wilderness shots

“Nice watch you got there, huh?”

The guy jumped at your voice and his dark eyes stared at you, fear very obvious in them. His glance moved left and right, but he was the only one close enough to hear you.

“Hey! That guy stole my wallet! And my watch! Stop him! The guy with the leather jacket!”

“I’d run if I were you.”

You smirked and the guy grabbed your arm without thinking. He pulled you from the boat and onto a sidewalk where he wouldn’t let go of you until you ran far enough for anyone to follow you. You fought against his strong grip, but he wouldn’t budge. He was determinded to ask you how you knew what he’d done.

“Are you a cop?”

He watched you, a little out of breath, as you twisted your arm free. He looked as if the hwole running barely affected him whilst you rang for air like a fish out of water. You still managed a chuckle. Oh, you were far from being a cop.

“No, I’m just great at observing.”

“B-But that’s impossible. How did you see this?”

Your breathing slowed down and you grinned, reaching behind you and grabbing a set of cards from the back pocket of your pants. You shuffled the cards and flipped them between your fingers before effortlessly holding them in his direction.

“You took my place. The boat is the easiest way to hastily escape your target after stealing their goods.”

His slightly scared face turned into a flirtatious grin. He narrowed his eyes and gave you a once over before shaking his head with a chuckle.

“I should’ve known you weren’t a cop.”

“Why?” you furrowed your brows in question.

“Cop’s aren’t that hot! I’m Jack.”


The grin never left either of your faces as you stared at each other. He was very handsome. His dark eyes were prominent under his thick brows, his spiked hair literally inviting you to bury your hands in them. He was taller than you, though he didn’t belong to the very tall man either. He looked like one of those models girls like you would never, ever have a chance with.

Jack took a step closer to you, gripping your waist with one of his strong hands. You were surprised at his forwardness, but couldn’t complain as a warm shudder ran through you.

“I think we’d make a damn good team, (Y/N).”

Imagine your first time with Jack Wilder


The Docks at Wilderness Lodge by Mark Walter

This can be read as a standalone or as a prequel to this: Imagine your first time with Jack Wilder

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Jack of Hearts (Chapter 1)

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine meeting the Horsemen and liking Jack.

Warning: None

Word Count: 1670

(This is pretty lame, but I just had to get something out as chapter one. I have more ideas based off of this, so stay tuned! Its only chapter one!)

Ever since Jack Wilder faked his death and the other three Horsemen vanished into thin air, the four had laid low. Henely actually left the group, saying that she was going stir crazy living in hiding like they were. So, she moved to some remote country and restarted her life. After that, Dylan wanted to search for someone to replace her. Daniel insisted that they didn’t need anyone, that the group was fine how it was, but Dylan fought back and said that the group had to be complete.  And the only way to do that was to find a fourth Horseman.

The faux FBI agent, Dan, and Merritt spread out across the country in search of their next big thing. Merritt found you at a show in New York City. You had taken one of the stages with a death defying escape act that left even him impressed. He found you backstage and asked if you wanted to join a magician group called The Horsemen. You had given him a confused look and said you had no idea who the Horsemen were. This kind of ticked Merritt off, so he put you to sleep and took you off to the apartment.

“Merritt, what were you thinking?!” Dylan angrily snapped when Merritt got back to the apartment and Skyped the other two. “You kidnapped an escape artist! You’re an idiot! If she finds out about Jack, she could get out and expose us!”

“I know that you’re worried about that, but once she knows who we are, I’m sure that she will stick around. And I know your underlying problem with this. She’s an escape artist and your dad couldn’t escape his last trick. It hits a bad nerve in you. But dude, that was years ago. Let loose. We’ll be here once you’re home.” Merritt clicked the call closed and woke you up from your deep sleep on the couch. “Alright. How do you not know us kid? Everyone knows us.”

“The Horsemen?” You asked with a small chuckle. “I know all about you guys. I’ve studied your tricks. I just wanted to see what you would do if I said I didn’t. Looks like I got a free ride and an invite into the group.” You flashed him a bright smile and stood up to stretch.

“Hey hey hey, there is no official invitation until everyone else is here. Dylan is the leader of us all, Dan Atlas is after that. And neither of them are here. So just slow yourself down Fancy Pants.”

“Hey Merritt, when are-” You turned around, and there stood Jack Wilder. Oh wow….. He was even hotter in person.“Who’s this?”

“Y/N. Soon to be fourth Horseman.” You smiled and shook his hand. He smiled and shook your hand. “Nice to finally meet you. I’ve been wanting to meet you since the accident.”

“Wait, how did you know I made it out of the accident?” Jack asked, giving Merritt a ‘what the crap dude who is this?’ look. “I mean, before just now obviously.”

“I’m an escape artist. It wasn’t hard to figure out that you didn’t die.”

“Escape artist? I wouldn’t mind testing those skills.”

“Calm yourself down Jack of Hearts. I just got here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get a good look around this place.” You flounced off, leaving both the boys just standing there and watching you move about the apartment. It was nice. Two bedrooms, bath and a half, living room, nice kitchen. Hmmmm…. Staying with them might get interesting, but you could make it work. If nothing else, the couch was pretty comfortable. You could handle that. And, not to stereotype the guys, but you doubted their cooking abilities. You could make your way around the kitchen pretty well. You’d all eat well with you around. It was a cozy place. Definitely somewhere you could get used to living. It could be a lot of fun.

