesn’t make sense if one doesn’t take the time to listen and Preston always does and that’s how she knows for sure that he loves her.

As for Tracie she usually collects pre-war things for him too, like books and magazines since unlike her he loves to read. She almost has the entire Silver Shroud series and she is working on getting all of them. She also put together a shelf in his Sanctuary house for him to display them on. And she often cooks his favorite food if she knows how to make it, accompanies him to Diamond City for a drink or noodles, learns to knit to make a better scarf than the one he has and other small acts of love and care. Also she is very physical so often she holds his hand, she massages his palm to help him relax when he has his PTSD dreams, strokes his hair and cuddles with him when he feels bad. And she knows when not to say a word and just be there for him if he needs her and really appreciates that because words for him are sometimes very hard but he still loves her support and loves that he has someone to lean on when he is at his worst and she was always there for him. And most importantly for a change Preston can be his more playful and cheerful self around her and even when he gets angry due to his depression she understands and she helps him through it so ultimately she really helps him pull himself up from that bad depressive episode and let his personality shine.

19. Describe how they communicate

Usually their communication is very silly, Tracie is silly she asks questions and Preston sometimes answers honestly sometimes he jokes about it. He understands what she is saying though, he is the only one that fully understands what she means, well first one the other people being Vicky and Gage much later but Gage is far older than her and Vicky is older too so he can’t really understand everything the way Preston does. She sometimes communicates non verbally and he picks up her cues then too, whether she wants them to do something stupid, something brave, mess around, prank MacCready or go and stargaze at the top of the Starlight Drive In. Their communication is simple but very meaningful and telling. 

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top 5 star trek characters

get fucking ready

1. the man. the myth. the legend. the emissary. the sisko.

2. elim garak, spy and bisexual icon

3. kira nerys. I don’t even need to explain this one it’s so obvious kira nerys

4. jadzia dax cuz she is Wise and Fun

5. thy’lek shran cuz look at this picture of him and his daughter:

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★ Jane

Freshly-Baked Jane Fact™: a big part of the reason she never feels comfortable in Vegas, or any other big towns, is a sense of culture shocK. She’s been in the wider wasteland a while, so the differences rarely surprise her any more, but she’s still Twin Mothers at heart, so living in a larger settlement requires navigating an alien culture with vastly different values. Like Capitalism™, or more specifically a rich-poor divide: in the tribe, resources were shared communally, so while she understands a community as a whole falling on hard times, the idea of some people within a community having more than they need whereas others face starvation is so weird and frankly abhorrent to her. The difference between Freeside and the Strip makes her distinctly uncomfortable.

(Also after Dead Money she starts avoiding the Lucky 38 anyway because it gives her Madre flashbacks. I’ve been tossing up having her make a new base in the form of a conveniently abandoned ranch out in the Mojave, but I’m worried that might be too heavy-handed.)

Ulysses loves the Legion, not Caesar.

Though perhaps a better title would be “Ulysses loves a strong nation, no matter what they may do”.

The Vault Wiki says that Ulysses is “formerly” Legion, the quote they cite isn’t so transparent:

This caused me to wonder how distant Ulysses is from the Legion’s ideals.

A few resourceful fans ( @veronicaroyce @dragonie @wildwildwasteland ) recently found that it seems Ulysses is conscious of the historical Rome, and that Caesar is not the first Caesar to exist. 

Yet, of course, Ulysses still calls Legion his brothers, and still favors them in comparison to the NCR.

Moreover, Ulysses is furious with the White Legs for attempting to honor him and not the Legion.

Note how Ulysses hates the idea that he would be honored, and not the Legion as a nation.

When asked why Ulysses didn’t just kill the Courier in Primm, Ulysses replies:

Since the encounter Ulysses had at Primm was likely just months or maybe one or two years before Lonesome Road, this indicates that Ulysses was recently respectful of Caesar’s orders, and Caesar’s rule.

But this doesn’t mean, necessarily, that Ulysses loves Caesar. (Ulysses actually never uses the word love.) What this means is that Ulysses loves the concept of a powerful nation that operates with the Legion’s same sort of strength and authority.

Ulysses calls Legion his brothers. Perhaps, to Ulysses, the question of Caesar’s authority is just a sidenote to the loyalty shared amongst people.

Ulysses is the sort of person who would prioritize a nation before a people. He’s done this before. Participated in spying and violent acts for a strong nation because he believes that a strong nation is virtuous.

That’s why The Divide being destroyed angered him so. It was the destruction of a nation that he had some faith in.

So the conclusion I believe can be drawn is that Ulysses is aware that Caesar is basing a nation off of the historical Roman Empire, yet this doesn’t matter to him. He’s aware that Caesar may fall and that the Legion is misguided, but still aligns himself more closely with them. (He respects a Legion courier more easily.)

