wildfires in nevada

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This gif is how my brain was about to explode from lack of smut, so here’s a lovely little scenario for my favorite pervs. 

This one is definitely less “Aww, Nevada’s secretly a good guy” and more “He’s a piece of shit and so are you.”

Clocks will continue, I just need to rest the fluff side of my brain before I can figure out where it should go.


Oooh, could you do one where the reader gives a lap dance to Nevada? I love your Nevada imagines and your blog!

“Get in.”

It was a command, it was always a command with Nevada.

“What do you want?”

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Time lapse video of the wildfire burning near Mono Lake, California


Marina Fire Friday Night by Jeff Sullivan
Via Flickr:
Another angle I tried.

Deadly Love - Prologue

Tayvin Zombie Apocalypse AU. I was so excited for this so I wrote it in 30 minutes. It is just a small introduction for the upcoming chapter one. I hope you guys like it :) This is from a request made to @tayvinfanfiction

When the epidemic began fear spread like wildfire. A small town in Nevada was quarantined and the public was told that the situation was under control… It was just a new disease that needed further investigation.

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