You wandered back into the living room where the two guys still were. Merritt was leaning against the back of the couch while Jack was screwing with a deck of cards in one of the armchairs. He riffled through the cards, then one send one up in the air, only to catch it and stick it back in. Merritt was on the phone with someone. His conversation was hushed with whoever was on the other end. Probably Dylan. Or Atlas. The time read 5:17. Food. Food was a good idea.

“Anyone want to eat?” You asked, your words more directed at the master of cards than the hypnotist. He was still preoccupied by the phone call.

“Yeah actually. Take out Chinese sounds awesome right now.” Jack smiled. “Kung pao chicken and white rice.”

“Um, you’ve got this all wrong. You’re ordering. I’ll go pick up. You can’t be seen in public and I’m not going to do everything around here. Boneless spare ribs and fried rice.” You winked at him and went to investigate the drink situation in the kitchen. What you didn’t see behind you was the interaction behind you. Merritt looked over at Jack, and a wild smile turning up the card slinger’s lips. He pulled his phone out from his pocket and dialed take out by memory.

“Dyl and Atlas be home in time to eat?” Merritt nodded. Jack put the phone to his ear and placed their typical order, but with your order added this time.

You went out the door once he hung up and ventured down the streets to collect dinner. New York was a beautiful city. Why in the world famous magicians trying to lay low lived in one of the nation’s biggest cities, you had no idea. But it worked, so you weren’t going to question it. You had only made one wrong turn on the way to the right Chinese restaurant, which was quite an accomplishment. The order was ready when you got there, being handed off to you when you handed that college aged boy behind the counter the money. It took you a shorter time to get to the apartment this time. No turns were missed so it was easy.

The living room was fuller when you walked in. A lanky, long haired man was sprawled across the couch and a man with curly hair and a very obvious pacing problem occupied the room. J. Daniel Atlas and Dylan Rhodes. Daniel was spinning coins in his fingers when you walked in.

“New girl went out and got dinner? I like her already.” You set the bag down on the coffee table and watched as they all dug through like they hadn’t eaten in days. Ugh, men. You rolled your eyes, sat on the couch beside Jack, and just waited for them all to finish. But, Jack took you container out and handed it over to you. You smiled and thanked him, then grabbed a fork and dug in. Oh man……. It was the best Chinese take out you had ever had. Sooooooo good…..

“Merritt says you’re an escape artist.” Dylan said, leaning against the arm of the couch. Would you mind getting in a straight jacket? After you eat of course.”

“I don’t mind at all. But yes, food first.”

You and the other Horsemen chatted like normal people, about normal things. The guys got to know you, and you got to know them. Favorite things, like movies, books, foods, and music. At some point, Jack scooted closer to you so Dylan could sit. Was it necessary for their legs to be touching? No. But, was it still nice? Oh yeah. A noodle ended up being thrown at Daniel, who in turn pelted Merritt in the face with a (sauceless) piece of sweet and sour chicken. Things escalated from there. Everyone was covered in various Chinese take out foods in a matter of no time. Nothing like professional magicians and an FBI agent pelting food at one another.

By the end of it, you had rice sticking in your hair and splotches of beef and broccoli sauce all over your shirt. It had been fun though. Merritt and Atlas started cleaning things up while you and Jack threw away empty containers. Dylan disappeared off to who knows- oh there he is! With something white in his hands…. He holds it out to you and you realize what it is. A straight jacket.

“Do you really just keep these hanging up on coat racks?” You teased just a little, but stood up and slid your arms in. “Jack? Want to give me a hand.’

“Uh, yeah sure.” He agreed with a smile. The straps were all fastened tightly, leaving you standing there basically hugging yourself.

“You have two minutes. Starting….. now.” Dylan hit the 'start’ button on his timer on his phone and watched you struggle to get out. Straight jackets were nothing. Honestly, it felt more like an insult to your abilities than anything. You were capable of a lot more. But, it was understandable that there was only so much you could do in this little apartment. The jacket was off in 1 minute and 17 seconds. Plenty of time to spare.

“Now, since I’ve proved that a few straps can’t hold me back, do yourself a favor and look up my real stuff on YouTube. I’ll be in the shower.” Not giving him a chance to argue, you turned on your heels and went to the bathroom to shower off. Dylan did just that while you showered, watching videos while Jack helped the other two clean up. He kept sneaking glances to the bathroom door, his mind not leaving you. There was a certain kind of spunk you had that he really liked. The others noticed, but didn’t say anything. And they wouldn’t until they were sure that you both had feelings for each other.

The Cruise

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Summary - The beginning of my new Series! I am so excited. 

Pairing - Dash Wilder X Female Reader 

WordCount - 1,263

Written by - Tacha 

A/N - Thanks to @lunaticfringe216 for helping me come up with this idea. Also if you want to see more Dash let me know. If you want a second part to this let me know.  Also, Matt Jackson is next on the Cruise… 

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When Scott had suggested that Dash took you on a cruise. Dash was confused as to why Scott would suggest taking you on a cruise. But after trusting Scott’s opinion. Scott booked some time off and booked the cruise only telling you once everything was set in stone. 

