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We are so excited to be coming to your Sydney show on Saturday 28th November! Here is a map of where we are all sitting!! This is the second version of our map with even more Swifties added!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! NO CHILL AT ALL!!!! 

dibblesthecat michhelleex we-found-wonderland13 sweeterthanwonderstruck saraswift89 misscherie08 tiny-cloud swiftkindness wildfearlessdreams haunted-by-1989 once-apon-a-swift bad-blood-swifties theresaglow brave-wildlove koala-swift swiftlyfindingmyplaceinthisworld noitsannelise red-lips-swifts iwishyouwouid timtamslife starbucks-lovers-like-ever sydneyswiftie23 tswiftyaussie docswiftie 1989taylorlove longlistofblankspace x-forever-and-a-day-x justobreakmelikea-promise laurenelizabethhatton swifts-polaroid 13-cheshirecats swansstyles shoutaboutswift ontheroadt0ruin ambertwister6695 13swiftforever noitswift  love you all!!! <3

REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG! Let’s make sure that taylorswift sees this!!!


Brisbane tour outfit is done! I’ll be your very own junior Jewel available for band practice on Saturday the 5th from the b stage pitch.
My junior Jewels shirt has the songs from 1989 listed on it, some of my favourite songs from other albums, a flamingo, a tree and a whale as well as the tumblr Swifties URLs that I am attending the shows with @tswiftyaussie @brave-wildlove @bigbroswift along with @cherrylips-crystalskie-s @wildest-swift @state-of-grace19 and @soph-ts-love-13 my Sunshine Squad babies.

I’ll be having different glasses on the night as Le boyfriends prescription lenses did nothing but cause me a headache, hence the lack of quality in selfies!

I can’t wait to see you qld girls in Brisbane and the rest of you in Adelaide and Melbs!

taylorswift I’m hoping you spoke to David Karp yesterday about increasing your follow limit so you can follow more of the amazing people on here. I’m on a mission to introduce you to my fav swifties who I’ve met on her because of you. They all love you to bits and we all can’t wait to see you at our Aussie shows later in the year :)

In no particular order here they are…

Giordan (giordann), Bec (brave-wildlove), Lise (noitsannelise), Eliza (tswiftyaussie), Sarah (iwishyouwouid), Steph (agentsatwell), Destini (tiny-cloud), Sally (salmeier), Georgia (melbourneswifty)


Overnight you look like an 80’s prom queen!

@brave-wildlove and I will be rocking it at the bstage and these photos really do not do justice how amazing we are! Please come and see us!!

See you soon Adelaide!


TAYLOR!! taylorswift

We are the NSW Swifties! We have become friends as a result of loving you. We are all so excited to see you on November 28th. Here is a map of where we are all sitting!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! NO CHILL AT ALL!!!!!

michhelleex we-found-wonderland13 sweeterthanwonderstruck saraswift89 tiny-cloud wildfearlessdreams haunted-by-1989 brave-wildlove noitsannelise red-lips-swifts iwishyouwouid starbucks-lovers-like-ever sydneyswiftie23 tswiftyaussie docswiftie 1989taylorlove longlistofblankspace x-forever-and-a-day-x koala-swift justobreakmelikea-promise laurenelizabethhatton


Okay so this is way overdue but I recently hit 2.5k and thought enough is enough and I need to put this together and give some love and thanks to my faves!

Love you all even if you aren’t on this list. May you all enjoy your shows and I wish for all of you to be chosen to meet Taylor!


1989wwonderland, 89taylorswift, aaussieswiftie13, adelaideswift13, agentsatwell, alanatheawesomo, alettertotaylor, alloveverdoes, alltooalex, ashlynnlovestaylor, badbloodmad-love13, badbloodmadmadlove, bae-tay, bblankspacee1989, bellepetitemoi, blank-space-baby13, brave-wildlove, brissie-swiftie, bulletsandbandaids, carlylala, carolineharlin, catchingmegx, cherrylips-crystalskie-s, child-of-swift, cmcguire36, comeswiftly, crystalskies-prettylies, dakotainthewoods, dibblesthecat, divyaraju94, doingitswift, drunkonnjealousy, edsarmyofswift, en-chantedx, everydayislikeabatttle, everythingisbetterwithchocolate, f1nallyf3arless, fairytaleswifts, feariess, fearless-in-wonderland, forever-out-of-style, gabswift, gettingfitfortaylorswift, giordann, goodgirlfaith, gracetheswiftie, gracie-ts, hashbrownswift, heldyourpride, heypay, hopeyswift, i-only-have-books, inourbestdressfearless, its-a-swiftie-metafour, iwishyouwouid, jacindyyy, jacobxswift, jaelajae, jtmaster13, keepshirtkeepsword, kingdomlightsshine, koala-swift, laurenelizabethhatton, likeanytrueloveitdrivesucrazy, likeavisionshedances, lilmisswift, littlekeyss, loft89experience, lunalottie


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Much love,

BigBroSwift (aka James)

I haven’t done a follow forever in months and I’ve made a lot of new friends since then and it’s the end of the year so it’s time to do this. Anyways I love all my mutuals and followers y'all are amazing and some of the best people I’ve met on here. Apologies for anyone I forgot or overlooked this list got long.

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