Finally getting around to properly capturing our Dolphin and Whale Tail! Mertailor created the original molds for this tail about 7 years ago for a reality show that unfortunately did not take off. Thankfully working with @projectmermaids and @angelinaventurellaphoto we have a great purpose for reinventing the tail to spread a beautiful message! #mertailor #themertailor #merman #mermantail #mermaid #mermaidtail #orca #killerwhale #whale #blackfish #underwater #capture #blackandwhite #instaart #instgram #instavideo #instalike #beautiful #dream #gayboy #instagay #gaystagram #gayjock #freediving #wild #wildlife #ocean #unbelievable #mermaidvibes #mermaidlife

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ayyo emma ♥️ can i pretty please have a short fic where richie is popular af in high school and eddie is jealous since he doesn’t think richie likes him? tell me if u hate this prompt lol

i absolutely love this prompt and really hope i did it justice even it’s a big embarrassing cheesy disaster

Eddie tried to convince himself that the new Richie Tozier was too punk to go prom. He remembered how the Losers Club had laughed and cheered when the trashmouth showed up to the Barrens in an embroidered leather jacket and a pair of round sunglasses, hair curling up in every direction, the warning glint of a cigarette hanging between his teeth.

The transition had happened slowly, from being Eddie’s scrawny four-eyed shit-talking best friend, to the soon-to-be God of Derry High School. The change was perhaps roughly traceable to that night when Richie had strummed and squawked out Africa in Stan’s backyard just to make them all laugh. A few weeks after that, Richie began to spend less time in the arcade and more time playing bass in someone’s mom’s garage. But although the punk persona had been a long time coming, Eddie Kaspbrak never expected the chorus awaiting them in the high school corridors when school began again.

“Hey, Richie! Sweet jacket, Richie! Drop your girly-boy friend already, Rich!”

After a while, they’d stopped walking to class together. One of the easiest things about being Richie’s friend - and easy was not a word synonymous with Richie Tozier - was that the two of them never had to compete with each other. They had always been entirely equal in their loser status, even if Eddie had always secretly thought Richie was cooler than just about everyone. It would be nice to pretend that nothing had changed, not in the eyes of all those people who no longer associated Richie Tozier with the hopeless wheezing little kid with the aspirator and two fanny packs filled to the brim with lies and bullshit and emergency Band-Aids.

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The Great Ash Tyler Identity Discourse and Surprise Reveals About Established Characters

Previously on “Fan Theories I Hate”, we discussed the irritating theory that the new cast member on Star Trek Discovery is actually one of the main villains in disguise, why it is a terrible idea, and why it would not make for a coherent story. However, I keep seeing people argue that the writers would be doing all this to fool the audience. If they are, that’s bad writing. A good reveal makes the previous events make sense. So to argue this, I looked around for good examples of surprise reveals.

Then it hit me.

This episode (Star Trek Discovery S01E05, “Choose Your Pain”) had two surprise reveals for the audience. Since these two were done by the same set of writers, let’s take a look at them.

1.) Lt. Stamets and Dr. Culber are together. We knew from interviews that Stamets was in a committed relationship with a male partner, and was not closeted but nothing was stated onscreen initially. In the third ep he’s introduced talking warmly to a man, his science partner, and that person is always referred to as a friend. And he’s shown getting his nose fixed by Dr Culber, who is bantering with him about leaving it broken. (Some sharp fans keyed in here, but nothing was confirmed.) In the fifth ep, there’s a couple other mentions of Stamets and Culber have a familiar teasing relationship that could either be two people who have known each other a long time and have great affection, or two people who find the other genuinely irritating. Then the confrontation with Saru about using the tartigrade shows they are actually close. And in the end scene, we see them brushing teeth together and making couples talk and all of the previous interaction has context, makes sense and seems warmer now.

