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flowers: perennial heirloom seed mixture by thekirkestate

instead of giving a bouquet to a friend, find a mixture of heirloom seeds that bloom perennially and help her plant them :)

nancybye  asked:


hmm well I don’t know a l l that much about u aside from ur interests!! (I don’t even know ur zodiac sign wtf I gotta catch up) but ur name reminds me of autumn, and dark blue and violet, and the city streets when everything is dark and quiet and illuminated dimly by streetlights, and black eyed Susans (black n yellow wildflowers that grow in my town, I lov) and Danny Zuko because of ur nickname but no matter how u feel about grease that’s a compliment because I would sell a kidney to suck his dick

Though battle call me from thy arms
 Let not my pretty Susan mourn;
Though cannons roar, yet safe from harms
 William shall to his Dear return.
Love turns aside the balls that round me fly,
Lest precious tears should drop from Susan’s eye:

The boatswain gave the dreadful word,
 The sails their swelling bosom spread,
No longer must she stay aboard;
 They kiss’d, she sigh’d, he hung his head.
Her lessening boat unwilling rows to land;
 ‘Adieu!’ she cries; and waved her lily hand.

So I just noticed this scene in Advent Children Complete and something struck me as strange.  If Aerith is represented by lilies, and they only grew there in her church why was Zack represented by a different species of flower? 

 I did some research on the wildflower that was here and I sort of guessed that it was the Black-Eyed Susan, a common North American wildflower.  There is actually a poem about it. There are several stanzas, explaining that Susan’s lover William was on board a ship, about to go to war, and quickly scrambled down for a fond farewell with his lady love. He promised ardently to be safe and true to her.  It’s very similar to Zack’s promise to Aerith.

The Black-Eyed Susan is also symbolic of encouragement 

and justice.