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The Docks at Wilderness Lodge by Mark Walter

Jack of Hearts (Chapter 1)

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine meeting the Horsemen and liking Jack.

Warning: None

Word Count: 1670

(This is pretty lame, but I just had to get something out as chapter one. I have more ideas based off of this, so stay tuned! Its only chapter one!)

Ever since Jack Wilder faked his death and the other three Horsemen vanished into thin air, the four had laid low. Henely actually left the group, saying that she was going stir crazy living in hiding like they were. So, she moved to some remote country and restarted her life. After that, Dylan wanted to search for someone to replace her. Daniel insisted that they didn’t need anyone, that the group was fine how it was, but Dylan fought back and said that the group had to be complete.  And the only way to do that was to find a fourth Horseman.

The faux FBI agent, Dan, and Merritt spread out across the country in search of their next big thing. Merritt found you at a show in New York City. You had taken one of the stages with a death defying escape act that left even him impressed. He found you backstage and asked if you wanted to join a magician group called The Horsemen. You had given him a confused look and said you had no idea who the Horsemen were. This kind of ticked Merritt off, so he put you to sleep and took you off to the apartment.

“Merritt, what were you thinking?!” Dylan angrily snapped when Merritt got back to the apartment and Skyped the other two. “You kidnapped an escape artist! You’re an idiot! If she finds out about Jack, she could get out and expose us!”

“I know that you’re worried about that, but once she knows who we are, I’m sure that she will stick around. And I know your underlying problem with this. She’s an escape artist and your dad couldn’t escape his last trick. It hits a bad nerve in you. But dude, that was years ago. Let loose. We’ll be here once you’re home.” Merritt clicked the call closed and woke you up from your deep sleep on the couch. “Alright. How do you not know us kid? Everyone knows us.”

“The Horsemen?” You asked with a small chuckle. “I know all about you guys. I’ve studied your tricks. I just wanted to see what you would do if I said I didn’t. Looks like I got a free ride and an invite into the group.” You flashed him a bright smile and stood up to stretch.

“Hey hey hey, there is no official invitation until everyone else is here. Dylan is the leader of us all, Dan Atlas is after that. And neither of them are here. So just slow yourself down Fancy Pants.”

“Hey Merritt, when are-” You turned around, and there stood Jack Wilder. Oh wow….. He was even hotter in person.“Who’s this?”

“Y/N. Soon to be fourth Horseman.” You smiled and shook his hand. He smiled and shook your hand. “Nice to finally meet you. I’ve been wanting to meet you since the accident.”

“Wait, how did you know I made it out of the accident?” Jack asked, giving Merritt a ‘what the crap dude who is this?’ look. “I mean, before just now obviously.”

“I’m an escape artist. It wasn’t hard to figure out that you didn’t die.”

“Escape artist? I wouldn’t mind testing those skills.”

“Calm yourself down Jack of Hearts. I just got here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get a good look around this place.” You flounced off, leaving both the boys just standing there and watching you move about the apartment. It was nice. Two bedrooms, bath and a half, living room, nice kitchen. Hmmmm…. Staying with them might get interesting, but you could make it work. If nothing else, the couch was pretty comfortable. You could handle that. And, not to stereotype the guys, but you doubted their cooking abilities. You could make your way around the kitchen pretty well. You’d all eat well with you around. It was a cozy place. Definitely somewhere you could get used to living. It could be a lot of fun.

You wandered back into the living room where the two guys still were. Merritt was leaning against the back of the couch while Jack was screwing with a deck of cards in one of the armchairs. He riffled through the cards, then one send one up in the air, only to catch it and stick it back in. Merritt was on the phone with someone. His conversation was hushed with whoever was on the other end. Probably Dylan. Or Atlas. The time read 5:17. Food. Food was a good idea.

“Anyone want to eat?” You asked, your words more directed at the master of cards than the hypnotist. He was still preoccupied by the phone call.

“Yeah actually. Take out Chinese sounds awesome right now.” Jack smiled. “Kung pao chicken and white rice.”

“Um, you’ve got this all wrong. You’re ordering. I’ll go pick up. You can’t be seen in public and I’m not going to do everything around here. Boneless spare ribs and fried rice.” You winked at him and went to investigate the drink situation in the kitchen. What you didn’t see behind you was the interaction behind you. Merritt looked over at Jack, and a wild smile turning up the card slinger’s lips. He pulled his phone out from his pocket and dialed take out by memory.

“Dyl and Atlas be home in time to eat?” Merritt nodded. Jack put the phone to his ear and placed their typical order, but with your order added this time.

You went out the door once he hung up and ventured down the streets to collect dinner. New York was a beautiful city. Why in the world famous magicians trying to lay low lived in one of the nation’s biggest cities, you had no idea. But it worked, so you weren’t going to question it. You had only made one wrong turn on the way to the right Chinese restaurant, which was quite an accomplishment. The order was ready when you got there, being handed off to you when you handed that college aged boy behind the counter the money. It took you a shorter time to get to the apartment this time. No turns were missed so it was easy.

