existentialcomfort  asked:

My friend and I were just mulling this idea over. Why would Alex bring Brian back to that place knowing the last time he left there he left Tim beaten. Also, how long after did he return? We speculate that he returned maybe the same day or the day after. Oh on a side note, we also think it's pretty interesting how careful they each were to set their cameras down. Is it possible they were both there to set each other up?

Well I don’t really think it was the same building they visited in 51, it seemed like a different place altogether. The building in 51 appeared to be all on the same floor, this one had multiple levels and was in a relatively heavily wooded area. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this is the same location in 22 and 23, and we just didn’t see the basement area in this one.

I have a feeling there was some teleportation that went on here. There seems to be a thing with them about TO showing up and disappearing people to another random location such as (possibly, not for certain) Brian’s old house, the basement location, maybe even the burned out doctor’s office from 51. I’m sort of feeling like maybe that’s what happened here.

As far as their motives…my brain is bleeding help. I mentioned in an earlier reply to a post that Tim was pretty heavily set on not leaving this building, at least not to go to the one across the way. So either there was something he needed to stay here for or there was something he wanted to stay away from over there. Equally I guess you could say that there was either some reason Alex wanted to leave this building or some reason he really wanted to see the other one.

Unfortunately I am not in a place with great internet so I can’t go back and doublecheck facts, but do they end up going to that other building? It seems to me that the video is cut in a way that sort of leaves room for that to have happened, but it isn’t said for sure :T

Anyway, they were both acting pretty suspiciously. Tim is coughing the majority of the time, but Alex does some coughing as well and really it seems like they are both in the same boat with possibly opposing motives that eventually equal attempted murder (or worse).