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“I CAN’T take this any longer!”
He sat on the side of his bed, water was still running on his back from his wet hair. He was looking at the aurin standing in the front of him, infuriated from anger. He tried to offer a drink and a seat to calm down a little, but this time it just wouldn’t do. Everything she listed would be a tough call to solve by itself, but all together was frustrating enough to make him struggle just by the thought. He never heard her crying out like this before, which made him a bit worried.
As he was trying to solve each puzzle in mind, she rose her head and looked at him in the eye. She was blushing from anger, her eyes were wet; however what made the whole scene dangerous was the fact that he could feel her mental energy materializing around her. She was lost deep in the darkness, with nothing hold on to.
He silently released the air from his lungs, and leaned his implanted hand towards her. She followed the path of his fingers by her vision, but didn’t move otherwise. She was cold and stiff to the touch; so much pressure built up inside her that he could only imagine. He stroke the side of her hand, and enclosed her palm with his fingers. She did not react at all, her hand was limp, her neck and lower jaw was flexing from swallowing her screams. Her eyes begun to shine up, and this was the cue for him to act before she looses control over her power completely: he strengthened the grip on her palm and pulled her towards himself, until her body clashed into his chest. It happened so fast that she didn’t had a chance to protest. He held her hand close with his augmented one, and leaned his head towards her chest. His hair quickly wet her shirt; the contrast of his warm skin and the cold water somewhat shook her out from tension. She blinked a few times as she began to regain control over her powers, and took a deep breath. He felt as she slowly laid her face on the top of his head, releasing the pressure with a long sigh. He raised his left hand, enclosing her back with it. They held each other like this for a while, when she fiddled with her fingers, trying to free them from his grasp. He loosened his grip, and rested his hand on his lap. She raised her palm to his neck and began to stroke his skin gently, up to his jaw, followed by his cheek, towards his forehead, and trough his hair, to the back of his head. She pulled him close, her other hand locking on his neck, her head pressing against his.
Staxyn nuzzled into her chest, he grabbed her bottom firmly, and he tumbled back on the bed. She suppressed a yelp in surprise, and looked at him with a confused expression. He smiled faintly, and began to stroke her hair with his left, close to her ears where the skin was sensitive. As he massaged on these soft spots, her face began to relax, and her lids closed to embrace the delightful sensation.
“I’m here for you.” - he murmured quietly; she opened her eyes to look into his face. “You are safe now.” - he continued, and gave a soft kiss on her forehead, then laid his arms around her, holding her gently. Her cheeks blushed as she buried her face into his chest; her tenderness slowly faded as he caressed her, he could feel her breathing stabilizing into a steady rhythm.

I had an unbelievably long day, so no drawing for today. Have some cuddles with some story instead.

What playing Wildstar taught me about Guild Wars 2

1. GW2 has a terrible chat system

No chat logs, no customisable channels,  no multiple guild chat channels, no multiple private channels, lack of global chat etc. WS had a system called “circles” which were like guilds, without a bank/buffs etc but they had a roster and a chat channel and name times, AND you could join up to 5 circles. In WS you were limited to 1 guild however, so the circles basically acted how multiple guilds work in gw1, expect you could STILL TALK TO EVERYONE WHEN YOU WERE IN ANOTHER CIRCLE. 

This annoys me, I want to have more ways to communicate with groups of people in game, map isn’t enough. I want moooar. 

2. GW2 has a lack lustre customisation system

Transmutation was pretty amazing when I first started playing. I was so used to having to wear ugly “end game” armour just because it had the stats I wanted in every. other. game. So to haave 

Wildstar has a “costume” slot system which was then given a MAJOR update with the holowardrobe (which works very similarly to our wardrobe in gw2) - but what I loved was having multiple “costumes” to choose from. You still only had one actual gear set, but you could freely switch between costumes. You could use any gear, light medium or heavy, you could have bits missing

It led to an amazing diversity of looks within the game which I really really liked. And it was fun as heck to come up with new costumes because you never had to worry about “over writing” the old one, as you do with transmutations. 

3. GW2 is completely beautiful in its painterly aesthetic

Only after playing other games do I fully appreciate how completely gorgeous this game is. I have a lot of love for Wildstar’s cartoony style and it is sweet and charming but ultimately, gw2 is pretty. So very pretty.  

vs (on my crappy computer not on full graphics no shader might I add) 

External image

4. Even though I bitch about armor disparity, GW2 races are not sexist as fuck and I am eternally grateful. 

This blog post from Robot Hyena sums it up pretty well (see also: this article) but Wildstar had real issues with body shapes and the outrageous sexual dimorphism in Granok, Draken, Mechari, Mordesh and even to a certain extent; humans. 

example: Mechair. Robots. With no need for secondary sexual characteristics, had giant. fucking. balloon tits. and permanently wore high heels. 


I have no problem with “sexy” body models in games. My problem is with lack of choice. The lack of body sliders during customisation, meant you were forced into picking preset body shapes which, even after they added a load more options, basically gave you four choices: man: big and muscly, man; skinny. woman: skinny with small boobs. woman: skinny with big boobs. 

Of course.. neither are as bad as TERA, because you know… TERA is ridiculous. >.> and should be burned. 

5. GW2 has fantastic ways of encouraging people to work together

Having player instanced resource nodes which multiple people can farm, no loot “stealing”, NO GOD DAMN LOOT ROLLS <333, no xp stealing, events scale up and rewards scale up, when you run a dungeon everyone gets a reward. Constrast that with Wildstar… where you could spend 2 hours in a dungeon, maybe more in a raid, and at the end fail a loot roll and get nothing. Or worse, win a loot roll and not get the exact gear piece you need… 

GW2 really does have that “oh awesome, another player” vibe, where strangers will help each other out because it gives them xp and loot. You don’t feel in direct competition for anything and that is great <3 Also, not having loot rolls is fucking amazing. 

