wildrose1207 replied to your quote: “My Big Fat Fetish” Documentary on Channel 4…

what made you decide not to do it Debz? x

My opinions on the whole ‘fat world’ are really on the fence because I don’t agree with a lot of the terminology that is used and the events that take place, which is ironic because of my involvement in them! LOL I’d rather be called fat than a BBW (I hate that label with a passion!!) and I’d rather everyone could go on a 'normal’ night out rather than a night that is 'special’ for us because we are fat (BGP!) so I didn’t feel that I would be able to give anything positive to the documentary.

All of my friends know about my fat life as such, and even my family know about fantasy feeder so it wouldn’t have been a problem from that side, I just didn’t feel I was the best person for it.

Also, a lot of it was the gaining/feeding side which isn’t something that I am actively interested in, so I just didn’t think I would have much to contribute.