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Why did I spend so much time on this. Why. 


Fall colors are in full swing at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge – located in southeast Maine and borders Canada – protects a wilderness of lakes, bogs, forests and more. Wildlife like moose, deer and songbirds thrive in the refuge’s diverse and picturesque habitats. Photos by USFWS.

My true name and its meaning.

My name, my real name, Inara, is actually super cool–not its Arabic meaning, though. “Heaven sent?” A nice enough name, but the meaning is so cliché. Another meaning is light. It does have, “nar,” in it, which means fire in Arabic… so it has something to do with fire?

Yeah… light is cliché, again, but fire is not.

Also, my name is a goddess in Hittite mythology. Inara was the protector goddess. She protected the wilderness and animals (not dragons, though).

So… I’m a heaven sent protector goddess full of light, but if you anger me, you shall see my wrath, full of fire.


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But imagine Rachel randomly giggling and blushing to think of as her girlfriend and her boyfriend are so hot, she ends up putting herself in the most embarrassing situations ever and she is like, stupid attractive heroes

like my darling rachel who relishes being a walking pansexual polyamorous art student stereotype :,) guess what i’m doing headcanons bc it’s been too long

  • she loves to paint them. like, paint pictures of them, and also to paint them. percy and annabeth both have so many hidden designs on their skin
  • they have matching tattoos. percy and rachel have a few sets, actually, but annabeth just has the one
  • annabeth does all the decorating (which is not much) and rachel paints the walls
  • rachel paints all the furniture—vases, tables, chairs
  • they own multiple cats, their names are cleopatra, agnodice, and susan b. anthony (cleo, aggie and susan)
  • annabeth says she doesn’t like cats but they have a fluffy white cat (susan) who claims her as her own by sheer force of will and lays across her lap belly up whenever she’s trying to work
  • they have designated movie nights and they’re always awful because their taste is so different and percy and annabeth can’t really sit through movies anyway
  • rachel and percy can like analyze narratives to death too and just talk in circles and annabeth is like “here’s a wild idea. can we like. talk about something that actually exists and has relevancy in the real world. just throwin it out there.”
  • percy regularly brings home stray animals that he came across in daily life (bc strays love percy) and rachel regularly brings home animals that she rescued from shelters
  • when they start seeing each other they don’t tell anyone partially because they don’t think it’s anyone else’s business but mostly because they’re all terrible at keeping track of things and both percy and annabeth had to sit through interventions from their friends like “i think they might be cheating on you”
  • virginity is a social construct and rachel has sex as often as she likes (it’s not like apollo is seriously going to curse her at this point in time anyway)
  • rachel is probably the best person to be in a relationship with percy and annabeth because she’s really lowkey and easygoing and she just kind of.. gets people? she understands that there are just some things they need each other for.
  • she feels jealousy and neglect but she’s able to talk her feelings out and be upfront when she’s having a hard time
  • rachel is so SO good at making percy and annabeth communicate with each other (because they are literally fucking awful at communication lmao)
  • “am i your girlfriend or your relationship counselor i mean seriously” is a running joke that rachel likes to tell
  • percy and rachel have such a hilarious relationship and they’re out in public a lot together while annabeth works and when people give them weird looks they’re like “if you’re wondering how we managed to make it past infancy, you should meet our girlfriend”
  • they’re regulars at this one restaurant nearby their apartment and the whole staff knows them by name and asks for the others when not all three of them are there and will bring them free drinks when all three of them are there together
  • percy and rachel make a hobby of devising strategies to get annabeth out of her office
  • percy and rachel are so Dangerous when they’re alone together, like it might be cooking experiments or literally setting up an animal shelter in their pet free apartment complex or getting arrested at save the whale rallies and annabeth knows this but she simply cannot be present all the time
  • when she is busy working and ignoring them they purposely have obnoxiously loud sex and like get progressively louder to the point where it’s not even sex anymore it’s just yelling and it takes annabeth like. Months. to catch onto the fact that they do it on purpose
  • rachel intrudes on their showers all the time to “conserve water”
  • annabeth is a morning showerer and percy is a night showerer and annabeth cals her bluff like “rachel this is literally the fourth shower you’ve been in 24 hours gET OUT AND LET ME SHOWER IN PEACE”
  • annabeth and rachel fight over percy’s clothes like regularly especially after threesomes there is a scrabble in the morning for who gets the shirt first
  • rachel and annabeth fuss over percy so much and rat him out to his mom if he doesn’t take care of himself
  • they tag team on him regularly they have this whole system worked out and he never figures it out
  • rachel keeps a literal journal of what percy and annabeth are eating and whenever they tell her she’s being ridiculous she insists that they would literally be dead if she didn’t
  • they’re all veggie, rachel is a vegan and annabeth is kind of unintentionally vegan just because rachel is the one who goes grocery shopping and rachel monitors all the food, but they draw the line for percy because it’s just too complicated for him to get enough protein and rachel agrees that it’s more trouble than it’s worth
  • (that doesn’t stop her from labeling the dairy in the fridge as “percy’s speciesist filth”) (it’s just a joke seriously he knows it’s a joke)
  • they have one really tumultuous period in their relationship when annabeth tosses out the idea of marriage for the sake of medical/residency/legal stuff ( “i mean, percy and i could die at literally any second! one of us should have a legal position if ever something horrible happens!”) and rachel doesn’t take it well at all. they drop the subject and for a few months rachel says that she’s going to start going on dates with other people and some nights she sleeps out, and they all agree but it’s Bad and nobody is happy, and then one night percy and annabeth confront her about it and she breaks down and says she’s only human and she has insecurities just like everyone else and “you’ve basically always been married, how do you think that makes me feel?”
  • it’s sad and Emotional but they work it out and they’re definitely better for it
  • in the end rachel and annabeth are the ones who get legally married because at least when it comes to medical stuff, they trust sally the most to make the right decisions and include them in it
  • ironically percy is the only one who actually cares about marriage for the romance of it (rachel and annabeth both think it’s bs and rachel thinks it’s the “deathmarch of our society”) so he’s the only one who wears a ring
  • rachel gives them very serious lectures about being Mature Adults at her art shows, they’re like totally hopeless at it and usually can’t keep their hands off each other
  • they use annabeth’s business trips as vacations, and it’s really great because rachel and percy entertain each other during the day and then the three of them go out at nights/in between seminars
  • annabeth’s company is also the Super Cool kind that brings employees to places like disney world so it’s a pretty sweet deal actually
  • the three of them always celebrate percy’s birthday together, but at night rachel winks and leaves them alone
  • they’re incredibly good friends with grover (and juniper and probably their kid(s) if they have them) and see him regularly
  • the four (five if you count juniper) of them found Pan Wilderness Reserve & Animal Protection Agency together
  • they kind of like, accidentally overthrow seaworld? like, they wanted to but they didn’t think it would work (it’s a long story involving one of percy’s rogue adventures) and after such a huge triumph it becomes literally enormous, way bigger than they ever thought it would be. they employ tons of demigods

