Think No Secrets

I try

to think no secrets

and be no threat

but you seem unsteady

and I wanted to let

it be ok

for whatever you got

to lay down,

it’s golden.

Feel free

to take your time,

I’ll be fine,

I’ve got mine.

You do you,

what’s cool is cool

and I’ll be there

if you need me.

I just don’t want you thinking

there’s some kind of threat,

thinking a secret

of words that you wish

would’ve been let out

if you could find them

in the right order.

I’ll be fine,

I’ve got mine

for whatever you got,

it’s golden.



Meandering menageries of marshmallow monsters­

with melted faces that are measle-stricken. Visions still haunt her

up to the thumbs in bubblegum. Frog tongues


syrup to her sides. Sickly sliding fog comes

into the swamps she saunters

while her wild noggin clogs up.


Crookedly the cogs spun

crawling on the log bumps.

These millipede feet


fondling, sillily she

laughs and giggles at the problem

these soliloquys breathe.


The willow tree seems

to sway more evilly today. Those little feet sting

from psychedelic predators pinching on their prey.


Grimy gums salivate between lips with wispy hairs frayed,

choking her in chills no other melody brings.

She’s entranced and ensnared. Blades



in her bare brain

snap the synapses. Control is plunged upon her.


Such an evil monster,

the reason why she stares blank,

On the staircase, in the hallways always it wants her.