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Fun Fact of The Day: This dolphin here is actually using the puffer fish as a drug to induce a trance-like state. The skin of the puffer fish, in small amounts, is known to produce a narcotic effect. The behavior was captured by an award winning wildlife documentary producer, John Downer, and a zoologist, Rob Pilley, who states “Young dolphins are purposely experimenting with something we know to be intoxicating. After chewing it gently and passing it around, they began acting most peculiarly, hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection.”



Research has shown that these Marmosets can learn by watching how-to videos.

They installed a TV and played a video of other marmosets manipulating a box in order to take out a treat, with most of those who watched the video learning to do it themselves.

(Via Nature)

2.30am insomnia thoughts

☁️ it’s spelled “per se” not “per say”, kids. Please.

☁️ ABO tropes can be written without the awful hypocritical mysogyny and often classicism. Some symptoms to watch out for: are you using omegas to erase women or make them even lesser status in society (“male omegas are the rarest and most valuable” trope I’m looking at you). are u using people’s biology as an excuse to pigeon hole their personalities and or talents or lot in life? That’s classist. Do you think you’re progressive by having 1 white male omega character b the hero by “not being like the others”. Stop. (All of this is only a pet peeve cus yhe same ppl proclaim to be progressive or feminists.) ABO parameters can be Cool vehicle for social commentary or exploring social dynamics but please do this intentionally and not just spawn more hypocritical mysogynist popular media

☁️ STOP REFERRING TO CHARACTERS BY HAIR COLOUR. Pls. If I have to see the words “the raven haired man” or “the platinum haired main” one more time YOI fandom……….the rest of the fic is often great and then this hits me in the face.

☁️ while we are at it do not combine the above with “male”. Eg “the platinum haired male”. 🙃🙃🙃 are you writing a BBC animal wildlife documentary???? No??? ThEN WHY.

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The Pirate Chef, Ch. 8 (8/8)

CS AU: When all her planned work for the upcoming special in the show she produces falls apart, Emma Swan is forced to work with the networks rising star. And she doesn’t think anything good will come out of it.

Shotouts to @fairytalesandtimetravel for the amazing arts he did for this! and both @sambethe and @nowforruin that have been sounding boards, betas, translators when I ran out of words in my meagre English lexicons and cheerleaders to no end. Thank you so much for the support.

This is also dedicated to @kat2609 , @amagicalship and @brooke-to-broch

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Ao3    FF.net  On Tumblr Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7

A/N: This is it, the end of the road. thank you so much to all of you for reading and commenting and sticking to it. I had a lot of fun writing this one. As for future projects, I’ll be resuming my canon reversal, Time Upon Once, and a few other things in between. 

Week #7 London

The trip to London was a quiet one. Killian had chosen to ride with Tink and Liam separately, sending his apologies beforehand to the rest of the team. There were gloomy faces among most of the crew, the weeks on the road taking a toll on everyone and adding to the dreaded sense of finality. Despite the early hours and crazy days, there had been such camaraderie between the teams that it seemed it was hard for everyone to see the season come to an end. Adding to that was the fact they weren’t sure if this would be a one-time thing. They all had hopes the audience would react positively to the new spin on the collaborative show. Tink and Emma thought they had a great show and that their audiences would love it. They all hoped the network would choose to continue with the format in upcoming years, but even if the show was a success, there still could be a million reasons why this might not happen again.

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Animals’ friend Jehan who keeps involuntarily suggesting new ways to commit crimes to his boyfriend Montparnasse. That is, stealing animals.

“Cats are just so cute and majestic at the same time,” Jehan says in awe to Montparnasse, looking at a black kitten crossing the street like the thunder. Next morning, he finds a cardboard box with 5 or 6 tiny black kittens inside who look suspiciously similar to the ones he saw in the cat shelter the other week. Jehan doesn’t know if Montparnasse adopted them or stole them from the shelter - but he doesn’t ask, he keeps them gladly and lovingly.