Once you and Dash had arrived and were onboard of the cruise ship. Dash gave himself a reminder that he must thank Scott when he returned home. The idea to take himself and you on a cruise was perfect. Both of you could get away from the day to day stresses of normal day to day life. Dash could just focus on you and your relationship together with limited interruptions. 

On the second day of your cruise, Dash had gotten up a little earlier than you. Dash wanted to do something today. You and Dash had spoken about going Jet Skiing. It was something neither of you had done before. Dash was excited for today. What more could he ask for? A day with his girl and some quality time together.  

After Dash had woken you up and you had breakfast, you retreated back to your room so you could get changed.Staring at the draw you were puzzled and confused, you didn’t know which swimsuit to wear. Before the trip, you had gone shopping with Renee and Carmella. While you browsed the selection that you had brought with you, you still couldn’t decide what to wear. How difficult was it to decide on what bikini to wear?

“You know whatever you decide to wear you’re going to look stunning. If you are still stuck perhaps I could choose for you?”  Your boyfriend’s sweet southern accent broke the concentration as you tried to resolve your situation. 

“That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” You began walking towards the bathroom that was allocated in your room. 

“Darlin’ your not exactly the best when it comes to making decisions. That’s obviously why you date me.” You laughed as you stood in the doorway. 

“There was me thinking it was because you have a certain Southern charm and a body to match.” Before Dash could say anything you dipped into the bathroom preparing yourself for the day ahead. 

You had to give Dash credit. He made a great choice when it came to your bikini. It fit perfectly and it accentuated all the correct places. You and Dash walked towards the dock that had been arranged for the day. There were people lining, canoe’s and water ski’s already in the water jumping and gliding around in the water. Slowly and surely the line begins to move as people began to get on their chosen activity when it finally reached you and Dash. 

“Jet ski’s for two please?” Dash asked the guy who was dealing with everything. He seemed to be a little flustered. 

“I’m sorry, we’ve only got one left.” The man shrugged, you were willing to try and rethink your plans for the day but Dash wasn’t going to give up so easy. 

“Well if it’s alright with you, we’ll share one.” The guy agreed as he began to make sure our life jackets were on securely before letting you both get on and sped away. Dash was behind you, his arms wrapped loosely around your waist. You had offered to let him drive, however, he was dead set. He wanted you to drive. Why? You couldn’t quite be sure. However, you weren’t about to argue. 

You drove the jet ski laughing away as you sped up feeling the waves bounce onto your skin, the wind running through your hair. Dash held your waist tighter as you slowly came to a halt looking at the scenery around you. There was nothing but ocean, no tree’s or over large buildings, there was no traffic. Just quite waters with sea life just below the surface. It was beautiful. 

“Not as beautiful as you darlin’.” You jumped to the sound of Dash’s voice. You must have forgotten that he was there. But it was worse that you had actually voiced what you were thinking out loud. 

“How can you compare me to something so beautiful and innocent?” You questioned as Dash pulled you flush against him, your back against his chest. 

“Darlin, you’re certainly not innocent. But your the most beautiful part of this earth that I could look on. 

“You know I wondered why you wanted me to drive and now I’ve figured it out.” Dash’s deep laughter rumbled through your ears as you felt his chest vibrate with the laughter.

“You know me too well. I was secretly trying to find an excuse to hold you in the middle of the day.”

“Honey you don’t need an excuse. It never normally stops you.” It was one of the things you loved about Dash, he didn’t care what people thought.

“I know but it seems like the gentlemanly thing to do. What do ya say we go back to the cabin, get dried off and head to the bar for a drink.”

“Dash we’re hardly-” Splash! Dash had pushed you into the ocean. You resurfaced looking at your boyfriend with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, that was hardly gentlemanly.” Dash who had remained on the jet ski, slipped himself into the water, wrapping his arms around you tightly

“But now you’ll want a shower…perhaps I could join you.” You rolled your eyes.

“you’re really something you know that.”

Are you were both showered and changed, you and Dash walked into the bar area. Something was different with Dash he seemed more fidgety and nervous. Completely unlike Dash. You and Dash found a quiet and remote booth. The beautiful candles that helped with the entire atmosphere.

While you examined a drinks menu, Dash observed the small things that he had begun to pick up about you. the way you would adjust your hair whenever you were examining something. The way your eyes would look at him, they twinkled in the light. You didn’t have to say anything your eyes said it all.

There was something that Dash had been meaning to ask you. It wasn’t anything major yet to Dash it was everything. He wanted to do this properly and know that when you both returned home the magic and the memories would continue when you returned home. 

“So there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Dash cut the silence between you making you look up at him. 

“Okay…what’s up?” 

“Nothing’s wrong Darlin. I just wanted to talk to you about something.” A waiter came back with your drinks settling them down before leaving you Even to the waiter seemed to connect on the importance of the moment. Dash took a sip of his beer. 

“So what do you want to talk about then. Must be important. You’re doing that nervous twitch.” Dash had no idea about the nervous twitch you were talking about. 