Driving along the interstate through the rolling sage hills and crop lands of southern Idaho, most travelers are unaware of the spectacular and remote canyons that lie out of view to the south. Several canyons harbor rivers including the Bruneau and Owyhee, that are coveted by boaters as whitewater runs. 

Two smaller streams remain almost unknown– Big and Little Jacks Creeks. They have cut deep gorges through the basalt as they wind towards the Snake River. Their lush riparian areas and cliffs harbor a diversity of bird species. Visitors will find limited trails and no facilities here. Only endless opportunities to explore on your own along the rims of the canyons. Both Big And Little Jacks Creeks and their surrounding canyons are protected as wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers.

New photos by Bob Wick, BLM

Exploring Our National Parks…from Space!

The United States has nearly 84 million acres of historic and scenic land in its national parks system. In celebration of National Park Week, here are some satellite views of a few of those national treasures.

Throughout National Park Week, you can #FindYourPark and visit for free.

Yosemite National Park – California

Naked summits alternate with forested lowlands in Yosemite Valley, part of California’s Yosemite National Park. Our Landsat 7 satellite captured this true-color image of part of the Yosemite Valley on Aug. 8, 2001.

Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, Idaho and Montana

Established in 1872, it was the first national park in the United States, and the world! Its geological and biological wonders have led international groups to declare it a world heritage site and a biosphere reserve. Yellowstone National Park captures the spirit and purpose of the National Park Service, blending modern and ancient human history with nature in its raw complexity.