Stamets and Culber being together was a surprise for the audience. It was something we could speculate about based on extra-narrative knowledge but prior to the fifth ep there wasn’t really anything to hang it on. Still, this reveal does not create plotholes, but adds context and another dimension to all of the two’s previous interactions.

2.) Capt. Lorca’s previous ship was ambushed by the Klingons, causing him to kill his own crew. This was the BIG reveal this episode. Really, the main storyline of this episode was we finally get a look into how Captain Lorca works. Up until now he’s been a pretty mysterious and unsympathetic character. Unlike every other series, he’s a Captain we see mainly through the eyes of the crew. He’s not a viewpoint character like Michael, so trying to figure out his motives has been strange and most of what we’ve seen has had a sinister tinge to it.

We knew he studies methods of warfare. He takes the war seriously. He wants to stop it and has commandeered Stamets’ reesearch to do so, not by making a weapon but by making a new stardrive. He’s focused on appearing anywhere in the galaxy without warning, dropping out of subspace to stop attacks. Now that he has the drive, he’s only used it for defending Federation citizens and resources and hasn’t used it to attack Klingon assets yet.

Most of the characters we’ve met do not like him. He drills them mercilessly, yells at them, plays recordings of distress calls over the loudspeaker, asserts his authority harshly, recruits mutineers and captures dangerous wildlife and goes beyond the usual Captain distance to outright making himself the bad guy for his crew.

He also, however, has a tribble on his desk and hasn’t weaponized it. Hasn’t used that stardrive to push the offensive. Gave the live tartigrade to Burnham to work out in her way rather than just ordering a dissection. Chose the cautious Saru as his first officer. Is surrounded with people who contradict and challenge him, and still decides to bring in the one person in Starfleet who would actually ATTACK him if she felt he was doing the wrong thing.

This ep, we learn Lorca is new to the Discovery and the crew. He lost his own ship a month into the war, he destroyed it with all hands aboard because the Klingons ambushed them and tried to capture the crew. He’s the sole survivor, and he justifies the decision as a mercy killing to spare them from captivity.

Which explains EXACTLY why he drills his crew so hardhly, why he wanted a drive that let him drop into a battle without warning and why so far he’s used it for defense. Why he studies weapons and why he surrounds himself with people who will tell him “No” (which includes Ash, who insisted on giving him the food within the first two minutes of knowing him) and have the lateral thinking skills to come up with something better than killing everyone to avoid capture.

After that reveal, all of the good/bad contradictions in Lorca make sense. He was probably once a good captain, because Starfleet is good at weeding out bad officers. He did something we’ve seen both Kirk and Picard come near (Picard actually had the self-destruct countdown going in the FIRST SEASON for much the same reasons) but he crossed that line and through circumstances we’ll see later he lived to look back on this decision.

The reveal with Lorca explained why he’s a fanatic. You look back on everything he’s done, and you understand why he’s like this. It adds contexts to all of Lorca’s previous scenes, and clarifies his motives. The reveal about Lorca does not leave plotholes, but instead makes a character who was previously very unpredictable, who veers between good and evil, consistent and more predictable. The reveal makes Lorca make sense

If we were to find out Ash was Voq, we would look back on everything he’s done and it would make LESS sense. And this actual writing team has done ao much better with surprise reveals in this very episode that I find it hard to believe they’d botch such a big one later.

Two male brown bears enter a clearing in Estonia’s primeval forest.

© Neil Aldridge

Estonian wildlife photo gallery by Neil Aldridge and Remo Savisaar

During a nine day trip to Estonia, Neil Aldridge and Remo Savisaar captured the wildlife and landscapes of this beautiful Baltic country.

The best way to photograph brown bears is from a special hide.

© Remo Savisaar

Racoon dogs are a non-native species in Estonia.

© Neil Aldridge

Beavers have made a comeback in Estonia and can be seen along the Pedja River.

© Neil Aldridge

Lady’s slipper orchids appear in their thousands in the woodlands of Saaremaa Island.

© Remo Savisaar

Vilsandi National Park, Saaremaa Island.

