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"Trapped" Pt.1 Zootopia Fanfiction

“Alright, Cottontail. Let’s head out!” Nick said to Judy as they walked through an office building. Judy laughed.

“Okay, but we’re taking the stairs this time.”

“What?! We’re on the 30th floor. No thanks.” Nick said as he walked towards one of the many elevators.

They had just gotten done interrogating the owner and boss of the company building that they were currently in called BioBucks. The company earns money by planting trees where various construction sites happen. It was a very profitable business. The boss was Mr. Buck, a white-tailed deer. He witnessed an attempted murder a week ago and they just wanted to drop by to get some details before he was brought to court. Now, they were patiently waiting for the elevator.

“Aww, c'mon. Taking the stairs is healthier!” Said Judy as she ran energetically around Nick. He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, well, the elevator is quicker.”

They both heard a ding and the elevator door opened. Even though they had both used the elevator earlier to travel up to the 30th floor, Judy suddenly had a weird feeling about using it this time. She looked inside cautiously. The elevator, being built to accommodate animals of all sizes, was about the size of an elephant. Nick entered the elevator and observed how hesitant Judy was to step inside.

“Pfft. What’s wrong? Scared of the elevator now?” He bluntly asked as he pushed the button to Floor 1.

She planted her feet firmly on the ground and both paws on her hips as she looked up at him and scowled. “No!” Her scowl softened. “…I just have a weird feeling… That’s all.” Her ears lowered and her nervous look returned when the elevator door closed. They both jolted forward a little when the elevator started to move down.

“Well, I told you not to eat that donut Clawhauser gave you.” He smirked.

“Not that!… It’s something else… Besides, that carrot donut was delicious!”

“Whatever you say Cottontail…” Nick pulled out his phone and began to play on it. He frowned and started to raise the phone high up in the air. “Wow. They have horrible reception here,” he added. Nonetheless, he still continued to play on it.

Judy’s attention turned to the paw print-shaped floor counter on the wall. She anxiously watched as the floor number lowered. 16….15….14….13…..12……11…….


Both of their ears stood alert in unison at the unnerving sound. At that moment, they shared the exact same thought, ‘What…was that?’ They looked at each other wide-eyed. Nick smiled and laughed nervously before promptly taking ahold of the railing of the elevator. Suddenly, the hum of the elevator turned chaotic.




They were jerked forward as the elevator began to shake violently. Soon after, the lights began to flicker and shift from on to off. It felt as if they were slowly being lifted into the air. Judy lifted her head to look at the floor counter. 9….8…7..6. The elevator was going down too fast.

‘Oh my God!’ She quickly stumbled towards Nick and hugged him tightly. He held her close as he realized their situation. They braced themselves for impact.



Both of them met the floor with a violent, painful thud. For a while, it was silent—nothing but the sound of their breathing. That soon ended when Nick let out a groan of pain.

Judy’s eyes snapped open. Everything was blurry. Although she couldn’t see, she could definitely feel her body facedown aching on the cold floor. Especially her cheek. Her cheek really hurt. So did her knee… What happened? She didn’t want to get up. Why did she wake up again?… Oh, Nick! She looked around helplessly for her partner without leaving her spot on the floor. She forgot she could hardly see.

“Nick?…” She called out weakly. There was no answer. At least she could hear him breathing.

‘Okay Judy. The next step is to just get up,’ she thought as she tried to pull herself up but failed when her arms buckled from underneath her, causing her to land painfully back on the cold floor. ‘Okay… Easier said than done.’ She continued to lay there motionless as she built up the motivation.

‘Come on, Judy. You can do this! Get up. Get up!’

Suddenly, Judy let out a huff of determination before lifting herself up off the ground and turning over. She then pushed herself towards a nearby wall where she propped herself up on it. She panted, exhaustion and confusion taking over. She had so many questions going through her mind that she couldn’t even count them all, let alone answer them.

Judy shook her head. She needed to focus. ‘Nick. Where is Nick?’

She wiped her eyes before blinking a bit to clear her vision. It became less blurry but it was still a bit cloudy. She surveyed the elevator floor. In the left corner, her eyes met with a slumped over fox who was lying facedown on the cold, hard floor; his muzzle being horizontal to it as he lay there silently. Taking note of the shifty elevator, she cautiously crouched down and started to crawl towards Nick, cringing every time her knee made contact with the floor.

By the time she reached Nick, her vision had cleared. Without hesitation, she shook him gently.

“Nick… Nick, wake up… Please, wake up Nick…” He didn’t stir; he just continued to lay there, breathing faintly.

Judy waited for a moment while she stared at his closed eyes. Her lower lip began to quiver and her eyes began to water. She fell backwards onto the wall and slowly lowered herself next to Nick as she cupped her teary eyes. Even though it wasn’t her fault, she just couldn’t help but blame herself for this mess.

‘How could I have let this happen?’

“Judy?… Why are you crying?” She heard a weak voice ask.

Judy gasped and her ears stood up straight. She quickly halted her crying and looked down to find Nick lying on his back giving her a half-lidded gaze.

“Nick!” She lunged at him with her arms wide open which turned out to be a harmless hug. That was the case until she began to squeeze harder.

“Oh, Nick! You’re okay! I was so scared! And now I’m so happy! It’s amazing!” She exclaimed happily, relieved that they both were alright. Meanwhile, Nick was desperately trying to escape the hug of death she was giving him. He didn’t even think she was physically that strong.

