wildlife exploitation


Welcome to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, kiddo. I’m afraid you’re not gonna like this area all that much – it’s about knowledge. Experimentation. Discovery. You’ll see lots of complicated equipment and signs with real big words, but don’t worry – if your brain can’t handle all the science, you can always put a bullet in it.

“Careful What You Wish For”
Words: 1685
Rating: Explicit, cock warming, creampie, orgasm denial
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“Hey, buddy!  Just checking in to see how everyone’s doing out there,” Jack chirped gleefully into his Echo device.  He happened to be in a fantastic mood and wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to taunt the Vault Hunters.  The bandits suffered a minor loss recently at Hyperion’s Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, but even if it wasn’t much, the fit they had over one stupid animal was enough to make Jack giddy over his victory.

Not to mention, he also happened to be balls deep inside the most perfect ass in all of Helios.  One of the code monkeys caught Jack’s eye after the kid scored an Eridium mine for the company, and instead of spending his bonus on himself, this guy literally gave his right arm for the company.  Since then, he’d been overjoyed to give a hell of a lot more than just his arm.

This kid, Rhys, was one of the few people who had been able to handle anything Jack could dish out.  He’d been given a safe word, but Rhys never used it and always came back for more.

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DISCOVERY ISLAND: A paradise where animals not only coexist with humans, but are also admired and prioritized.

DINOLAND, USA: A village impoverished by capitalism. It survives by exploiting the wildlife that used to live there, sixty-five million years ago.

ASIA: A village impoverished by monarchy. It survives by exploiting its wildlife, which is endangered thanks to the monarchy, deforestation, and unchecked tourism.

AFRICA: A village impoverished by colonialism. It survives by exploiting its wildlife, which is endangered thanks to hunting.

PANDORA: A village that was once threatened by Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex, but we all know how easy it is to defeat Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex, so they’re gone forever now, nothing to worry about, no need for five sequels, la-dee-da-dee-da-dee-da!! The Pandorans live in peace and harmony, and they exploit their wildlife because it’s fun! Whatever, bro, not everything in this park has to be, like, meticulously thematically crafted or whatever.

After playing the Son of Crawmerax DLC as Krieg, I think I finally understood what his story is. His name really is Erik Franks, the one Dr. Samuels was forced to do slag experiments on. After the events heard in that ECHO in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, she took pity on him due to the similarity of their stories (she was forced to work for Jack to see her wife again, and he was taken away from his husband), but she was caught in the act and became a cavy herself. Dr. Samuels helped Krieg escape, but didn’t manage to follow him, that’s because the “sane inner voice” of him keeps referring to a mysterious “she” that might “still be out there”. Somehow, after the events of the game, Dr. Samuels broke out of prison (probably after becoming insane herself) and helped Krieg with that doctor that wanted to kill him (remember the ECHO at the end of that quest? “SALUTATIONS PSYCHOMAN, I’M SORRY AS A SLICE WOUND SINCERELY SAMMY”. Where Sammy is the nickname Jack gave her). I’m proud of myself.

“After a long Hiatus from BL2, I picked up the game tonight and found myself in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve towards the end of the mission, now I’ve long since hardened my heart to the ‘Final Elemental’ scene, I honestly got a chill when I heard “Vault Hunter, get down.” as Mordecai lets loose a torrent of death on the loaders Jack subsequently send after you. it was cold hard fury tempered with burning resolve to kill that Pendejo.”

The Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

Jay gathered all the equipment he had, his guns and shock stick in his digipack, and his large bowie saw knife strapped to his lower back. He headed off after making sure Della would be safe at the house on her own, letter her know to ECHO anyone if she needs to. He fast traveled to Outlook and set up a Technical. Now he waited for Birdy to meet up with him.


The international trade in butterflies ( and other insects/arachnids) is so much larger than I initially thought. The international trade in all wildlife is much larger than I initially thought.

The trade in these animals will never end until the last individual is dead and then the trade will go on with no regulation because there’s nothing left to protect. People just do not care about the wildlife they exploit, it’s all about the money.