On A Very Important Video

In 2001, a 9 year-old Ruici went to Chek Jawa for the first time.

Eleven years on and I watched a video of the crowds at Chek Jawa taken eleven years back, presented on powerpoint by Sivasothi, one of the boat-rockers. The realisation of the sheer magnitude of the event punched me in the stomach - in a good way.

It’s a very strange feeling to comprehend, at twenty years old, what happened at nine (it’s Inception).

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Pulau Ubin - Wild Singapore

When you think of Singapore, an Urban landscape with its modern high rises and glitzy malls come to mind. But a visit to Pulau Ubin brings you to the last remaining wild habitats in Singapore and sends you back to another era (that might be fast disappearing in this island-state)

To get to Pulau Ubin (Island Ubin) head north-east to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and then hop on a short ferry ride to the island. The ride costs just $2:50 but you’ll need to wait for 12 passengers to board (or pay for those empty rides). Luckily for us it took 15 mins to fill up the next bumboat.

Once on the island, you arrive into a small village with a few local refreshment and bike rental shops. We rented 2 bikes (adult+kid), a kids seat and helmet (Cost 6$ for kids and 10$ for full day rental).

Do remember to stock up on water and food here, since there are no shops on the trail (You’ll find Vending machines at some shelters and visitor center). We’d decided to proceed to Check Jawa (which is a 30 mins bike ride). Even without a map you won’t get lost since there are sign posts but recommend you get map from the bike shop or download one from National Parks website

The ride has some steep slopes and might need to push your bikes. The ride is very scenic and the landscape changes from coconut trees to thick forest and from concrete road to mud trails.

Once you arrive near Chek Jawa, you’ll need to park the bikes and get on the foot trail. Look for sign post that lead you to the 3 different trails (all are highly recommended), the viewing Jetty, mangroves and costal boardwalk.

Viewing Jetty:

Mangroves and Viewing Tower:

The kids were tired after a long day at Ubin but it was a fun playing nature explorers and enjoying the wild habitat. They also loved that there were many stray dogs in the island (all seemed very docile).  

I hope that Singapore can preserve this last remaining wild habitat for their future generations to enjoy!

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P.S. Make sure to carry sun screen and mosquito repellant