“I want you us to move in together. I don’t know about you but I feel like the time’s right. We could find an apartment or a small house when we get home. It’s completely up to you. I’m not going to force you to do anything.” Getting up and draping your body over the table, you pulled Dash closer by the shirt passionately kissing him. 

“Of course I want to move in with you. We will start looking once we get home.” 

“I can’t wait Darlin.” 

Imagine your first time with Jack 

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Stolen Glances

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine secretly liking Jack Wilder, and him liking you back, but neither of you knows it. Merritt sees it though and decides to help the two of you along…..

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1306

(So sorry this took me so long to get out. Between my friend passing away and the boyfriend and family stuff that came up, I took way longer than planned on this. I hope  you like it though! @jaylee-crapnetier )

Out of all the guys you could have fallen for, it had to be Jack Wilder. You had met him when Dylan brought you along with him to meet the Horsemen one day. You worked as an FBI agent with him, and were always on the lookout for new information regarding them. You had gotten too close to blowing the case back open, so he let you in on the secret. And now you basically lived with them when you weren’t working.

The most surprising part of it all was Jack. That he was alive, that you liked him, that he was so kind, that he was so goofy. He was just a pleasure to be around. You didn’t realize that he thought the same way. That he enjoyed spending as much time around you as you did him. He didn’t smile the way he did around you for just anyone. You were the only person he would stay up with until 2 in the morning, getting caught up in teaching you card tricks. The only person he wanted to watch cartoons and eat cereal with in the morning was you. And you didn’t see it.

Merritt did though. He saw it clear as the cards on the table. He could see the look in his friend’s eyes when he watched you and you weren’t looking. He saw the way you constantly smiled at him. Yet neither of you were apparently smart enough to see it. Oh, young love. How blind it could be when you didn’t have wisdom and clarity over the situation. And seeing how he was older and wiser and didn’t have a puppy love blindness in his eyes, he took it upon himself to make it known to these two that they liked each other. Maybe they would actually do something about it and be happy with themselves, instead of stolen glances across the room.

“Hey Jack.” Merritt knocked on his partner’s door and waited for a response.

“Come on in.” Jack called from the inside. The hypnotist smiled as he let himself in and shut the door behind him. “What can I do for you?”

“I think this is more what I can do for you.” He strutted his way across the room and knelt down next to Jack, who was sitting in bed and fumbling with a deck of cards. As usual. The confused face oh the younger magician’s face was priceless. This was going to be fun. “Just look up into my eyes….. And sleep.” He caught Jack by the back of his neck and pulled him against his shoulder. He mumbled a few things into his ear, then snapped his fingers. Jack sat up like nothing had happened at all. “Good chat bud. I’ll talk to you later.”

Later that night, you and Jack were at the table in the kitchen eating dinner. Dylan was called for a case, J was on a grocery run, and Merritt was off hiding in his room. The two of you hadn’t said much to each other as you ate. Just a quiet meal together. Your feet would occasionally brush against each other’s under the table. As soon as they did, you would blush and pull your foot back, but it would soon be back where it had been and you’d do it all over again. Yet neither of you had the guts to actually admit how you felt.

Why in the world you were so attracted to him was mind boggling. Maybe it was how messy he kept his hair when he hung around the apartment. Or how he liked to use funny voices and made you smile. Then again, it was mesmerizing to watch him with a deck or cards. And his smile that lit up the room. He was funny too. Oh so funny. But extremely loving and thoughtful. He seemed to care so much for you. But, it only seemed to be as a friend. It didn’t seem to be a romantic type of caring. You wished with all your heart that it would be though.

Your eyes had drifted down to your plate as you finished up, but they shot back up when the feet of Jack’s chair scrape against the floor. He started to move his arms around and a bizarre stream of words came out of his mouth. It took you a second to realize what was going on. No. Oh no. He was NOT doing that…….

“I’m a little teapot, short and stout.” Why why why why why? “Here is my handle, here is my spout.” You couldn’t help but laugh as he made the handle and spout with his arms. “When I get all steamed up hear me shout.” The dude wasn’t the best singer, but he actually wasn’t the worst. “Tip me over and pour me out.” You laughed even harder when he leaned as if he was pouring something out of his ‘spout’. As soon as the song was over, he stood there. The sudden shock of what in the world he had just done hit him like a brick wall. You could see the look on his face completely change from a happy smile to utter shame.

You haven’t stopped laughing though. How could you? THE Jack Wilder just stood up and sang 'Im A Little Teapot’ to you, WHILE DANCING!!!! You were laying against the table, unable to breathe from laughing so hard. A few minutes later, when you had calmed down for the most part, you looked up and saw Jack staring at you.

“What?” You asked, still grinning like an idiot.

“Nothing.” He shook his head, then took a deep breath. “Actually something. I really love seeing you smile. Even at my expense.” Wait…… what? He did? Holy crap, did Jack like you?!?! No….. or……. maybe…….

“You do?” It was the only thought that you could coherently make out.