6. GW2 has shit all challenging content (I hope this will change with raids)

Wildstar was the first time I enjoyed failing at dungeons, because it was hard. I was like “yeh.. this is hard, I deserved to die”. Dungeon mechanics were complex, required precision and coordination and my GOD were they satisfying as hell to pull off. The feel when you defeat a boss you’ve never killed before? fantastic. And the best bit? just because you’ve defeated a boss once, doesn’t mean you will always beat them again. It was a constant challenge. One wrong dodge and you die and your team wipes and you lose! Very exciting. Very fun. 

7. GW2 has an AMAZING pvp system 

I hated WS pvp.. because if you were new, you were sniper bait. It was so unfair, unbalanced and unpopular. PvP specific “gear” meant god mode for veteran pvpers because they had better stats. GW2′s level playing field of pvp is a really refreshing thing, it takes gear completely out of the equation leaving only skill behind. 

8. Having support for third party programmes and addon development makes a huge difference. 

Some of the best content in Wildstar was a result of player-made “addons” that were so popular that the developers actually put it into the game (for example item preview).  Addons are amazing, they add so much to the game and they can FIX the things that the game doesn’t do well by default (like RP stuff! chat logs! dps meters etc!)

9. GW2 trade post is amazing, never change. 

The wildstar auction house and commodities exchange was awkward, clunky, full of bugs, and just a plain pain in the ass to use. I am so grateful for the TP <3 

10. GW2 wiki community is incredible, never change. 

There is SO much information on lore, npc dialogue, armour skins, quest rewards, just everything in game, and people work so hard to put it on the wiki to have a resource for everyone. It’s amazing. The WS wiki didn’t have the community behind it, and was very patchy and incomplete. 

11. GW2 pve is repetitive and stuck in a “beserker” rut (I hope to god raids changes this) because there are no defined roles in combat. 

This is one of my biggest gripes about GW2 - the lack of roles in combat. In a way this is about not having a trinity system (dps, healer, tank) - but trinity systems are often very inflexible - WS had a much better approach which was every class had a dps option AS WELL AS another role. Hybrid builds were able to be used but generally people went all out for one or the other . 

For example medics could be melee dps or they could be healers. Warriors could be melee dps or tanks. Engineers could be ranged dps or tanks. etc. 

This added flexibility to each class, and meant no more hell levelling a healer class… and allowed everyone to solo if they wanted to, but when it came to grouping up and taking down these incredibly tough dungeon bosses: you NEEDED a tank and a healer, and dps to fill the other slots. 

And no, I’m not saying we need a strict trinity system in gw2, but I am saying we need more to do in PvE than dps. Support classes are the most fun to play and yet they are unwanted in current PvE because current PvE focuses on SPEED, because time = money and the only “hardcore” we have is speed running and exploiting bugs to skip mobs. 

That said: I am feeling really really positive about the future of PvE in gw2, with raids and the changes to fractals, and just looking at the mobs in silverwastes and dry top - they are tactical, they are fun to fight, you get your ass handed to you if you ignore the tool tips below their name. Positioning becomes more important when you have mobs that do heavy damage if they surround you, or mobs that are nigh invulnerable everywhere except from behind. 

Instead of a threat system, we may have to rely even more on positioning, on watching animations, on putting up those reflects at just the right time. And I can’t wait :3 


Gosh but the lighting in PTR is so much better and more natural than the weird ambient blue tones in current character creation.

This is my newest toon, Luka Aurelius. IC, he actually has tattoos and piercings alllll over the place from the neck down. Obvs his model can’t look that way, though.

(If you can’t tell, the PTR shots are the bottom three, while current character creation/login screen is the top three.)

just heard after stepping off the transmat:

 “Licensed transmat operator and connoisseur of grand poetry. What? It’s a hobby!”

caretaker confirmed for being a huge nerd for poetry, just like avatus.

such neat detail to add into the transmat lines

Short Fiction Weekly Challenge

Time for a new prompt from the Short Fiction Weekly Challenge, tumblr edition.  Let it spark your imagination.  Any character, any fandom, any original world.   Reblogs welcome!

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This week’s SFWC prompt:

Week of September 4, 2015

Violence is the Only Option-When interests collide, some characters resort to violence to get what they want.  Even if you want to avoid it, combat is inevitable.  This week, write about a time your character has to fight with another in order to a to further their goal.  Thanks to Oliverthefighter from the SWTOR forums for this prompt.

Feel free to continue submitting stories for any prompt.  A masterpiece missed the deadline?  Don’t let it gather electronic dust.  Submit it anyway and Short Fiction Weekly Challenge will publish it.  

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This week’s featured previous prompts are:

My First - Firsts are usually special - first items, like Jedi and Sith’s first lightsabers or an agent or smuggler’s first gun. First times, like your first time connecting with the Force or your first time stepping onto your ship. Firsts can change a person and solidify who they are. Write about a special “first” in your character’s life and how it shaped them.

Where are they Now? – As our characters move through their stories they change the lives of many others, most of whom we never see again. The Force-sensitive Flesh Raider on Tython. Seh-run, the Abyssin on Korriban. Zi’am on Hutta. Paul and his elderly parents on Ord Mantell. That’s just a few examples. Whatever happened to them? Did they became stalwart allies or bitter rivals? If they died because of our character’s actions, do they have relatives looking for revenge? We often remark about how characters from early on in the stories show up later to help or hinder our characters, or how characters from different class stories make cameos in others. How about some of these forgotten ones?

Got an idea for a prompt?  Submit it here.