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hello! do you have any pink froggy friends to share?

pink is not too much of a popular for frog but I will show my freinds who are pink

in the wild this boy have a pink belly! 

his name is cayenne stubfoot toad

this boy too! upper amazon stubfoot toad

this boy he have a fancy bright pink squiggle all over, he another type of stubfoot toad.

stubfoot toads are good at pink

in australia there is turtle frog who is one of my best friend, please be kind to her she is beautiful but shy

she a very soft pink, like a flower

also sometimes our friend bufo bufo the common toad come out pink, but that not his regular colour and very hard to find pink he in the wild

inside a house, humans make a pink frog for pretty. But they not live outside.

here is albino grey tree frog

and pink red eye tree frog

they have no colour in they skin anymore so pink happens. but most of time albino frog is yellow.

these are all the pink frog i know! thankyou!!