It’s not that Ulysses is Legion-aligned or not. Even if he is not specifically working under Caesar’s orders, his personal political philosophy is in alignment with the Legion, and with a strong nation. He is willing to commit great crimes against humanity (such as nuking the NCR’s main supply line to starve them to death) if it means that a strong nation will be formed.

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ulysses for the ask thing ?

Z you know how to spoil me…

How I feel about this character: love love love love love LOVE LOVE
All the people I ship romantically with this character: the Courier, unsurprisingly; I think that;s about it since he doesn’t really… interact with anyone else who would potentially be interested
My non-romantic OTP for this character: Ulysses and Christine brotp
My unpopular opinion about this character: killing him is bad and wrong and that is a Fact (also Let Him Be A Sap Albeit In His Own Way)
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: made out in front of the ICBM :>
my het ship: f!courier/ulysses
my fem/slash ship: m!courier/ulysses (i think these choices get much easier in canons with gender-variable protagonists lmao)
my OTP: courier/ulysses
my OT3: none since i don’t even know who the third person would be
my cross over ship: look this one’s even harder i honestly can’t think of any
my kink: I mean… voice kink
a head cannon fact: he has a sweet tooth and likes fruit and fancy lads, although he will not admit to it

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Hello there! So I'm new to the fallout famdom and I was just wondering if you knew any cool blogs I could follow?

Of course, my dearest anon.

First of all, if you want to follow the other members of my Sole Squad, go ahead and follow @vkm11, @werewuffgoth, @uranium-rockandroll, @butchs-sweetroll, and @laurenallyse.

Here are some other blogs:
@dreadbythesea, @failout4, @madddraws, @andoy-blog, @easy-eight, @ronqueesha, @themarchingchemist, @seethedivide, @deichqueen, @hawkfurze, @redwheeler, @papidanse, @ladies-of-the-wasteland, @shells-void, @blightout, @theraiderradiostation, @ashleyanthrax, @takahashispowernoodles, @red-eye-radio, @esuerc, @quinzelade, @frenziedgem1, @butchstunnelsnake, @fancyladssnacks, @jinglyjangly, @taultvec, @mercready, @thesole-wanderer, @falloutsosoadventures, @spanishspycrab, @paladin-danse-if-we-want-to, @companions-say-the-darnest-thing, @antioxident, @formerly-android, @badcowboy69, @sillyandquiteawkward, @prydwencats, @maximumrevolution, @nuka-rockit, @wildwildwasteland, @wildwasteland, @kickerwrites, @overboss, @generalatomicsgalleria, @headcanonsforcompanions, and @rockboci.

i just went through all the people i am following and picked those out. follow em all. they’re pretty neat.

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1-12 evens for pairing of your choice

I am going to do Jane and Ulysses also so I can get some happy prompts to heal my heart after that last one :P

2. Who’s the one to send the other “I love my gf/bf” memes

It’s 100% definitely Jane; in the modern AU although she is mostly a social media dinosaur she somehow finds and sends these constantly. Usually they’re the most abstract or weird ones she possibly can. Ulysses is opposed to memes on a spiritual level and might roll his eyes, but secretly I think he’s touched by the sentiment, at least.

4. Which one spoils the other more and do they ever get competitive to show the other more love

Jane spoils Ulysses more because she is… significantly better at being demonstrative with her emotions than he is. They don’t really get competitive about it (except, perhaps, in bed); or rather if they did it would take a super-indirect form (for one thing I see Ulysses as the type to be competitive but also not like to admit to being competitive).

6. What was their wedding like

Pretty much non-existent, so far, although that could change as I develop Twin Mothers/Twisted Hairs stuff. They’re basically “wasteland married” - as in, they live together, and then have kids together, probably start using the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ around the time they find somewhere to settle, so as far as everyone’s concerned, they’re married. Twin Mothers were matrilineal, so I don’t see them as placing much emphasis on marriage; relationships could be freely entered and exited, and if any kind of commitment was marked, it would have been a fairly simple affair. Twisted Hairs I’m still not sure about, but if they were to have any kind of ceremony, it would come from Ulysses’ traditions and probably just be between the two of them. In the modern AU, Jane at least would absolutely be the type of person to prefer just signing the certificate at the courthouse and then a few weeks later just casually mentioning to her friends “oh yeah I’m married now lol.” Veronica never quite forgives her for depriving her of the opportunity to get swanked up in a fancy bridesmaid’s dress.

8. How does one comfort the other when the other is in distress/having a panic attack/crying

Ulysses would comfort Jane by sitting by her, talking through it if she wants him to, holding her if she wants. I think he’d mainly be about letting her know he’s there and letting her tell him what she needs from him rather than having a go-to response. Jane would try to comfort Ulysses with gentle touches and hugs (if welcome) and soothing words; she’d also be ready to listen if he need to talk or vent.