Hot Springs National Park – Arkansas

National Parks usually make us think of pristine landscapes untouched by human civilization. Most of the 59 national parks in the United States fit that mold, but there are a few exceptions. Arkansas’s Hot Springs National Park, the country’s smallest and most urban, is one of them. Hot Springs, a city of 96,000 people, lies at the southern edge of the park and partly within its boarders.

Shenandoah National Park – Virginia

This long, narrow park in the Blue Ridge Mountains spans more than 179,000 acres, with 40% of the land protected as wilderness. More than 95% of the park is forested, sheltering 1,300 plant species and 267 types of trees and shrubs. The park contains 577 archeological sites, more than 100 cemeteries, and some rocks that date back a billion years.

Olympic National Park – Washington

Possibly one of America’s most diverse national landscapes, Olympic National Park is situated on the Olympic Peninsula in northwestern Washington. If you walked from west to east across the park, you would start at the rocky Pacific shoreline, move into rare temperate rainforests and lush river valleys, ascend glaciers and rugged mountain peaks, and then descend into a comparatively dry rain shadow and alpine forest. From beach to the top of Mount Olympus, you would rise 7,980 feet above sea level.

Colorado National Monument – Colorado

Along the Interstate 70 corridor in western Colorado, well-watered croplands, residential properties and urbanized areas create a broad stripe of green and gray. Away from the interstate, dry climate conditions color the landscape shades of beige, brick and tan. Yet these arid regions offer treasures of their own, including stunning vistas and wildlife both living and extinct. The varied landscapes of this park show the effects of tens of millions of years of erosion.

The images above were produced by our Earth Observatory as part of its 2016 series featuring the National Park Service properties. Check out more HERE

Want to see more of our nation’s parks from space? Visit our Flickr gallery HERE.

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“The question is not what we get out of nature, but what can we give back to nature.”

The Path of Grey Owl is a new film by Goh Iromoto. It follows world-renowned woodsman Ray Mears through the wilderness of Temagami, Canada as he explores the path of acclaimed author and conservationist Grey Owl (also known as Archibald Belaney). While reflecting on the landscape that shaped Grey Owl into the person that he was, Ray further delves into Grey Owl’s message about protecting our wilderness, and explains why this is still so relevant and important in our present day.


President Obama has designated three desert areas in California as national monuments.

The move permanently protects “nearly 1.8 million acres of America’s public lands,” the White House says in a news release.

All three areas lie east of Los Angeles. Two of the new monuments — Castle Mountains and Mojave Trails — are near California’s border with Nevada.

And crucially, “the new monuments will link already protected lands, including Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, and fifteen congressionally-designated Wilderness areas, permanently protecting key wildlife corridors and providing plants and animals with the space and elevation range that they will need in order to adapt to the impacts of climate change,” the release says.

Obama Declares 3 New National Monuments In California Desert

Photos: Bob Wick/Bureau of Land Management

Even if Zelos’ betrayal is faked, he still puts Colette through hell for it. Raven is the reason Estelle gets tortured. Alvin shot Leia. I like those guys in general, but whenever I replay, I just want to punt them through a wall when they do this stuff and get forgiven.

Fur is naturally

Fur is naturally resilient and long-lasting. Well cared-for, a fur garment will remain functional and beautiful for many, many years – far longer that any other clothing material. In fact, fur coats are one of the few clothing items that are often passed down and used by two or even three generations.

Unlike other textiles, fur garments can also be re-cut and restyled (“remodeled”) as fashions change. Your old fur coat can even be “recycled” to make bags, pillows, throws or other home accessories.

At a time when the true ecological cost of “cheap”, mass-produced, disposable “fast-fashion” is just beginning to be calculated – think millions of tons of poor-quality fibers and short-life garments filling up landfills – the naturally durable and recyclable qualities of fur makes more sense than ever!

Real fur is an organic material. « Faux fur » (fake fur) and most synthetics are made from petrochemicals. Like other plastics, these materials do not break down easily and will remain in landfills for centuries.  The “dressing”process (tanning) helps to preserve the pelts for some time, but after many years of use they will eventually dry out and begin to deteriorate (i.e., biodegrade), returning to nature. Old fur apparel can even be composted for your garden!