“—ugh, yeah–c-could y-you–gah–let go!” He wheezed out. She immediately let go and he gasped for air. She blinked, slightly surprised, then blushed and laughed nervously. “Hehehe… Sorry.”

Nick held his sore ribs as he gave her a small scowl, “Yeah, ouch.”

He leaned back on the wall, now sitting with his tail curled instinctively around himself. She noticed he didn’t use his left paw too much when moving. His brow furrowed as he sighed before his tired eyes met with Judy’s.

“So, what exactly happened?”


Author’s Note:

Yeah, so this story is at least going to have 3 or 4 parts so stay tuned! I wanted to do something to help strengthen the bond between Nick and Judy and getting them trapped in an elevator sounded perfect, haha. Also, depending on how long it will take me to write the other parts, I might upload other stories in between. Check out my Fanfiction account to find all of the Zootopia Fanfictions I’ve written so far: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11740129/1/Zootopia-Fanfictions Thank you so much for reading!

"Break" Zootopia Fanfiction #4

There comes a time in the day when officers at ZPD get to take breaks, where they are free from doing any work while resting in the break room. Although she enjoyed having a break every now and then, Judy was determined to finish whatever needed to be done. If that meant staying behind to finish filing police reports or paperwork, she would do it. Her partner, Nick Wilde, would often beg her to come and join him in the break room instead of just sitting in her office, continuing to work. Usually, she would refuse to go but not today.

Today, they didn’t have patrol duty, but they had a lot of paperwork to go through. Both Nick and Judy were working together, which was a rare thing to see since Nick was usually sleeping on the couch, looking at his phone, or flirting with Judy while she worked. Judy was sitting at her desk while Nick was in his rolly-chair next to an open filing cabinet. She stacked some papers together before handing them to Nick, where he quickly looked at the label on the stack before placing them in the correct folder. Earlier, they had sorted through the papers to make sure they were in order and filled out correctly. Originally, they had started out with 6 full stacks, with each containing at least 200 pieces of paper. They were now down to 1.

Nick was handed the last stack of paper. “Is this the last one?”

“Yeah,” Judy sighed out as she leaned back in her chair. She watched as Nick placed the papers in the ‘Z’ folder and closed the cabinet door before wiping his brow and also leaning back in his chair. He raised his arms, stretching them before lowering both on his closed eyes.


Judy giggled. “Now you know how I feel when you don’t help!”

He lifted one arm to reveal both of his tired eyes. “Cottontail. I’m pretty sure I slowed you down on this so you’re better off without me helping anyways.” He smirked.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “Oh yeah, sure. Nice excuse to be lazy.”

“Isn’t it, though?” He chuckled before looking up at her wall clock. It was almost breaktime. He rolled towards her desk.

“Sooo,” he started, “are you going to take a break?” His suave expression was replaced by the puppy-dog face. He knew she would say no so begging was his only option.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“Please go! Who will I anno—wait, what?…you’re going?” he said, slightly confused and surprised.

She hopped out of her chair and looked back up at him with a smile. “Yes, I think we deserve a break. So, let’s go!” She opened the door and walked towards the break room.

Nick stood there for a second before following her.

Judy took in the great atmosphere of the room as she arrived. Officers were all around, no doubt sharing crazy patrol stories or talking about something on the news. Nick soon entered the room to join Judy.

“Where do you want to sit?”

“Um… There!” Judy pointed to an empty table that was next to a snack machine and hopped over to it. However, before she could reach the chair, Nick cut her off. At this point, some officers began to watch the two. Her ears lowered as she gave him a confused look. Nick suddenly stood aside and gently grabbed the chair before pulling it away from the table and motioning her to sit down. He gave her a sweet, innocent smile which made her suspicious.

“Oh… Thank you Nick.” Judy was about to sit down when she felt the chair disappear from underneath her. She let out a little squeak in fear of falling over, but she quickly regained her balance before it could happen. A couple officers let out a laugh. She turned her attention to the grinning fox behind her and the chair that was now about 6 inches behind were it should’ve been. A look of fake concern washed over his face as he saw she caught him grinning.

“Wow… You okay there, Cottontail? Looked like you tripped or something.” He gave her a wry smile as she scowled at him. If it weren’t for the other officers in the room, he would already have been tranquilized… or maybe he would just be given a severe scolding from her. He laughed.

“Yeah, hahaha. Very funny,” she harshly pushed him aside and grabbed her chair from his paws before dragging it towards the table and sitting down in it. He snickered as he walked over to his own chair and sat down. He propped his head up on the table with both arms while giving her a charming smile. When he noticed that she was still scowling at him, he began to wiggle his eyebrows. Judy tried to stay angry at him but couldn’t. Letting out a sigh, she rolled her eyes before giving out a small giggle. She had to admit, that was a very sneaky move that she should’ve expected from Nick.

“Break time? More like prank time for you Nick.” Feeling clever about her own joke, Judy gave him a smirk.

“You got me! Haha! I see what you did there!” He laughed. “Hey, how about I go get us some coffee?”


“Okay, be right back.” She watched as Nick casually walked over to the coffee station and grabbed two styrofoam cups before turning the machine on and waiting for the coffee to heat up.

She brought one of her arms onto the table and propped her head up on it. This was definitely more fun than staying in her office to work.


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