“Yeah. I do.” He sits back down in his seat across from you and looks into your eyes. His warm brown eyes……. “I love seeing you smile. And making you smile. I love how you take care of us bums. How you’re an absolute sweetheart, yet won’t take crap from anyone. I have wanted to tell you this for so long Y/N. I just couldn’t though. I don’t…… I don’t do this. The whole really feeling things for a girl and wanting to be with her. Plus, I wasn’t sure if you liked me back. I thought you might, but I wasn’t sure. And I couldn’t say anything if I wasn’t 100% sure that you liked me back. And even now I’m not. I don’t know if you like me. All I know is that I can’t keep this to myself anymore.”

Your smile never faded. If anything, it somehow grew. He did like you! Oh thank goodness. You sat there with a sparkle in your eye, listening to him pour his heart out. It was all you really had ever wanted to hear from him. It felt like a dream honestly. For once, your reality was better than your dreams.

“Jack, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to hear that from you. I’ve been falling for you since day one. But, like you said, I wasn’t sure if you liked me back and I was afraid to make a move. But, I guess I know how you feel now, so I don’t have to worry.” Jack chuckles and nods.

“Yeah you’re right. Hey, since I can’t take you out on a proper date, how would you feel about renting a movie tomorrow night and holding my hand?”

“That sounds perfect.” You and Jack. The fallen Horseman and an FBI agent. Who would’ve guessed?

anonymous asked:

Pool party with Dash Wilder? Please 😌

Originally posted by wwe-love-imagines

Pool Party

Dash stared across the pool, observing you silently. You were speaking to Nia, Dana and Alexa, whatever your conversation was about seemed to entertain you. Dash had never been able to know what was so mesmerising about you. Dash loved the way you would play with your hair whenever you were deep in conversation or perhaps it was the way you lightly bit your lip whenever you were in thought. But while they were contributing factors they weren’t everything. Dash was convinced someone had stolen you from his dreams because that’s exactly where you came from, you were perfection, the girl from his dreams. 

While Dash had been staring at you, Scott had been trying to get his attention. He had lost count the times he had called Dash’s name. It’s like talking to a brick wall. Scott had enough of being ignored, Scott lifted his hand smacking Dash upside the head. 

“Ow, Dude what the hell?” Dash yelled rubbing the back of his head. 

“I don’t know, perhaps if you spent more time listenin’ and less time ogling’ Y/N then perhaps you might hear what I’ve been sayin’ to you.” Dash scoffed, before taking a swig of his beer. 

“I was not starin’ at Y/N,” Dash argued but he was caught. 

“You are the worst liar in history. You’ve been starin’ at Y/N since she showed up. So why don’t ya quiet your staring and get over there and finally ask the pretty lady out.” 

“No way, she’ll laugh in my face.” Scott was sick of Dash getting asking you out. 

“If you don’t tell her then I will.” Dash looked around before slapping his hands on his thighs like a child having a temper tantrum. 

“Fine! I’ll tell her” Dash stopped away, why was Scott trying to embarrass him. Hearing Scott yells out a “good luck” he stuck his middle finger up behind his back. If this went horrifically badly, then Scott better provide the beer because he was going to need it. 

Dash slowly approached, wiping his hands on his shorts. It’s just Y/N, a girl who he had spoken to many times, but the girl he had fallen in love with. Rubbing his hands together anxiously, Dash took one last deep breath. It was now or never. 

“Hey Y/N” You turned around at the sound of Dash’s voice, he looked handsome as per usual. You had been convinced that he could ear a dustbin bag and still look a male model. 

“Hey Dash, enjoying the party.” Dash nodded observing the ground instead of looking at the ground. Dash’s intense staring and made you look at the ground. 

“Dash is everything okay, you seem a little vacant?” Dash mumbled something under his breath that you couldn’t quite comprehend. 

“Dash I’m sorry I didn’t quite hear you.” You pushed your hair back behind your ears taking a step closer towards him. 

“I like you and I have for a very long time, but darlin’ you make me so nervous and I can’t deal with you not knowin’ anymore….This is not the way I wanted to tell you and now I’ve made a complete idiot out of myself. I hope Scott’s happy with himself.” Dash’s rambling was kind of cute and while you struggled to hold on to what Dash say you understood. 

“Dash, you haven’t made an idiot out of yourself. In fact, I really like you too.” Dash’s face lit up, looking up. 

“Really” You nodded, twirling your hair in your fingertips slowly biting your lip. Dash’s smile grew as he wrapped his arms around you pulling your bodies flush against each other then Dash began to lean in slowly brushing his lips against yours slowly and passionately. You and Dash were completely lost in each other when suddenly you’re in the pool soaking wet. 

“Get a room would ya, your burnin’ my eyes with your lovin’“ Looking up, you noticed Scott laughing. You should have expected it

“Don’t worry Darlin’ I’ll get him back when he least expects it”

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Secrets and Lies

Fandom: Now You See Me

Request: You are Jack’s secret girlfriend when he “dies” in the car crash. You don’t know he survived until you meet him again years later. Only this time, you’re the mother Jack’s daughter he never knew you were pregnant with, you’re dating Daniel Atlas, and are the only one who could finally settle him down

Warnings: Angry Jack Wilder (though that’d be kinda sexy I think…..) bad puns, and a strong word here or there. Idek.

Word Count: I’m not on not laptop, so idk.

