Wildfire rages northeast of Los Angeles

A fast-growing brush fire that ignited this morning has already burned through more than 200 acres near Glendora. Three individuals have been brought into custody under suspicion of being connected to the fires as the blaze continues.

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As the Colby fire spreads to more than 1,700 acres, officials are warning residents from the San Gabriel Valley to the Pomona Valley to avoid the outdoors due to smoke and ash. A state of emergency has also been announced in Glendora.

Photos: Ringo H.W. Chiu, Nick Ut / Associated Press, Irfan Khan/ Los Angeles Times

Hey guys, I’m a Washintonian. As you may have heard we’re currently having record seasonal wildfires. If you’ve never been here you might not know that a good portion of washington is actually composed of semi-arid desert. In particular north central, which is where the fires are causing the majority of damage. The communities that are being the most heavily affected are Okanogan, Twisp, Chelan, Wenatchee, and other north central towns and cities. The air quality statewide is horrendous; I live down in the southeast by Spokane and the air is barely breathable.

Washington State also has a number of Indigenous reservations, which are currently being disproportionately affected by the destruction of farmland and reduction in air quality that we’re currently seeing take place. Both the Spokane and Colville tribal communities are currently subject to evacuations due to the fact that a good half the state has suddenly decided to go up in flames. 

I would highly recommend donating to the Chelan Valley Fire Relief Fund, who are currently on the ground distributing food, water, and shelter to affected communities. The red cross has been sketchy in the past, so if you want your money going directly to the victims I recommend the link above.

This is the largest string of wildfires Washington has ever seen. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and dozens of firefighters lives have been lost. Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers, and if you can, donate to the relief efforts. Thank you.