© Remo Savisaar

A whooper swan sits on its nest in the middle of a lake, Saaremaa Island.

© Neil Aldridge

Red foxes are common in Estonia.

© Neil Aldridge

A frog launches itself at a rival to assert its dominance during a breeding display at Ardla wetlands.

© Neil Aldridge

The beautiful ancient valley of the Ahja River is home to the elusive European lynx.

© Remo Savisaar

Little ringed plovers nest on the Paljassaare Peninsula, which is very close to Estonia’s capital, Tallinn.

© Neil Aldridge


Boy risked his life to save baby deer…

Astonishing bravery of boy who risked his life to save baby deer in Bangladesh river by holding it above raging floodwaters.

Teenager jumped into river in Noakhali, Bangladesh to save the animal.

The boy called Belal held the young fawn in one hand above his head.

Onlookers were unsure whether the boy was going to appear again.

Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab captured the brave act while visiting on a photography trip.

When he made it to the other side the locals cheered.

The fawn rested on the side of the river bank after it was rescued by the boy.

The baby deer was reunited with its family after it was saved from the river in Bangladesh.

anonymous asked:

How did your love of snakes start? <3


This beautiful guy right there! In our first house, I was walking outside to check the mail as I did every day. I open up the door, and see him just slithering across my porch! So I threw a shirt over him and grabbed him, and put him in a box. I sent this picture to Brett and when he came home from work, he had a ten gallon tank with him. We wanted to keep him! So me being me, I went and did some research on snakes and how to care for them, and learned that wild snakes shouldn’t be caught and kept in captivity. So we went and released him :) I did a ton of research over a few weeks on different species of snakes, and fell in love with all of them. I got Dante, my first snake and he just increased my love for them. After that, it was a snowball effect of going to reptile shows, holding more snakes, and even going and getting training from my local fish and wildlife on capture and removal of both venomous and non venomous snakes :) 



Guys. Guys I think this show bamboozled me. This whole time.The pieces were all flipping there and I never caught on. There were entire episodes dedicated to introducing small pieces of this big picture, one at a time, so they could unleash this clusterfuck of insanity on me.

There’s no such things as gem monsters, gem animals.

They’re all fucking Gems. All the same. They’re people. But these– they’re suffering from the Gem equivalent of Cat Fingers. They can’t help their shapeshifting, their bodies are acting out of their control. Hell, maybe it’s a symptom of staying in a fusion too long, and they fully “lost themselves” (as Pearl said).

This is why the Crystal Gems are capturing “wildlife” and putting them in stasis. They’re doing what they can to save their kin.

Are… are we really going there? Is this post of mine here even half right? This seems wild and dark. I don’t want to believe something this messed up is real.

Friendly reminder to please not spoil or clarify anything for me. Thank you.

Anyway, now Steven’s trapped in a room with a big ol’ monster. Yaaaaay


I just fell in love with Manfred Schatz’s art. 

Manfred Schatz (1925-2004) was a wildlife artist who captured the energy and movement of living animals. He developed a distinctive motion-blur effect in his oil paintings, using large brushes to soften edges in the direction of movement. 

He was born in 1925 in Stettin, Germany, and attended the Academy of Arts in Berlin before the age of 18. He was unable to escape the war and was drafted in the German army, fighting on the Russian front. He was taken prisoner in Russia and spent more than four years in a prison camp. He suffered from exhaustion, tuberculosis, and near starvation. After he was set free, he recuperated at a hunting preserve with his brother, a game warden. There he fell in love with nature and with observing the movement of animals. Though it may appear he was influenced by studying photographic effects, he primarily relied on his knowledge, memory, and imagination to convey fleeting impressions of the human observer.

He started exhibiting in 1953, and by the 1960s, his work began to win international awards.He said that his greatest influences were Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors.

purplemudkip17-deactivated20161  asked:

I know you did a Luxray hc, but do you have another? Because mine in is that the family are good for therapy.