“I’m sorry Jack. This is how it works.” Dylan was sitting at his small coffee table in his living room, Jack sitting across from him. “To the world, you’re dead. No one can know that you’re alive.”

“You don’t understand Dylan. I can’t do this to her.” Jack pleaded. He loved you so much. You had been together for almost three years now and there was no one he loved more. You were his life and he wanted nothing more than for you to be as happy as he could possibly make you.

This was the exact opposite of that. There would be no more forehead kisses before bed. He couldn’t be the one to dry your tears when you cried over his ‘death.’ No more late night cookie baking. No more lacy days playing video games on the couch. No more flowers from ‘secret admirers’ waiting in his dressing rooms. It was all gone. And the young sleight of hand thought it was worse for him, because he knew the truth. He had to live with the guilt of never being able to reunite with you.

“You’ll put her in danger the second you make any kind of contact. You need to be a man about this. It’s over.”

“If you loved someone as much as I love her, you wouldn’t do this. You would understand. But you’re unhappy and lonely. You have no problem telling me to let her go because you don’t know how it feels to love someone more than you love yourself.” Jack pushed his chair back, stomped out the front door, then yanked his hoodie up so he wouldn’t be recognized on his way to his own apartment. Screw this. Screw Dylan. Screw it all. If he could call someone to vent, he would have in a heartbeat. But, he was only left with Henley, Atlas, and Merritt. And none of them knew that he even had a girlfriend. You were his secret treasure. And now you were gone.

Little did Jack know, you were sitting in the bathroom, hands tightly clutching a small stick. It had only been 24 hours since the accident, you had cried all that was in you, and now there was this. You were pregnant with his child.

You’re POV

Almost two years later you had found a way to move on. You had your gorgeous daughter, Annabeth. You had a steady job from home so you could raise her. Most of your thoughts of Jack had subsided. Beth still did look like him. She had long brown hair and light brown eyes like he had. She was always happy and smiling. Besides her and a couple pictures, there really wasn’t anything left in your life that kept you connected to his memory.

Oh. Except one other thing.

A quick succession of knocks hit your door, signaling a visitor. You knew exactly who it was too.

“Come on it!” You called while wandering through the living room on a desperate search for your other boot. The door wasn’t locked. Nothing was every truly locked though….. The door opened, jarring you from their thoughts, and revealing your 5 foot 9 boyfriend holding two sunflowers. He let himself in and shut the door behind him.

“Good morning.” Daniel Atlas smiled, watching as you tore through the room. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t find my other rain boot. The yellow ones? I have the right, but I can’t find the left.” You looked up when he chuckled. What was so funny??? Atlas pulled something from behind the armchair by the door. Your other boot! “Thank you so much.” You went to grab it, but he held it above your head.

You knew exactly what he wanted. It had only been four months, but you already knew just how he worked. Stretching up on your toes, you pressed your lips quickly to his. Atlas smiled and kissed you back, then handed you your shoe.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. This is also for you.” He handed you one of the flowers. “Where’s A.B?” Almost as if she was waiting for him to ask, the little brunette beauty came running into the room.

“J!” She cried, completely disregarding you and going straight to him.

“A.B!” He grinned and scooped her up in his arms. “This is yours.” He handed her the second sunflower and smiled as she grinned and hugged him.

“Pretty!” Her tiny little arms wrapped around his neck

“I know you are.” You couldn’t help but smile even wider than you already were. The two of them were so cute together. Daniel was going to be a very good father sometime. Maybe Beth’s father someday……. “Ready to go girls?”

“Yep.” You grabbed your bag from the stool at the breakfast bar and tossed it over your shoulder. “Let’s go.”

Daniel was taking you and Beth to meet the other horsemen. The last thing he wanted to do was keep one half of his life in the dark about the other half. It could be potentially dangerous, but they were all smart and there was no way better to keep you safe than for others to be on the watch as well. Plus, it was a secret meeting. No one besides the horsemen should know.

You, Daniel, and Beth were the last ones to arrive. The entire time your nerves had your stomach in your throat. What if you saw everyone and were suddenly hit with a surge of emotions because they were the last people to see Jack alive? What if someone commented on how much Beth looked like Jack? What if one of them recognized you because he had accidentally slipped up and mentioned you?

Daniel must have seen the nervousness and panic on your face, because he reached over and gave your hand a squeeze. A smile instantly lit your face up. You squeezed back and sighed. Everything would be fine. There was no need to get so worked up about it.

Before you knew it, Daniel had parked, had Beth on his hip and his hand in yours, leading you up the stairs to a corner apartment. This was a good thing. There wouldn’t be secrets this time. No secrets. No lies. It would be a healthier relationship. Better for everyone involved.

You didn’t even have to knock on the door before someone opened it. They must have been expectantly watching for you to come. A man with a graying beard opened the door and welcomed you in. An older man stood behind the couch, his eyes trained on the three of you coming into the room. He tipped his hat as an acknowledgment of your presence. His eyes locked on Beth though.

“Well who could this little gem be?” He asked, walking closer.

“Find someone your own age to hit on.” Atlas said as he shut the door behind himself.

“Oh soothe your boobs Atlas. I was talking to the kid.” The look on your boyfriend’s face was priceless.