“Wouldn’t you just love riding wildly on a wonderful steed? The wind in your hair, the sensation of freedom…” Jehan sighs dreamily during a trip to the countryside. Apart the “riding a wonderful steed” bit, which Montparnasse took a little, uhm, figuratively right there and then, the next morning Jehan meets Montparnasse at his door riding a beautiful silver horse, suspiciously similar to the one they saw in the stable of the farm they visited, but Jehan doesn’t ask - he has a lot of space in the big park behind his house.

And after that time when they were watching a wildlife documentary on TV, the next morning, out of the blue, a real-life, hairy, sleepy, cute as hell, friggin’ *sloth* is on the magnolia tree in Jehan’s garden. Said sloth looks suspiciously similar to the one they saw at the zoo, but Jehan is used to that by now. He calls Montparnasse on the phone telling him to come to his place, and by the time he opens the door, the little sloth friend is hugging Jehan’s torso for dear life, as if hugging a tree trunk. “We’ll try to keep it, I guess,” Jehan says without blinking.

(The problem is, now Jehan would like to watch Bringing Up Baby on TV with his boyfriend, but after that, he’s not sure he’s ready to welcome a flesh-and-blood leopard cub in his house. Yet.)

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How about the NDRV3 guys sleeping with their S/O for the first time? (Just sleeping. Nothing NSFW)

Awh that’s cute Anon ^^ Have some fluff >_>

NDRV3 Boys sleeping with their S/O for the first time (No NSFW)

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The boy was stressed

- This was the first time you agreed to stay over at his house

- He literally cleaned everywhere just for you

-The two of you spent the day watching Sherlock (Best show)

You noticed he was yawning more and more 

- “Saihara - kun! Let’s go to sleep now, I won’t carry you to bed haha”

- You take his hand and pull him towards his room

- He already has a faint blush but once he realises that you’ve decided to sleep with him he’s instantly bright red

- “U-Uh… Are you sure S/O - san?…”

- You nod before cuddling up to him

- “Night night Saihara - kun!” You give him a quick kiss on the nose

- Gah… You’re so cute…

- He shyly kisses the top of your head before wrapping his arms around you and closing his eyes

Kaito Momota:

- He loved the idea of you staying over at his house for the first time!

- He won’t deny it, his house was messy so he did what we all do when we have guests

- He threw everything into the wardrobe

- The two of you were night owls which meant that you could appreciate the night sky with him

- The two of you were lying on his jacket as he lazily pointed out stars to you

- You cuddled up to him and slowly started to drift off to sleep

- “And this is… Oh… You’re asleep”

- You look so cute, it’s unreal

- He carefully wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead

- “Goodnight, my brightest star”


- He didn’t really know what to do

- He invited you over to his house for the night but he didn’t really think about what you two could do

- When you finally arrive he gives you a small tour of his house

- “So uh… I would usually charge up over there but… It’d be rude to just leave you..”

- You give him a confused look, he’s blushing quite majorly

- “I… Can… I would like to accompany you whilst we ‘sleep’!”

- You begin to giggle, he was just so cute!

- You just spent time talking to each other before you started to become sleepy

- “Bedtime!” You say as you yawn

- Kiibo just sort of stays in one place so you have to take his hand and guide him to the bed

- You let him lie down first and then you simply place your head on his chest

- “Night night Kiibo - kun!”

- Hesitantly, he puts his arms around you before turning on sleep mode

- “Goodnight, S/O - san”

Rantaro Amami:

- You invited him to stay the night for the first time

- “Make yourself at home!”

- The second you say that he smirks and jumps onto the sofa, taking up all of it

- He flashes you a grin before getting the remote and switching the TV on

- “Come watch with me S/O - san”

- “There’s no space.”

- “I’m sure you’ll think of something”

- And think of something you did, you walked up to him and casually sat on his stomach

- “Kh! Okay, stop!”