10. Which one stares at the other’s booty like “damn” and how does the other react when catching them

Jane does the staring. Ulysses doesn’t say anything but you know he’s feeling smug about it.

12. What do their dates look like

They both are big on exploring so investigating new places or interesting ruins is always a fun one. This being a Ulysses ship, there’s also a lot of time spent just sitting and talking. They’d also both enjoy spending a quiet night in with a good book (reading a book together is probably like the wasteland version of a movie night lmao. Jane 100% definitely would do silly voices if she were called upon to read aloud). In the modern AU there would probably be a lot of hiking trips, urban exploration, road trips (presuming either has a car at any point), nights in with a movie (Ulysses’ Highbrow Classics vs. Jane’s westerns and B-movies) and, of course, chilling and talking. Neither has been within twenty feet of a fancy restaurant in their lives and neither cares to.

wildwildwasteland replied to your post: im not an anti-technological luddite but I am a…

the other day i heard a guy talking about how how we have to engineer humans to be able to keep up with machines in the workplace.. capitalism is ruining Fun Tech for everyone

it’s been a while since I looked into Dune but I’m pretty sure this guy is just talking about the Mentats. that’s it. that’s why the Mentats were made


I didn’t know how you imagined Vulpes looking in your fic, so I stuck with the long floofy hair version cause thats the best one. Also, my computer kept fucking up trying to find a Xavier ref, so I just used your icon as one :’D

Since it’s @wildwildwasteland birthday, and I’ve been wanting to draw this for forever, I quickly did this for the day of your birth. I hope you like it :’D

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The following is a follow up to a questioned I Answered for @wildwildwasteland.

In Fallout I have always been fascinated by the lore. So I always read every source I could in game. Especially terminals.
The following is based on that and on the official wiki.

Ghouls in Fallout are largely based on what the 1950s knew about radiation and belived would occur go humans. Such as mutations (which we see in pre-war depictions of Vault Boy being irritated. He grows am extra appendage).

In Fallout when a Human is exposed to large amounts of radiation they are rapidly mutated into a ghoul. Mostly only really die from other factors. Such as physical damage to the body like a Nuclear heat blast or debris. Which is why most ghouls come from humans that were exposed to radiation who were protected from physical damage somehow. Like those in Necropolis (A Failed Vault) or were in the metro system taking shelter). And most new ghouls come from exploring irradiate places. However not everyone becomes a ghoul. It appears to be largely triggered by your own actions like taking radaway and radx whilst still being irradiated or consuming irradiated food. Slowly exposing your body to radiation. By our science of today we know that such things would cause thyroid or stomach cancer.)

Ghouls differ from us mostly because their DNA has been altered. It regenerates faster and gives them their long lives. Making them resistant to disease, injury and death. Radiation even heals them.

Physically they resemble zombies. Their ears and nose are long gone because ghoulification means soft tissues fall apart such as cartilage and tendons. Which is why ghouls experience arthritic pain in their joints. Their skin is flaking and falling off due to it dying. But because of their regenerative properties they have what one could argue as a type of psoriasis. Whilst not an immune disorder this type is purely because their DNA and bodies are regenerating and repairing at such a rate that their skin is continuously flaking.

The damage to soft tissue is also why they have such rough voices. The larynx is damaged.
Realistically female ghouls should be fairly flat chested and the males would lack genitalia bulges. The penis and memory glands would of degenerated. However it can be argued that due to the regenerative properties these organs and tissues remain largely intact.

There is a downside. Due to the process they can be time bombs. Eventually the brain degenerates over time. Turning them feral. This has largely been insinuated to be due to some form of brain damage or trauma. Such as a blow to the head or preexisting damage prior to ghoulification.
Many ghouls live long productive lives and don’t become feral. Others do. Radiation exposure can accelerate the process. Suggesting that ghouls living in places with higher rad counts are more likely to become feral. And it suggests that while radiation heals them it still has ionising effects on brain tissue and nurons.

I hope any of my followers find this helpful. If you notice mistakes then by all means please feel free to reblog and add your comments. I welcome all to a good discussion on the science of fallout.
But bare in mind that the theory of ghouls being a product of the FEV and Radiation is no longer considered canon.

wildwildwasteland replied to your post “Nothing pisses me off in this country more then the anti-native racism…”

One of the worst things about it is that Canadians seem to think being racist against native people somehow doesn’t count as racism? I honestly do not understand.

People act like its ok because they think natives deserve it.

They hear false, racist stereotypes so often that they believe them to be true, and this justifies this behaviour further in their minds, normalizing it.

I’ve seen people that do everything possible to fight against anti black racism, islamophobia, etc and at the same time will openly hate natives.

This country has a big racism problem and it really needs to confront it.