“Alright, can we wait for intros?” The man who opened the door asked. “Can we wait for everyone?”

“Everyone?” You asked, looking up at Daniel. He sighed and muttered for you to hold on. He set Beth on the couch and found a channel running cartoons. Once he was sure she was content, he rejoined your side.

“We have a secret. That you have to promise you won’t tell anyone? It’s vital for us to keep it under wraps so we don’t end up back in the spotlight and have the fuzz chasing us again.” If the cops went after him, what in the world would you do? Daniel fixed things in you that had broken. He had put you back together, loved you, and loved Beth.

“I swear. My lips are sealed.” You promised. The bearded man nodded once to the older man in the hat, who disappeared behind a door that led to another room in the apartment. He came back a minute later with someone following in his footsteps.




No no no no no no no no no no. This was not possible. How the hell…… Why…… When….. No. It couldn’t be real. This was a dream. A horrible, HORRIBLE nightmare.

“Y/N……” Daniel started. “The last time we were the center of the public eye was before you and I met. When there was four of us horsemen. It ended in the car crash on the bridge, and Henley, Merritt, and myself vanishing. What no one knows about that trick…. Is that Jack never died.”

Jack Wilder now stood in the room with you. A wave of emotions surged over you. You felt sick to your stomach. Anger boiled in your veins. Tears filled your eyes, but were rapidly blinked away. Don’t you dare show him that you’re upset. How could he? How could he just leave you? No word. Nothing. Nearly two years and he kept you in the dark, forcing you to raise Annabeth alone. Dodging her constant questions about where Daddy was. Being a single mother was far from easy. He could have changed that. Yet….. Nothing.

“The infamous Jack Wilder.” You said, bitterness in your voice. “Nice to meet you.”

“You as well.” Jack responded, his eyes wide. He opened his mouth to say something, but Beth came wandering in.

“All done.” She held her hands up like she was done with something and had to show her empty hands. The TV was on some random channel. She must have tried to turn it off. Precious little girl….. “Ups Momma.” She opened and clapped her hands towards you. You scooped her up and held her in your arms.

“Well, you’ve met Jack.” Beard man said. “I’m Dylan. FBI. I work from the inside to make sure these idiots don’t get caught.”

“Baby ears.” Daniel warned with a death glare, kissing the top of your daughter’s head. Dylan just held his hands up in surrender.

“I’m Merritt. Hypnotist.“ The guy in the hat said, holding his hand out. You shook his hand and smiled. He had a smile that was kind of infectious.

“Well, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you all. Oh, and this is my daughter, Annabeth.” You made sure you had your eyes on Jack when you said ‘my.’ At first, he looked confused. But after a few moments, you saw that his expression had changed.

“Huh. So this is why you’ve been so different lately Atlas.” Jack’s tone was joking, but it sounded forced. He was hiding the pain. At least that’s what you wanted to believe he was doing. “You’ve got a girl and a kid. I was wondering why you weren’t out with someone new after every show.”

“Oh, you think you’re funny huh? At least I can get some. No one wants to screw a ghost.” Daniel threw back. “Besides, A.B. isn’t mine.” Holding his hands out, your baby girl leaned straight into his arms. He sat her up on his shoulders, held her there with one hand, and wrapped his other arm around you.“ She was already here when I met Y/N. She’s almost two, and Y/N and I have only been together for four months. A.B. was a bonus in the deal.” He smiled proudly. Gosh, that smile made you fall even more in love everyday.

A quiet fell over the group. No one knew what to say. Jack had a funny look on his face. Dylan noticed first. He said that they’d be back and pushed the card master out of the room. Merritt excused himself and joined the other two. Daniel said he was going to put A.B. down for cartoons again and told you to make yourself at home. He quickly kissed you and collapsed onto the couch, Beth giggling as he held her and ticketed her stomach.

A smile stretched across your face as you watched them for a second. So sweet. You could have everything you ever wanted with him. Jack was childish. He hid behind a secret. He couldn’t come out of the shadows and tell you he wasn’t really dead. Yet here was Daniel, bringing you here to let you in on the secret.

For crying out loud, Daniel was more of a father to Beth than Jack was! Sure, they shared DNA. But Daniel was there. He spent nights with you and ended up staying up all hours of the night while Beth was sick and you had to sleep. He was planning to take her out for her birthday. He told her he loved her on the phone when he called to say goodnight. She colored him pictures. His phones background was a picture of the two of them with some goofy Snapchat filter. He really truly did love her.

Beth was yours though. She was your daughter. Maybe Daniel would be her dad someday. But as of right now, you were her only parent. She was the most important part in your life. Daniel could easily leave. Jack had. Before he even knew. But still. He hadn’t been around. Beth was all yours until there was a ring on your left hand.

Jacks POV

Aw man, had he messed up. He should have told her. He shouldn’t have listened to Dylan two years ago. He should have told her. Annabeth was his. It was obvious. Y/N made it clear to him that she was. Atlas shouldn’t have his hands on her. Either of them. Those were Wilder girls.

“Jack, what the hell is your problem?” Dylan snapped.

“You.” Jack snapped right back.

