Every March, thousands of Sandhill cranes stop in Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve on their way to their northern breeding grounds. The fields and wetlands of Colorado’s San Luis Valley provide excellent habitat for these majestic birds. With the dunes and mountains nearby, they dance and call to each other. It’s one of nature’s great spectacles. Photo by National Park Service.


This adult vixen was brought in to us, yesterday, after being found struggling to use her back legs.

Our vets, Cristina and Maru, checked her over and found her to be skinny and dehydrated, with an old wound and ticks on her perineum (rear end).

After removing her ticks and treating her for mites, her wound was cleaned and she was placed in one of our fox pens (with lots of food!) for some R&R.

Luckily, today, she seems to be doing much better and is standing and walking with no issues! We will keep an eye on her and, when she is back to a healthy weight, release her back to the wild.