The living room was fuller when you walked in. A lanky, long haired man was sprawled across the couch and a man with curly hair and a very obvious pacing problem occupied the room. J. Daniel Atlas and Dylan Rhodes. Daniel was spinning coins in his fingers when you walked in.

“New girl went out and got dinner? I like her already.” You set the bag down on the coffee table and watched as they all dug through like they hadn’t eaten in days. Ugh, men. You rolled your eyes, sat on the couch beside Jack, and just waited for them all to finish. But, Jack took you container out and handed it over to you. You smiled and thanked him, then grabbed a fork and dug in. Oh man……. It was the best Chinese take out you had ever had. Sooooooo good…..

“Merritt says you’re an escape artist.” Dylan said, leaning against the arm of the couch. Would you mind getting in a straight jacket? After you eat of course.”

“I don’t mind at all. But yes, food first.”

You and the other Horsemen chatted like normal people, about normal things. The guys got to know you, and you got to know them. Favorite things, like movies, books, foods, and music. At some point, Jack scooted closer to you so Dylan could sit. Was it necessary for their legs to be touching? No. But, was it still nice? Oh yeah. A noodle ended up being thrown at Daniel, who in turn pelted Merritt in the face with a (sauceless) piece of sweet and sour chicken. Things escalated from there. Everyone was covered in various Chinese take out foods in a matter of no time. Nothing like professional magicians and an FBI agent pelting food at one another.

By the end of it, you had rice sticking in your hair and splotches of beef and broccoli sauce all over your shirt. It had been fun though. Merritt and Atlas started cleaning things up while you and Jack threw away empty containers. Dylan disappeared off to who knows- oh there he is! With something white in his hands…. He holds it out to you and you realize what it is. A straight jacket.

“Do you really just keep these hanging up on coat racks?” You teased just a little, but stood up and slid your arms in. “Jack? Want to give me a hand.’

“Uh, yeah sure.” He agreed with a smile. The straps were all fastened tightly, leaving you standing there basically hugging yourself.

“You have two minutes. Starting….. now.” Dylan hit the 'start’ button on his timer on his phone and watched you struggle to get out. Straight jackets were nothing. Honestly, it felt more like an insult to your abilities than anything. You were capable of a lot more. But, it was understandable that there was only so much you could do in this little apartment. The jacket was off in 1 minute and 17 seconds. Plenty of time to spare.

“Now, since I’ve proved that a few straps can’t hold me back, do yourself a favor and look up my real stuff on YouTube. I’ll be in the shower.” Not giving him a chance to argue, you turned on your heels and went to the bathroom to shower off. Dylan did just that while you showered, watching videos while Jack helped the other two clean up. He kept sneaking glances to the bathroom door, his mind not leaving you. There was a certain kind of spunk you had that he really liked. The others noticed, but didn’t say anything. And they wouldn’t until they were sure that you both had feelings for each other.

Stolen Glances

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine secretly liking Jack Wilder, and him liking you back, but neither of you knows it. Merritt sees it though and decides to help the two of you along…..

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1306

(So sorry this took me so long to get out. Between my friend passing away and the boyfriend and family stuff that came up, I took way longer than planned on this. I hope  you like it though! @jaylee-crapnetier )

Out of all the guys you could have fallen for, it had to be Jack Wilder. You had met him when Dylan brought you along with him to meet the Horsemen one day. You worked as an FBI agent with him, and were always on the lookout for new information regarding them. You had gotten too close to blowing the case back open, so he let you in on the secret. And now you basically lived with them when you weren’t working.

The most surprising part of it all was Jack. That he was alive, that you liked him, that he was so kind, that he was so goofy. He was just a pleasure to be around. You didn’t realize that he thought the same way. That he enjoyed spending as much time around you as you did him. He didn’t smile the way he did around you for just anyone. You were the only person he would stay up with until 2 in the morning, getting caught up in teaching you card tricks. The only person he wanted to watch cartoons and eat cereal with in the morning was you. And you didn’t see it.

Merritt did though. He saw it clear as the cards on the table. He could see the look in his friend’s eyes when he watched you and you weren’t looking. He saw the way you constantly smiled at him. Yet neither of you were apparently smart enough to see it. Oh, young love. How blind it could be when you didn’t have wisdom and clarity over the situation. And seeing how he was older and wiser and didn’t have a puppy love blindness in his eyes, he took it upon himself to make it known to these two that they liked each other. Maybe they would actually do something about it and be happy with themselves, instead of stolen glances across the room.

“Hey Jack.” Merritt knocked on his partner’s door and waited for a response.

“Come on in.” Jack called from the inside. The hypnotist smiled as he let himself in and shut the door behind him. “What can I do for you?”