“How am I the problem?” He asked. “I have done nothing. I introduced myself to Atlas’s girlfriend. That’s it.”

“Because she was mine!” Jack whisper yelled at him. “Two years ago when you told me I couldn’t stay with my girlfriend because I had to guard my precious secret? Y/N was mine. Annabeth is mine. Not Atlas’s. Mine.”

“Whoa. Did I hear that right?” Merritt asked as he snuck into the room. Great. Just great.

“Yep. I had a secret girlfriend when I joined the group, and it was Y/N. When I died two years ago, Dylan wouldn’t let me tell her that I was alive. I was sworn to secrecy. Now look at Annabeth. She’s almost two. Coincidence? I think not!”

“Alright, you need to calm down.” Merritt said, putting his hands on his young friend’s shoulders.

“Don’t tell me what to do. This is bull.” The bedroom door opened again, Daniel coming in this time. He paused in the doorway and scrunched his face up.

“The tension is so thick it here I could cut it as easily as I can cut a deck.” He took a second, then shook his head and came over to the others. “You guys okay?”

“Yeah. Fine.” Jack said, pushing a hand through his fluffy brown hair. “What’s up?” He pushed his anger and bitterness down. He needed to talk to Y/N. Apologize. Meet his daughter. Atlas needed to hurry up.

“I need your opinion. Is it crazy to propose after four months?” The room went dead. Dylan and Merritt shared nervous glances. Jack’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

He had to be kidding. Atlas could not be proposing to the girl Jack loved with all his heart. He couldn’t be. Not until after he was able to talk to her. Maybe talk some sense into her. Get her to come back. He still loved her so much. Even more now that he knew they had a kid. They could be the perfect family. Not if Atlas was in the way though.

“I’m serious.” Atlas said after he got no reaction. He pushed through the group and pulled a small box out of the pocket of a coat he had hanging in the closet. Flipping the top open, a gorgeous diamond halo ring sitting inside the pristine velvet.

Atlas had to know. He couldn’t go through with it. Not where there was this much at stake. Jack’s entire world was back. Plus one! He couldn’t give that up to Atlas of all people. The womanizer. He wouldn’t treat her right.

Just as he was about to own his mouth and tell his “friend” about it all, Merritt cut in.

“If you love her, and you’re sure about it, then go for it.” Jack closed his mouth and forcibly nodded in agreement when Dylan scooted over closer, clapped his hand on Jack’s shoulder, and dug his fingers in.

“We’ll back you up buddy. If this is what you want.” Dylan encouraged. “You’re a wild card. I’m glad you finally found someone to tame you.”

“Thanks” Atlas sighed a breath of relief. He put the box back in its hiding place and left the room to go sit with his girls. Jack slapped Dylan’s hand away once he was gone.

“Wild card? Really?”

“Yeah. He’s the wild card. You’re the wilder card.” Merritt smiled at the joke he had made.
“You are far less funny than you think you are.” The bitter card master spat. “And you.” He turned to their mentor. “You have ruined my life. I will never, EVER forgive you for this.” Letting himself steal one glance, Jack looked through the open crack of the door and see his entire world snuggle herself under the arm of his former idol.

Annabeth giggled and called him J. She pressed kisses to his cheek. He kissed her cheek back. And then kissed Y/N on the lips.

In the moment, Jack Wilder wished he had died in the car crash. Death would be better than living with this.

Hard Mode

Lloyd loved his friends, really. But sometimes he just wished that they would… fight a little smarter? It also didn’t help when the enemies they fought against were actual cheaters.

(Or, a personal experience in playing TOS’ hard mode).

Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Characters: Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Raine Sage, Zelos Wilder, Sheena Fujibayashi
Rating: G
Mirror Links: AO3, FF.net
Notes: A while ago, me and my boyfriend played the Steam version of Tales of Symphonia on hard, and then I remembered how dumb the A.I. was. (guess who we played?) The trick is to just have Raine on a shortcut, at all times. Forever.

Lloyd didn’t understand why Raine had the urge to go near the enemy after every spell she cast.

“Professor!” He ran towards the chimera that she was heading for, trying his best to block its next attack before it could strike his teacher. Raine went over to its side to hit it over the head with her staff, giving no heed to Lloyd. “Do you need to do that? I’ve got it handled.”

“I need to get back my mana, Lloyd. This is the option available to me.”

Lloyd shoved the chimera away with a final slash to ensure its defeat. “Just use an orange gel!”

“Well, Lloyd, as long as you do your job of diverting its attention well, it should be no problem.”

Colette floated up to them once the last enemy was done with, leaving trails of pink sparkles in her flight. “It’s okay, Lloyd. We beat them!”

“Yeah, I guess…” Still, he wished he didn’t have to rush back and forth to make sure no one hit their spell casters, especially when a spell caster went up to their front lines. “You did good, Colette.”


To their side, they heard a groan. There was Genis lying on the ground, kendama lying uselessly along with him.

“What happened to him?” Lloyd asked. Raine was already rushing over.

Colette looked morose. “I guess he must have gotten hit by one of the monsters when he went in.”

A wave of irritation went through Lloyd. Must have been a Sage thing to just go to the frontlines and not learn to stay back…

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