For all the Newtmas/Dylmas shippers out there
Blake talked about the kiss again (last image, from this interview, that you should check out btw, it’s one of my favorites from Blake) so I decided to do this post with all the images/gifs that I previously posted (here

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Hi I don't understand your dylmas kiss thing like did they actually kiss or was it an almost kiss ?? I'm dumb sorry

Hi! I think they were filming a scene (the one where Newt and Thomas are sitting on a log, talking), and during one take Thomas (Sangster) and Dylan started to move closer and closer towards each other, as if they were about to kiss (basically they played gay chicken haha), until Dylan pulled away. But Thomas (Sangster, not movie-Thomas lol) kept leaning toward Dylan and ended up kissing him (at least I think that’s what Dylan meant when he said that Thomas “got him”). So yeah, I think they actually kissed. But I can’t be 100% sure of course, we’ll see if it’s on the DVD when it comes out! :P
Sorry if that wasn’t clear at first! :) 

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Rosa talking about Dylan in the first part of the video… (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ JUST WATCH IT


As promised, here are some pictures of the scrapbook that I gave to Papa Roach on November 28, 2013, in Paris, at the VIP :)
Sorry I took a long time to post this, but I had so many things in mind since the concert haha

If you participated to it: first of all, thank you so much! If you want me to post a bigger picture of your page, just tell me and I’ll do it :P Or I can send it to you by email, if that’s not already done.

I’ll post an article about the VIP and the show, and I’ll tell ya everything about it, but just let me tell you that they loved the book! (That’s what they said anyway, and I guess they were sincere haha x) )
[EDIT: the article is posted, here]

But I’m gonna tell you now about the part where I gave them the book :’) It was just afer they asked my name; I told them, and then Tobin immediately asked me what was thing that I had in my hands haha (the scrapbook was in a folder because I also had a letter for them all)

Note: the dialogues that I report may not be quite accurate, but it gives you an idea x)
And I will probably forget to tell a few things, so I might edit this post from time to time if I remember some things ^^

"That’s something I made for you… For your 20 years" 

They took it and said it was so cool/sick or something like that :) They started to look at the cover and to talk about the pictures of them that were on it; “Is that our evolution?” they asked – even though it was rhetorical. (I think Tobin added “from the start”, but I’m not sure).

“Yeah, through the years” I answered (as if that wasn’t obvious! hahahaha) and I looked at the scrapbook with them. Jacoby started to make fun about their faces on two of these pics, and one of them pointed out the “transition” Dave/Tony haha

Oh yeah and, see the letters “20 years” stuck on the front cover? The “R” fucking fell on the floor haha :’) Tony tried to pick it up but he didn’t succeed, so he gave up and said “oh, that’s just a R” XD He actually held it in front of the book when we did the VIP pic :P

Then they started to flip the pages. On the inside of the cover, I had put the surveys about the favorite albums and the favorite music videos of the fans (if you participated you probably remember that. You can’t see it on the pictures though, because I took these photos before adding the surveys) and Tony asked “what is that?”, to which Tobin replied: “the albums” or something like that haha :P (I think Tony said “oh, cool”, but maybe I’m wrong, whatever)

They looked at the first page for a few seconds (but not in a bad way haha, I guess they were reading a bit :p), that you can read here: , and then took a look at the other ones. 

They really seemed to like it, to see all the messages from fans gathered in the book, and even if I briefly wondered if they were being enthusiastic just to please me, they actually looked sincere :)


(In this section, if you want me to add a link on your name, leading to a picture of your page -like in this example: Name-, just ask for it)

Stina: It was funny to see them looking at your pictures and trying to remember where they were from ;D They said something about it, sth like “where was it?” and I told them it was in Milan… Then I thought “fuck, I don’t remember if that’s how they say it in english”, and I added “in Milano ._.” and Jacoby (or Tobin omg I can’t even remember :’) ) said “Milano!” with some kind of an italian accent hahaha
And if you’re wondering what they said about the piggy: I’ll write about it in my second post, in which I’m gonna tell the whole story (VIP + show + after the concert)

Amelia: they obviously recognized your custom jacket ;) And I told them that you wanted to create jackets for them (I saw your tweets about it, but they didn’t xD)

Diana: I know I already told you on twitter, but when they saw your page, they immediately recognized you. They were like “oh, she’s known all over the world!” and they told me to say “Wassup?” haha :) (They actually said your nickname when they saw your pictures (I don’t remember what is is, something with a “D”, but you know it better than me :p) And I told em that you were the first person who ever talked to me on their website :)

Lea: as I told you on facebook, they liked your drawing :DD They smiled when they saw it, and turned the book in their hand to see it better (and maybe they said something but I can’t remember what :/)

Alina (the one from Russia): when then saw your pages, one of them (Tobin or maybe Tony, I don’t remember) pointed the drawings you made and said “wow, Jerry” or something like that ;P

Alina (the other one, from Germany ;) ): they liked your drawing, I remember it because they stared at it for a few seconds and I could see they appreciated/admired it :)

VIProach: they also noticed your drawings ;) my memory is failing me here but I remember that one of them actually pointed it out and said something nice about it (if I’m right :p)

Vika (@cooper_agony): when they saw your curves drawings they smiled and say it was cool, or cute or funny (I can’t remember which words they used but anyway :P)

Helen (@Born__To_Rock): your photos are cool, and when they saw it they stopped to turn the pages, to look at it (maybe they liked your dragon, I dunno haha :D)

To all the others: if I remember anything they said about your page(s), I will edit this post and I’ll told you! But they liked the whole scrapbook anyway, each one of your participation was great :)

Anyway, then I gave them the messages from the Street Team of Mexico, given to me by Ashley, and they said (or one of them said), while looking at this, that they loved to see that kind of photos (I quote: “I love it when fans take a picture of their CDs like that, on their bed or anything” :P)

At some point they thanked me one more time and told me again that it was an amazing thing, and they high fived me :D (And when they did, I had the weirdest thought ever: “omg their hand are so big” hahahaha wtf is my brain, thanks god I didn’t say it out loud oO). I still remember Jacoby’s wide smile haha :) Oh and at the end of the VIP, Jerry opened his arms to me and smiled, as if he wanted to thank me again haha, and I hugged him a last time ^^ He was really so nice with me :’) Maybe because I looked so astonished hahaha

Here’s a last thing that I wanna show you:

I asked Jerry this question on twitter two days after the show, and I honestly didn’t think he would answer, but he fucking did!! Ok, he’s not only talking about the scrapbook, but also about my letter that I gave them at the VIP. But this letter led to another story (and a fucking awesome story, I can tell you), that you’ll read it my next post :P (I will post another “article” soon to tell you about the whole VIP and the show, and everything else, so stay tuned if you wanna know about it x) )

PS: I know some people thought that the scrapbook that Jerry and Jacoby posted on instagram was this one, but it was actually the book of Sam Craven haha :) (congrats to her and to the people in her book btw, I know they were all thrilled when the guys posted the pics of her book on instagram, and even if I felt a bit envious at first -not gonna lie hahaha-, I’m actually really happy for them :) )
Anyway, I just want to show you what jerry told me when I talked to him about my scrapbook again: 

Yeah, he actually answered me this :D Jerry is the best :’)♥

(sorry about my face haha)♥♥♥ 

[EDIT] Jacoby also answered me!! Love these guys♥ :’D (he cut off the part where I said “haha” after the “I’m sad”, but whatever xD)