See also, in Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibers, Edited by R.S. Blackburn: 

“While vegetable (plant-based) and animal fibers are fully biodegradable, mineral fibers are not.” (“Biodegradable Natural Fiber Composites,” by A.N. Netravalli, Cornell University, pg. 274.) 

And: “Of even more concern is the ability of (synthetic) polymeric fibres to remain unchanged in the environment as polymers do not degrade very readily, which has exacerbated the already existing ecological and environmental problems of waste building; the volume in waste disposal and landfill is very high. (R.S. Blackburn, Page xv.) 

And: “…natural fibers like wool and cotton are broken down through biotic process. Microorganisms have evolved enzymes that attack key bonds in these natural polymers, thereby releasing monomers that can be used as carbon and energy sources for microbial growth. In contrast, microorganisms lack enzymes to break down many synthetic fibers, thus these materials persist and accumulate in the environment. “Microbial Processes in the Degradation of Fibers”, P.M. Fedorak, University of Alberta, pg.1.The processing and dyeing of any clothing material must be carefully regulated to protect the environment. Again, nothing is 100% “green”. Fur tanning (“dressing”) and coloring, however, are relatively benign, as they must be, to preserve fur hairs and follicles. (By contrast, in leather tanning the hair is intentionally removed from the hide.)

The main chemicals used to “dress” fur pelts are table salt, water, alum salts, soda ash, sawdust, cornstarch, lanolin and other natural ingredients. Small quantities of formaldehyde can be used to protect fur follicles during dressing or dyeing, and gentle acids (e.g., acetic acid, which is vinegar) activate the tanning process, but local environmental protection controls ensure that there are no harmful effluents. Excess fats are skimmed and even PH levels must be neutralized before wastewater is released. And because furs are available in an extraordinary range of natural colours, only a small proportion are dyed.

By contrast, up to one gallon of petroleum – a non-renewable resource – is needed to produce three synthetic jackets. The production of synthetic fibers also involves chemical reactions at high temperatures, producing potentially harmful substances.

According to R.S. Blackburn (Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibers, pg xv): “The main problems with synthetic polymers are that they are non-degradable and non-renewable… Oil and petroleum are non-renewable (non-sustainable) resources and at the current rate of consumption, these fossil fuels are only expected to last for another 50-60 years… An even more important problem with the use of fossil energy is the huge translocation of carbon from the ground into the atmosphere accompanied by emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides as well as all kinds of hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. Fossil fuels are also the dominant global source of anthropogenic greenhouse gases (GHG)’’Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource. That means we only use part of what nature produces each year without depleting wildlife populations or damage the natural habitat s that sustain them. The goal is to maintain long-term ecological balance.

In nature, each plant and animal species generally produces more offspring than the land can support to maturity. Like other species, we live by making use of part of this surplus that nature creates. We also have a responsibility to protect the wilderness areas that provide these valuable resources. Modern conservationists define this as the “sustainable use” of renewable resources.

Synthetics, by contrast, are generally made from petroleum (a non-renewable resource), which is NOT consistent with the sustainable use of our environment. The production, transportation and disposal of petrochemicals can cause environmental problems.

Worldwide, the fur industry is an excellent example of an industry based on sustainable use. All the furs used by the trade are abundant and absolutely no endangered species are used. This is assured by strict provincial/state, national and international regulations. In the Canadian fur trade, government wildlife officials and biologists ensure responsible use by establishing controlled hunting and trapping, harvest quotas, licensing, and training courses for trappers. Strict government regulations ensure that these quotas and seasons are respected.
Thanks to modern wildlife management and trapping regulations, there are as many beavers and muskrats in North America now as when the Europeans first arrived in the continent. Raccoons, coyotes and foxes are more abundant than ever.

The New World

“The stars are so bright tonight,” Nick intoned. His wide eyes tried to take in the massive splendor of the black sky. Nearby, a bonfire crackled, and nearer still, Robert’s warm hand in his. He couldn’t have asked for a better first camp in Pennsylvania. Just Robert, himself, and the lonely wilderness to protect their affections