- You roll your eyes before shifting so that you’re lying on top on him

- “Better Amami - kun?”

- He begins to blush and just stutters out a “Y-Yeah…”

- The two of you just watch TV but… He’s really comfortable…. Soon enough you find yourself slowly drifting off

- The next time Amami glances at you, you’re happily sleeping on him. He just smiles and wraps his arms around you before closing his eyes

Kokichi Ouma:

- Of course he invited you to sleep at his house!

- As soon as you enter he pulls you into his room and shows you all of his best possessions

- He then proceeds to tell you all about the best pranks he pulled

- “Nishishi~ S/O - chan should join me one day!”

- You giggle before rubbing your eyes. You loved listening to Ouma’s stories but that didn’t stop you from becoming sleepy

- “Huh? Are you sleepy?”

- You nod before slapping your cheeks lightly

- “Nishishi!”

- Before you know it, Ouma jump hugs you causing you to fall onto the bed with him on top

- “If you’re tired you should go to sleep S/O - chan”

- “Eh? What about you?”

- “Well~ I have someone I can cuddle now so I’ll sleep too!” As he says that he kisses your cheek before cuddling up to you and closing his eyes

- This is cute

- You hug him back before letting yourself fall asleep

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Being the gentleman he is, whenever you offered for him to stay the night he always slept on the sofa

- You two were together for a while now and you knew he was just being polite but you wanted him to be happy too

- “Hey hey Gonta - kun!”

- “What is it S/O - san?”

- “Tonight, you have to sleep with me okay? No more sofa sleeping, it’s bad for your back!”

- He makes a somewhat shocked face before blushing

- “It’s nice that… S/O - san cares about Gonta’s health”

- You two spend the evening watching a wildlife documentary before you take his hand and lead him to your room

- He takes up most of the bed but you don’t really mind seeing as you just cuddle up to him 

- He’s like a giant teddy bear

- At first he feels kind of.. Awkward seeing as he never did something like this before but after a while he just brings you closer before playing with your hair

- “Sleep well Gonta - kun..” You murmur into his chest

- He lets out a little laugh and kisses the top of your head

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- The two of you didn’t really do much when you spent time together

- And by that I mean you mostly read books together

- He was just sitting on the sofa reading whilst you were lying on the sofa, your head resting in his lap

- You had to admit, reading like that made your arms quite tired but it was worth it

- As you glanced up you noticed his eyes were closing

- Aha! There’s your chance

- You quickly put your book away before sitting up

- He gives you a confused look but you ignore it and quickly sit on his lap then you lean against him

- “Huh.. What are you doing S/O - san?”

- “You look like you need a nap so I’m joining you of course!”

 - He just rolls his eyes but then lazily puts an arm around you

- “We should do this more often S/O - san”

- “Agreed!”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He somehow managed to convince you to go to the gym with him

- That was a mistake

- By the end of it you were exhausted whilst he seemed as energetic as ever

- As soon as you got home you collapsed on the sofa

- “Hey, S/O, come on that was barely a proper workout”

- He starts poking your cheek but you just reply with a groan

- This however, does not discourage him so you open your eyes and glare at him

- “Stop”

- “No”

- “Okay.” You quickly reach out and pull him towards you until he’s pressed against your chest

- “Gotcha”

- You can’t see but his face is bright red

- “Now I sleep”

- It doesn’t take long for you to actually fall asleep and he just kind of… Thinks about this situation a bit more

- She pulled me into a hug. She’s asleep now though. Is this sleeping together? Wait if it is this is the first time. She’s warm… Wait no bad Ryoma!

