bluedraggy  asked:

Chloe unable to close a door because of her excessively long tail.

Also because I got a few asks about why a bunnygirl has such a long tail, she is actually my Aurin from the MMO nobody remembers named Wildstar.  I might give her a normal bunny tail just so people stop getting confused, but I kind of like her long MONKEY LIKE TAIL.

It’s been Wildstar Month over on Patreon.

Myym and Rhilyn strike again! The genuine and generous gentlebeings graced me yet again with another gift, reuniting Lovall at long last with his true love, the Little Lost Larvae.

Tried a new colouring technique for this one, and while it was much quicker than my usual method, I’m not happy with the results either. But I desperately need to find a new approach if I hope to produce more comics and maintain my sanity at the same time.


Wildstar © Carbine
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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