Finally started working on a project I bought supplies for a few months back. First step is grinding up herbs! Takes forever to do it by hand but doing it right is the best way! #herbs #herbalism #herbal #eggshells #whitesage #wildharvest #wildharvested #freerange #organic #wild #mortarandpestle #handmade #witch #witchcraft #wicca #pagan #wiccan #heathen #magic #magick #spell #ritual #occult #metaphysical #natural #etsy #sacred #divine #spiritual #spirit (at http://www.thewellandspindle.com)

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Smudge sticks are the perfect way to incorporate herbs into your work and working space! My smudge sticks are ALWAYS made with fresh herbs and some are even wild harvested such as this white sage! This particular smudge stick is made with wild harvested California White Sage and rosemary and then bound lovingly in purple colored thread!

White Sage is a favorite smudge for purification, cleansing, healing and more. The herb can be used to invoke peace and serenity when burned.

Rosemary can be used for faithfulness in marriage, to bring good dreams, cleansing, protection, beautifying, peace, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, youth and much much MUCH more! Rosemary is generally a considered an “all use” herb. It is a great substitute when you need one for a variety of spells.

To use simply light the end, blow out the flame and waft the smoke around your body, a room, ritual space, etc to bring the magic of the herb out and around the area that it is needed in. $3.75+shipping! #smudge #smudgestick #incense #wicca #witch #wiccan #witchcraft #shaman #shamanism #shamanic #pagan #paganism #energy #ritual #spell #herbal #natural #wild #wildharvest #wildharvested (at http://www.thewellandspindle.com)

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My father’s wild harvested, HUGE piece of Chaga mushroom found laying around on the forest floor from a dead tree is coming to good, nourishing uses! Beginning some creative plans for adding this morning’s Chaga extract to a Rose petal infused pokeberry lip stain.

And get this, it’s super amazing as a caffiene-free alternative to coffee beans. It has the dark color & bitterness of coffee, but has a tonic-like effect of energy rather than a caffeine surge & crash. Even better, it tastes like you added unsweetened maple syrup. That natural taste without any cream or sugar is truly divine. But I do like adding cashew cream & coconut sugar for some almost winter-loving warmth!

(I don’t recommend anyone using pokeberries unless they really research this plant because certain parts are highly toxic if ingested. Always check multiple, trusted sources before using any wild plant! :D)

Palo Santo and Dragons Blood resin dusted candles with essential oils. #candle #cleansing #candlelight #dragonsblood #eo #energy #essentialoil #essentialoils #life #magic #magick #magical #power #purification #palosanto #witch #witchcraft #wildharvested #organic (at http://www.thewellandspindle.com)

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Side Note to my Witch on a Budget Post: Regarding Plants

This is an addendum to my ‘Witch on a Budget’ post 

While I love to wild harvest my magical herbs, it has taken me quite a long time to learn to identify certain species. And I sometimes get it wrong. I want to add this note because it’s important that you DO YOUR RESEARCH if you intend to harvest wild plants. Know what parts of the plants are useable, or edible, and which are poison. Know the best time to harvest them. Know how to get what you need without killing the plant. And above all, DO NOT CONSUME WILD PLANTS UNLESS YOU ARE 100% CERTAIN THEY ARE WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE, IF AT ALL. I typically do not consume plants I don’t grow, with rare exceptions. I’ll use them solely for magical purposes, as offerings, or charms. 

Also, I DO NOT use Lady Slippers in my craft, but they are a magical herb none-the-less. I am lucky to live in an area where they are abundant. I see them as a sign of the fae more than anything else, cultivating and protecting them. They’re also usually an indicator of the soil quality in the area. I do not recommend picking or using these herbs. Maybe if you lived in an area where they weren’t protected, and could find a way to cultivate them, but otherwise: just wave and say hello. 


Woodland Harvest Pentacle -

Made from wildharvested willow/dogwood willow, honeysuckle bark cordage, tree cone/hazel nut/beach nut cases/acorn/conker all wildharvested in the magical Scottish highlands, made in awe and love for nature ;-)


the-worlds-within-me  asked:

♡ and sandstorm! :)

[Send me ♡ + a word, and I’ll write a headcanon.]

Sandstorm season has to be my least favorite part of the year since they prevent you from doing anything, and quite often we Gerudo will travel into the forests and fields of Hyrule to avoid them, focusing on trade and wildharvesting during these times.

The veils you see us Gerudo wear serve two purposes - to disguise our features (and usually we are hooded too, our hair covered and face deeply shadowed), and to protect against particulates in sandstorms as well as other situations - For instance, we wear them when riding too since the horses can kick up quite a bit of dust.

[This reply is late but I will be posting a picture to go with it shortly!]


Autumnal Star Hanger -
(yes I’m starting early lol), theres nae feckn summer hhaa) I’m praying for an indian lol

Made from wildharvested Dogwood willow, Hazel bark wrap, Acorn/cups/Beach case/nuts/Alder buds/poppy pods, with handmade honeysuckle bark cordage hanger (10 inch diam)

Made over 1 hour not including harvesting of wood/seeds/barks