It’s Back! Ladies and Gentlemen, the WildHelp App is back and ready for another round so let’s get this thing going!

The WildHelp Mobile App

“The WildHelp mobile application will streamline the reporting process, expediting aid to wild animals in need and the people who find them, helping save thousands of lives every year!

The finder will also have the option of adding a photograph and detailed notes. Then, based on the user’s answers and their GPS coordinates, the app will display a list of the closest and most appropriate resources - the nearest wildlife hospitals or first responders.

With a click of a button, all the information collected - the type of animal, its approximate age, its condition - if it’s entrapped, injured, possibly orphaned - is sent via email and text to the selected resource, alerting them of the emergency.

Once the data has been sent, the user can place a call to make direct contact with the selected entity. They will also have the option to receive helpful safety tips and emergency information, like basic instruction on first aid that could help save the animal’s life.”

We have taken the WildHelp concept through the initial phase - we have drawn up the basic paths for the system, but need your help to make the WildHelp mobile application a reality.

Hey guys, as you may or may not know, I’ve been volunteering with Wildlife Emergency Services. Recently, the founder and backbone of the organization, Rebecca, thought up a genius idea: A way to connect the finder of an injured animal with the people and organizations who can help directly. 

Often, people who find an injured animal aren’t quite sure who to contact for help. Is this a matter for the Department of Fish and Game? Do you contact the animal shelter? Are they even open at this hour? What can I do to help until then? The time spent trying to find this information and looking up numbers is precious and can cost the animal its life.

The app would be for both iOS and Android operating systems, and include  an extensive database of emergency response organizations and wildlife resources throughout the United States, sorted by geographic location and area of expertise. What I’m asking is that you guys spread the word about this awesome app that can really make a difference, and take pledges if possible.

We have one month to raise the money that would turn this idea into a reality. Plus, if you support the project with $25 or more, you can get some of the awesome swag above.


I saw the amazing support you guys were willing to give and I thank my followers for putting up with my constant reblogging of this, but the goal is now much more modest and we can certainly make this happen. Now let’s do this!