I like that theory, but I always figured Shinx were a little too rowdy to be left with kids after evolution. So…

Luxray are often used by customs to detect contraband. Two efficient Luxray recently assisted Fish & Wildlife with the capture of over 2,000 pieces of coral, 100 lbs. of ivory, and three silver Eevee at a major airport.


Capturing Nairobi’s Essence through Portraits, with @lafrohemien

To see more of Sarah’s portraits, follow @lafrohemien on Instagram.

“I tend to put my subjects against a backdrop that will not only tell a story about them, but also about the city,” explains Kenya Instagrammer Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien). “Nairobi is a diverse landscape and it is important for me to show that in my photos.”

Originally drawn to Instagram as a way to see the world through the lens of others, Sarah now shares her own photographs that reveal her city’s unique juxtapositions. She says, “Nairobi is one of the few places in the world where you can capture wildlife with the city skyline as an unexpected backdrop.”

For Sarah, sharing her city through photos of its inhabitants opens up new avenues for storytelling. She hopes her portraits reflect the nature of Nairobi: “It is alluring and mysterious at the same time.”


Buzz off! Lions’ snooze in the shade is ruined when they are attacked by a swarm of pesky bees (Photographer Andrew Forsyth)

This is the moment a sleepy pride of lions had their afternoon snooze in the shade interrupted by a furious swarm of bees.

The lions struggled to defend themselves when the insects launched an attack near a watering hole in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. Despite their fierce reputation, the big cats were too slow to swat the angry bees away and become increasingly frustrated in the 40C heat.

The African bee is known to be more aggressive than European honey bees and while their sting is no more venomous, they usually attack in greater numbers and target more frequently. 

The pictures, captured by wildlife photographer Andrew Forsyth, 47, who likened the scenes to a boxing match.

He said: ‘It was like watching a contest between a lightweight and heavyweight boxer, with the lightweight just moving around scoring with little jabs that slowly wore the opponent down.’

He said the Kalahari lions were relatively easy to spot with daytime temperatures in excess of 40C.

'Lions spend much of their daytime sleeping so for wildlife photographers most our time with lions is spent waiting for something interesting to happen. The intervention of the bees provided some welcome entertainment, although the lions weren’t amused.’

During the process of photographing the animals, Mr Forsyth himself was stung by one of the bee.


#TravelTuesday with Guest Photographer Bob Wick to Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area – A Quiet Oasis in Urban Southern Florida!

Visitors to the Atlantic Coast of South Florida who want a break from the hustle and bustle of this mostly urbanized area will find a welcome respite in northern Palm Beach County.  The 120-acre Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area packs in a remarkable array of natural and historical resources in addition to its spectacular namesake lighthouse.  The 105 foot tall brick lighthouse itself, an early homestead, and other historic structures are visitor and photographer mainstays and are open for tours most days. However, don’t end your visit there.  An interpretive trail traverses several Florida coast vegetation types and ends with an overlook of mangrove forest and the intracoastal waterway.

Photo tip: A polarizing filter works just like polarized sunglasses and cuts the glare on the water surface and other objects. This will improve photo clarity of manatees as they remain mostly under water, and also brings out the colors of all scenery – it’s my mainstay filter and as a bonus it (like any filter) protects the camera lens from scratches.

The waters around the ONA offer opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding past mangroves and other native vegetation. Osprey, herons, egrets and ibis are commonly seen along the shore. In winter, manatees congregate in the adjoining waterways and are often visible surfacing for air right next to shore. Look for gopher tortoises along the trails sunning themselves at mid-day.

Photo tip: When photographing wildlife, try to capture behaviors; an osprey eating a fish, a tortoise walking towards its burro. This makes for more interesting shots than an animal just standing looking at the camera.

Check out our @esri Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA multimedia storymap for more stunning photos, helpful links and a map of the area:  http://mypubliclands.tumblr.com/traveltuesdayfloridajupiterinlet