#vscocam My medyo-chakang #JarofHappiness is already full. I am going to make siksik siksik nalang. Because more happiness is yet to come. 😊

Thank you to my happiness contributors! You are many to mention.


PS. You are the real reason, thank You po Papa Jesus. 👼👆

Because I adore @dailyconnoisseur’s books I’ve been working on my personal style and the phrase I’m using is #wildgrace she talks a lot about your signature look, scent, and I’d add in, your essence. In this day and age we have so much crap to distract us from who we really are, so much consumerism and we buy stuff we never use, wear, or really care about so simplicity has been an ongoing project of mine.
This makeup look is my version of “le no makeup look” because it’s #wildgrace I’m rocking the cat eye, it feels soooo me and takes 3-5 min. I’m really enjoying embodying my signature look, playing around until it’s juuuust right ;) simple but chic :) #nofilter

Ok my style icons on the left, Carolina Herrera, Pink and Betsy Johnson, I know the first one doesn’t go with the last two, but in my world it does ;) I call my style #wildgrace :) thanks @dailyconnoisseur for leading the way! #wildwoman

This is about right, things I love, I got the science part with Move Your DNA, the woowoo with Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms about incarnated angels (might be you ;) ) and the chic living style part cuz every earth angel needs a healthy body, chic lifestyle (you can be woowoo and love fashion and makeup) and info about themselves ;) <3 #wildwoman #wildgrace