“I think this is more what I can do for you.” He strutted his way across the room and knelt down next to Jack, who was sitting in bed and fumbling with a deck of cards. As usual. The confused face oh the younger magician’s face was priceless. This was going to be fun. “Just look up into my eyes….. And sleep.” He caught Jack by the back of his neck and pulled him against his shoulder. He mumbled a few things into his ear, then snapped his fingers. Jack sat up like nothing had happened at all. “Good chat bud. I’ll talk to you later.”

Later that night, you and Jack were at the table in the kitchen eating dinner. Dylan was called for a case, J was on a grocery run, and Merritt was off hiding in his room. The two of you hadn’t said much to each other as you ate. Just a quiet meal together. Your feet would occasionally brush against each other’s under the table. As soon as they did, you would blush and pull your foot back, but it would soon be back where it had been and you’d do it all over again. Yet neither of you had the guts to actually admit how you felt.

Why in the world you were so attracted to him was mind boggling. Maybe it was how messy he kept his hair when he hung around the apartment. Or how he liked to use funny voices and made you smile. Then again, it was mesmerizing to watch him with a deck or cards. And his smile that lit up the room. He was funny too. Oh so funny. But extremely loving and thoughtful. He seemed to care so much for you. But, it only seemed to be as a friend. It didn’t seem to be a romantic type of caring. You wished with all your heart that it would be though.

Your eyes had drifted down to your plate as you finished up, but they shot back up when the feet of Jack’s chair scrape against the floor. He started to move his arms around and a bizarre stream of words came out of his mouth. It took you a second to realize what was going on. No. Oh no. He was NOT doing that…….

“I’m a little teapot, short and stout.” Why why why why why? “Here is my handle, here is my spout.” You couldn’t help but laugh as he made the handle and spout with his arms. “When I get all steamed up hear me shout.” The dude wasn’t the best singer, but he actually wasn’t the worst. “Tip me over and pour me out.” You laughed even harder when he leaned as if he was pouring something out of his ‘spout’. As soon as the song was over, he stood there. The sudden shock of what in the world he had just done hit him like a brick wall. You could see the look on his face completely change from a happy smile to utter shame.

You haven’t stopped laughing though. How could you? THE Jack Wilder just stood up and sang 'Im A Little Teapot’ to you, WHILE DANCING!!!! You were laying against the table, unable to breathe from laughing so hard. A few minutes later, when you had calmed down for the most part, you looked up and saw Jack staring at you.

“What?” You asked, still grinning like an idiot.

“Nothing.” He shook his head, then took a deep breath. “Actually something. I really love seeing you smile. Even at my expense.” Wait…… what? He did? Holy crap, did Jack like you?!?! No….. or……. maybe…….

“You do?” It was the only thought that you could coherently make out.

“Yeah. I do.” He sits back down in his seat across from you and looks into your eyes. His warm brown eyes……. “I love seeing you smile. And making you smile. I love how you take care of us bums. How you’re an absolute sweetheart, yet won’t take crap from anyone. I have wanted to tell you this for so long Y/N. I just couldn’t though. I don’t…… I don’t do this. The whole really feeling things for a girl and wanting to be with her. Plus, I wasn’t sure if you liked me back. I thought you might, but I wasn’t sure. And I couldn’t say anything if I wasn’t 100% sure that you liked me back. And even now I’m not. I don’t know if you like me. All I know is that I can’t keep this to myself anymore.”

Your smile never faded. If anything, it somehow grew. He did like you! Oh thank goodness. You sat there with a sparkle in your eye, listening to him pour his heart out. It was all you really had ever wanted to hear from him. It felt like a dream honestly. For once, your reality was better than your dreams.

“Jack, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to hear that from you. I’ve been falling for you since day one. But, like you said, I wasn’t sure if you liked me back and I was afraid to make a move. But, I guess I know how you feel now, so I don’t have to worry.” Jack chuckles and nods.

“Yeah you’re right. Hey, since I can’t take you out on a proper date, how would you feel about renting a movie tomorrow night and holding my hand?”

“That sounds perfect.” You and Jack. The fallen Horseman and an FBI agent. Who would’ve guessed?

A meadow of lupine high up in the Maroon Bells Wilderness.  I spent the night in my tent just past this meadow, listening to rain patter all night long.  This was my view when I woke up in the morning.

Maroon Bells Wilderness, Colorado - August 2014

Shot Notes:

Velvia 50 4x5, 135mm Fuji Lens

1 second at f22, 2 stop soft GND and polarizing filter.

Lupine in bloom among a field full of flowers. This was from a backpacking trip up Oh-Be-Joyful Valley during a weekend of constant dramatic stormy weather. It was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to go there again!

Raggeds Wilderness, Colorado - July 2015

Shot notes:

Velvia 50 4x5, 75mm Super Angulon
¼ second at f16, 2 stop soft GND filter