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“There’s really no other way to say it except this: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is one of the best books ever! (See how it has won all the awards!?) Two boys, their families, and their love for each other: you will have all the feels.”

This is a beautiful, dreamy novel about art, love, and family. I absolutely adored reading about Emi, and her life. The little bit of mystery made the story even better.”

This is a fantastic resource for LGBTQ teens (and for those who know and love them)! It includes advice, some history, and some personal stories: all with a sense of humor and respect.”

None of the Above is a compelling exploration of gender told through the story of Kristin, a girl who learns she is intersex, and then must deal with the fallout as her whole high school finds out her truth.” (Part of our We Need Diverse YA! sale)

“Sensitive and honest, Beyond Magenta takes a nuanced look at transgender and gender-neutral teens by giving six individuals a chance to tell their stories. Eye opening and touching!”

“Jandy Nelson writes a beautiful intertwined tale of twins who have lost each other over the years. A must read.”

“Austin is in love with his girlfriend Shann, but also with his best friend Robbie. And they both love him. And the world might be on the verge of destruction due to some six foot tall bugs with a taste for human flesh. Basically the best book ever. 

This book may help you ask the hard questions, answer the hard questions, set boundaries, and listen with an open mind. This book will change your life. Read it!”

This tense and gripping novel is incredibly unique: part drama, part psychological mystery, part love story. Hutchinson weaves in some intense themes, as well as graphic novel style interludes for one of the most interesting and touching reads of the year.”

“Jane Eagland’s novel explores gender expectations and LGBT issues through historical fiction. Fascinating and surprising!’

“I love A.S. King, and I especially love this book! Astrid is so relatable, with her family problems, her longing to connect, and trying to figure out her sexuality as she falls in love with a girl. So well done!”

A sweet and engaging story of a trans character coming into her own. Perfect for fans of James Howe, Hannah Moskowitz, or coming-of-age tales in general.”

“A fantastic retelling of the classic Cinderella story from a lesbian perspective.”

This touching, emotionally resonant book does an amazing job depicting a wide range of homosexual experiences, while remaining focused on the two seventeen year old boys attempting to break the world record for longest kiss. It’s exciting, funny, sad, and inspiring!”


Annie on my mind- Nancy Garden

Keeping you a secret- Julie Anne Peters

Leaving L.A.- Kate Christie

Me and you and daisies- Lily R. Mason

The world unseen- Shamim Sarif 

Wildthorn- Jane England

Tipping the velvet- Sarah Waters

Dare truth or promise- Paula Boock

And Playing the role of herself- K.E. Lane

Hunter’s Way- Gerri Hill

Ash- Malinda Lo

The price of salt- Patricia Highsmith

Patience & Sarah- Isabel Miller

The Gravity between us- Kristen Zimmer

Her name in the sky- Kelly Quindlen 

Taking the long way- Lily R. Mason

Fingersmith- Sarah Waters



time for some seriousness – as some of you know my dear friend kim of wildthorne was injured a few weeks ago (go to her account for more details), and because america is what it is, she needs help paying her medical bill. i’ve created this limited design inspired by her work in order to help her out – all proceeds will go towards her healing. the wildthorne tank and t-shirt are available via raintower.etsy.com i’m making a limited amount and you can order in your size. (specific listing here)

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high priestess necklace: bloodmilk

horns/headdress: changeling’s closet


Tomorrow is the season finale of Showtime’s gooey, gory, incredibly Victorian Gothic-soup show Penny Dreadful, and I’m already pining. For your consideration, a celebratory book list. 

Dracula, by Bram Stoker

The world’s best-known vampire novel essentially encoded the tropes for vampires and Gothic fiction, at least in combination with…

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley 

Mary Shelley rewrote the rules of literature with Frankenstein. This is one of those books that I still go back to every few years. 

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, by Alan Moore 

This iconic comic book series employs a large cast of literary characters from the infamous to the esoteric, and pits Victorian heroes against Victorian villains in century and genre spanning shenanigans. 

The Magic Toyshop, by Angela Carter

Angela Carter, master of the whimsical and creepy, gives us orphans, tyrannical guardians, dysfunctional families, and really disturbing puppet shows. 

Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters

Orphan Sue Trindler secures a position with a sheltered gentlewoman and her eccentric guardian as part of a con-game to steal an inheritance, only to find herself pitying–and perhaps falling for–her mark. But Sue is caught up in a plot more devious and much longer in the making than she ever imagined. This is a twisty, almost suffocatingly atmospheric pastiche of Victorian literature.

A Great and Terrible Beauty, by Libba Bray 

Secret societies, corsets, magic, scandals, boarding school, and the fraught and complicated dynamics of teenage friendship. 

