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it's quite gross. a lot of it is things like "boys are told they can't dye their hair!!" or "wear x, x, and x!!" and i firmly believe these gender expectations for boys should be broken down but they completely ignore the fact that these problems are rooted in misogyny. boys are told that these things are feminine and that femininity is bad. it's not misandry, it's misogyny backfiring on the perpetrators.


Montaña de Oro State Park Camp Trip - March 2015

  • Fun Fact: Montaña de Oro “Mountain of Gold” (in Spanish) - the name comes from the golden wildflowrs that bloom in the Spring.
  • The Drive: Even though driving through LA traffic after a full day at work on Friday is less than ideal, it allowed us to have 2 mornings waking up to the beauty of Montaña de Oro.  Estimate about 4.5 hours from Orange County and 3.5 hours from Palo Alto give or take traffic.
  • The Campground: There are about 25 campsites situated on 2 small loops at the Islay Creek Campground.  The first time Ben and I came here we had a site on the outer loop but due to a last minute change of reservations and the size of our group, we got sites 11 and 14 in the middle. Not terrible but as you can imagine, the outter sites are less exposed.  We originally had plans to camp in the environmental sites, unique to this state park, but with the CA draught no fires were permitted at those locations. Next time…
  • Hikes: The Bluff Trail leaves Spooners Cove (just outside the Islay Creek Campground) and heads south along the coast for 2.5 miles.  March is a great time to be along the coast as it is wildflower season! On a clear day (like we lucked out with) you can see the coast all the way north to Big Sur.