Sri Lankan Leopard by Marony Photography


Rok 2016 postanowiłem rozpocząć swoim pierwszym postem na blogu. Po wielu zmaganiach z moim własnym “JA” doszedłem do wniosku, że będę mało pisał a więcej prezentował i tym samym przekazywał moje przeżycia poprzez fotografie.

Kilka zdjęć z ubiegłorocznej jesieni

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North-Chinese Leopard by Marony Photography


Elephantastic #Repost a la #wildographer @lindaoteri
On our way to the exit gate of Madikwe we were driving slowly to enjoy our last safari. Along the road there is a small “canyon”, 200 meters where the mountains stand right at the side of the path. There is a sign that says: “drive slowly, you might spot the klipspringer on these rocks”. Nice tiny little thing.
We slowed down even more. Right in the middle of the canyon we see him. Massive, walking towards us. As big as the road: let’s move and give him space. Slowly we reverse, slowly slowly. He points at us and walks. He is a Mountain!! And he is in musth!! He follows us for a few hundred meters and doesn’t leave the road, even if now there is plenty of space for both. He tells us he is really not happy to see us. Us?? These nice persons?!? Grumpy big big biiiiiiig boy…the few cars we had behind had already disappeared, probably they chose to exit from another gate!! Good choice. We keep on going back, slow movements. I knew we made a big mistake selling our Safari Defender, animals don’t like Subarus!!! 😆 then we pass a few young elephants, they seem to grab his interest: youngsters mean females!! And he stopped. And we stopped. In the next video you will see the little migration we saw right there!!! And the bull…well he followed the females!! They know how to manage a boy like him. Our Subaru is safe and sound, and so we are. But maybe I’ll consider to buy again my old Defender!!! **************************************
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