Carmilla, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu 

Carmilla predates and clearly influenced Stoker’s Dracula. It’s a short, yummy piece with all the Gothic hallmarks: castles, monsters, maidens, forests, nightmares, seductive and mysterious strangers, and blatant homoeroticism. 

The Monstrumologist, by Rick Yancey

Yancey’s Printz-winning, page-turning horror builds an elaborate world of mythological monsters, midnight adventures, and Dickensian characters in an alternate 19th century America. 

The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

Okay, but here’s my question: film and TV versions of Dorian Gray are always sexy, but they’re always dark and smoldering sexy, not the boyish and blond sexy of Wild’s not-so-innocent protagonist, and it’s been more than a century, are we still so dependent on the very visual cues denoting purity and wickedness that Wilde lambasted in his novel? 

Bellefleur, by Joyce Carol Oats 

The Bellefleur clan is a powerful, notorious family, complete with millionaires, psychics, murderers, ghosts, spiritualists, mysteries, and a manor house. This sprawling, twisty novel is a modern classic of the American Gothic. 

Affinity, by Sarah Waters

An upperclass spinster becomes a charitable Lady Visitor at a women’s prison, where she meets a beautiful and charismatic spiritualist. Gothic atmosphere, bottled. 

The Woman In Black, by Susan Hill 

This classic ghost story could have sprung straight from the 19th century English village where it takes place. It’s a short and page-turning read. 

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, by Patrick Suskind

A perfumer’s apprentice with a refined nose becomes murderously obsessed with the perfect scent. 

Wildthorne, by Jane Eagland 

Told with stark detail and twisting flashbacks, this YA book combines the nightmarish setting of a Victorian madhouse with one teenager’s sexual awakening and fight to preserve her own sense of identity, while figuring out who did this to her. 

Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice

Definitely in contention for the English language’s second most read, most referenced, most spoofed vampire novel. (We all know what it’s up against.) 

The Ruby in the Smoke, by Philip Pullman 

Pullman combines all the pulpy tropes and smoky atmosphere of penny dreadfuls with a dose of modern attitude and a cast of characters ferocious and funny and charming and heartbreaking. 


ya lit meme  2 | 10 series or books

wildthorn by jane eagland

“in the meantime, we have this. She opens her eyes and smiles at me and I smile back. The clouds in the window shift and a stripe of pale wintry sunshine falls across our tangled bodies, linking them with its golden band. And as I rest my cheek on her head, knowing that sometimes, this is enough…more than enough.”

Queer Women in Historical Fiction

It’s Women’s History Month in the US, the UK, and Australia. (My native Canada will celebrate in October, so Canadian readers, consider this advance notice to start stocking your shelves!)

If you’re a librarian or bookseller with some YA historical fiction out to celebrate, make sure you include some of these queer titles (and read Christie’s post about displays if you’re still unsure):

…And that’s all we’ve got! What historical titles are we missing that feature queer girls/women as main characters?

Embrace it

After a break up, the biggest
Stone is not the pain one has
To face, but the vulnerability
She must show, not letting her
Heart be surrounded by wild
Thorns of denial while healing
The soul in bitter waters of
Sorrow, since the one she will
Encounter on her path could
Be the woman of her life

(short poem by lesbianespresso · Victoria Rudi)

(image · symbol found on Tumblr)

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  • First Fandom: I’ve been trying to remember this one, and all I can come up with is Harry Potter, even though that’s such a typical-90′s-kid answer.
  • Hobbies: reading, painting, knitting, playing with my cats…honestly I’m an 80 year old grandma on the inside
  • Books I’m currently reading: I just finished an amazing book called Wildthorn about a Victorian-era lesbian who was wrongfully locked up in an asylum. I will probably start Six of Crows next because I’ve been meaning to read it forever and I finally bought the duology box set on Amazon. I’ve also had A Dance with Dragons on my currently reading list for about 2 years, but I can never seem to get through it…

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time for some seriousness – as some of you know my dear friend @wildthorne was injured a few weeks ago (go to her account for more details), and because america is what it is, she needs help paying her medical bill. i’ve created this limited design inspired by her work in order to help her out – all proceeds will go towards her healing. the wildthorne tank and t-shirt are available via raintower.etsy.com (link in my profile) i’m making a limited amount and you can order in your size. (bead strands by @wildthorne, hag’s hand pendant by me, high priestess necklace by @bloodmilk photographed by @liselotte_eriksson ) #wildthorne #bloodmilk

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‘black antler’ necklace and 'goddess moon’ earrings by wonderful @wildthorne and 'vespera’ hoodie + rings by me (shop link in my profile). photographed by @liselotte_eriksson .

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