- He tries his best to get out of the hug but your grip is like iron

- Guess he’s staying here for a while…

- Not that he’s complaining :3

hahahahhaha i just thought about how mikael probably has loads of little videos of yousef stored on his phone and now i want to die

like yousef is cooking eggs and mikael starts filming him and interviewing him, asking for tips and yousef rolls his eyes and laughs but then gets kind of into it and acts like he’s the host on a cooking show or smth

or yousef is tidying his room and mikael is lying on his bed filming him and describing everything yousef does like he’s the narrator on a wildlife documentary (until yousef catches him and throws a hoodie at mikael’s head and says ‘can you actually help me tidy, lazy boy’)

or sometimes, sometimes mikael likes to get a camera on yousef the moment yousef wakes up - in the rare moments mikael is awake before yousef - and yousef will groan and roll his eyes and mikael will just be like, ‘good morning, baby, what are your first thoughts of the day?’ and yousef will say something like ‘my first thought of the day is how much i wish my boyfriend would stop filming me and just kiss me instead’ and mikael laughs, but he turns the camera off and kisses yousef anyway

anyway yea mikael has tons and tons of these little videos of yousef on his phone. and sometimes if he’s missing him he’ll rewatch them, and he’ll smile fondly at the sound of yousef’s voice or the way yousef never looks directly at the camera because he’s always looking up at mikael instead. but the ones that really get him are the ones where he can hear yousef laughing and the ones where he can hear yousef say his name, because that nearly always results in mikael calling yousef and asking him to come over

little shownu things

• always let’s you have the last slice of pizza/cookie/food you share
• (that’s how you know he loves you)
• smiles and dips his head when you catch him staring at you
• fascinated by you
• so always gets caught
• tucks his shirt into his trousers (doesn’t understand why you hate it??)
but I like this look?
you look like a 42 year old father of three
is that a bad thing?
• forever confused
• randomly breaks into song and/or dance
• freezes when he realises what he’s doing
• carries on bc you find it adorable
• he really is adorable
• lowkey loves you calling him adorable
• Dad Jokes™
shownu please… enough
• blushes when you hold his hand/brush against him/do anything that involves touching him in any way!!
• so you naturally touch him as much as possible
• either tries to get away from you
• or the vein in his temple starts pulsing…
• which means trouble (good or bad)
• kisses are his weakness
• starts off slowly but suddenly he’s trailing kisses down your neck and has to physically rip himself away from you
• asks if it’s ok to carry on
yes it’s more than oka-
• carries on 
• loves watching you sleep
• probably bc it’s the only time he can look at you for so long without looking away
• always the big spoon
• afraid of crushing you in your sleep
I’m pretty sure that won’t happen
but what if it does??
• shy giant
• really into wildlife documentaries for some reason??
• loves being complimented (never admits it)
• subconsciously reaches for you whenever you’re near
• places his hand on your thigh under tables
• always gently squeezes your waist when holding you
• doesn’t understand the concept of lazy sundays
what should we do?
why don’t we work out together? it’ll be fun!

is that a yes?
• loves tickling you!!
• (secretly loves it bc he gets to touch you without getting shy)
• cooks for you whenever you come home late
• even if it’s always ramen
• loves hearing about your day
• tells you about his
• even if it takes a while for him to start
•  loves you so so much
•  just the thought of you makes him smile

*walking back from the cinema after watching a horror movie*

Jackson: (⚆ _ ⚆)

Mark: Jackson, my hand’s gone numb. Stop squeezing so hard

Jackson: Hand? S-squeezing? Who?

Mark: Jacks, you’re sweating

Jaebum: I think he’s actually crying

Jinyoung: You can’t have been THAT scared, Jackson. Living with these morons is definitely a more horrific experience

The coyote draws near.
She is frost bitten. Weary. Worn.
Slim legs.
Small head.
Following hollows in the snow of elsewhere feet.
Eating what is already dead.
(She is stronger for it.)
Her hair has no brindle.
(Uncrowned queen.)
She smiles with eyes shut (sunbathing.)
In a world where the only glare
Comes from the wind.
How she
(Squat and small)
My vibrant living-in-the-deadland mother.
Too busy to howl.
—  Winter SunDog