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I hope I'm not the only one out there in the Batman (game) verse, but even just once, I would REALLY love to see Harley show up with her hyena babies, Bud and Lou! Penguin really pissed me off in AC when he had them shot and mounted, OMG! D=<

I would enjoy that too! I think the way Harley treats her hyenas is adorable. Like you, I was very upset to see them taxidermied in Arkham City–if I were Harley I probably would have killed Penguin for hurting my pets. >:(

On a related note, Joker interacting with them is sometimes cute:

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They will regret their decision to turn Poveglia Island into a luxary hotel or whatever. There will be possessions left and right or at least a LOT of violence. It can't last. And it is a very, VERY bad idea.

totally agree with you there

i move that we all pitch in a million bucks and buy it before the luxury hotel can and preserve it’s terrifying haunted-ness

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I think I may throw up after reading about "Blurred Lines". Never liked it whenever it came out, but I never actually listened to the lyrics or watched the music video. Why the fuck do so many people like it.

It’s catchy, and most people don’t listen to/ignore the lyrics or try to justify it as being about something else entirely.

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Considering Joker appears as the Red Hood in quite a few comics, shows and Origins (Batman: Brave and the Bold ((variant verse)), The Killing Joke, Zero Year, etc), what do you think of that take on him? I actually really like that interpretation on a possible origin (both the sharpshooter/failed comedian) but I heard a LOT of people really hate that people are trying to give him an origin. I just get frustrated that most people seem to focus on Jason Todd RH. I just like toying with that idea.

I quite like his Red Hood origin. Joker is a larger-than-life character, but he’s still a human being, and every single person has a past of some sorts. I don’t like when people try to make him some sort of God tier villain who seemingly appeared out of thin air and started wreaking havoc for no apparent reason—I think it cheapens the character. Him being a flesh and blood man who became a dangerous rogue all because of “one bad day” is much scarier because, hey, could that happen to us? Could we lose any semblance of our former selves and jump head-first into chaotic life of madness after experiencing one single horrible day? 

And as a man, Joker is subject to the same limitations as us—his bones can break, his blood can be spilled, he can even die—but he just doesn’t care. He laughs and cracks jokes even while being severely beaten. He thinks nothing of experiencing the sort of pain that would bring most of us to our knees, and that is much more disturbing that someone who cannot feel pain at all.

I also enjoyed his Lovers and Madmen origin, but prefer the Red Hood background.

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I honestly don't have any other words to describe my excitement right now other than SCAREROWOMGFUCKYES *HEARTFAILURE* I've been waiting for his return ever since Arkham Asylum!!!! <333

ME TOOOOOO. I was starting to think we’d never see him in an Arkham-verse game again.

I wonder if his costume will be similar to how it was in Arkham Asylum? Or will he be wearing something entirely different? Will we get to finally see what he looks like beneath his mask? And what is his big plan that he needs all the other rogues for? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Alright, it’s officially the 27th over here. Thank you guys for putting up with my birthday posts heheh~

This has probably been one of the best birthdays I’ve had, I can’t believe how incredibly sweet you all are - friends and strangers alike - to take the time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday, it really makes me happy :’)

Thank you to everyone, you’re all wonderful and I’ve had a great day lounging around drinking and playing animal crossing uvu If you want my friend code just ask, I’ll probably have my gates open a lot! 

Also thanks again to Dext, Ace  Alex and Chel for the wonderful art!

I am unworthy ;;u;; <3

[rolls into a ball of happiness]

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I love Crane to bits in Arkham Asylum, but sometimes I think HE LIKES TO CHEAT. I mean, for the longest time on my one playthrough, I was hiding behind a wall waiting for him to turn around so I could move. Usually when he's looking in my general direction, I just FREEZE and won't budge an inch. Well, sometimes I think he sees through walls. >=/ I didn't budge an inch and suddenly he was all THERE YOU ARE and smushed me.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if that sneaky bastard was cheating. >:(

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I read the first 3 issues to that Endgame, mostly because I saw the cover where Joker looks like Eddie Gluskin from Outlast (I swear they could be brothers), but it bothers me with the direction they're taking for his origin. I believe it was issue 3 they talk about him being The Pale Man and whatnot and show this weird, white creature in the woods.... I think they made him WAY too Slenderman-like. Joker immortal? An ancient thing? Really not digging it!


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I know you're not a fan of "The Batman" (I LOVE that version of Joker and most of its characters), but what do you think of Joker and Harley's relationship in "Two of a Kind"? Personally, I thought they were an adorable couple in that episode (he even did a song while they danced around Gotham) and Joker even asked her what she wanted when she shot him down after giving her a huge diamond!

I never saw this episode, and now I really want to! :D

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It might seem silly, but sometimes I like to think how I would react if certain people showed up at my door randomly IRL (book, movie, tv characters, etc) and 2 people I always think of are Scarecrow and Joker. I'm always caught between being scared shitless and running for my life and just tackling the daylights out of them. How would you react? :D

If it was Scarecrow, I guess I’d probably invite him in and introduce him to my cats and pray that he wouldn’t gas me with fear toxin. 

If it was Joker, I would slam the door and go hide under my bed. D:

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OMG just got done watching Son of Batman and I won't give anything away, but...I still don't really like Damien. xD He's just a snarky little shit.

“Snarky little shit” is the perfect description for him. I tried to be sympathetic towards him, because he had been through an awful lot and it wasn’t his fault that he was brought up to be so arrogant, but he was just so damn RUDE. I loved when Alfred took him down a peg. Alfred suffers no fools. 

All in all, I really didn’t care for the movie. 

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After seeing certain pages from The Killing Joke, I've been leaning more towards getting it now once I find a copy in our bookstore. I've heard it's one of the best moments in Joker's history. Is it totally worth getting? :3

It is an amazing book, and that is not a word that I employ lightly. It’s my favorite graphic novel of all time and among the first I ever bought or read. It’s great for a lot of reasons: we get to see Joker’s backstory and how he became Joker in the first place, explore Batman’s perception of him, and see Batman’s moral code shaken to the point were we begin to wonder if he’s going to break the one rule he has. It’s also very dark, however, so keep that in mind when reading.

But yes, I highly recommend getting it. And if you can’t find it at your bookstore, I sell it in my store. :)

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First off, just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D Secondly, I wanted to add on to what I said before. Crane really seemed to be on "friendly terms" with the baddies in Asylum. Personally, I believe Croc mixed up the wrong person (since usually Batman's the only one roaming the sewers) or he felt threatened by Crane about to poison the water supply. We don't know what Croc did with Crane after he dove under, so he could've bit before realizing. Crane could be blind in one eye from the attack.

I think Croc’s usually only on “friendly” terms when it benefits him, which is why he cooperated with Black Mask in Arkham Origins. But I am sure he wasn’t too happy with the prospect of Crane dumping a massive amount of fear toxin into his home; combine that with his enjoyment of munching on people, and it’s no surprise he attacked Crane. 

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I just got done reading this yesterday, but have you ever read Batman Confidential #7-12? I believe that may be the story they used for part of Joker's origin in Origins. :D From Joker's trigger-happy finger to a very similar way at the way he saw things, I believe that's where they pulled that from. I don't really want to say anything, in case no one else has read it, but I thought it was very interesting! The art could be a bit funky at times, but overall, I loved it. :3

Ah, Lovers and Madmen! I’ve started it, but not finished it yet. I got sidetracked by the Do You Understand These Rights? arc. I need to resume reading it! :D