wilderness of james

What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Is it music?
We can play music.
But you want more.
You want something & someone new.
Am I right?
Of course I am.
I know what you want.
You want ecstasy
Desire & dreams.
Things not exactly what they seem.
I lead you this way, he pulls that way.
I’m not singing to an imaginary girl.
I’m talking to you, my self.
Let’s recreate the world.
The palace of conception is burning.

Look. See it burn.
Bask in the warm hot coals.

You’re too young to be old
You don’t need to be told
You want to see things as they are.
You know exactly what I do

David Bowie

Alan Rickman

Sir Terry Wogan

Harper Lee

Paul Daniels

Sir George Martin

Ronnie Corbett

Denise Robertson

David Gest

Victoria Wood


Muhammad Ali 

Caroline Aherne

James Last

Gene Wilder

Jean Alexander

Pete Burns

Andrew Sachs

Zsa Zsa Gabor 

Rick Parfitt

And now George Michael 

Gone but never, not ever, forgotten. 

James van Riemsdyk #1 - Camping

@carey-pricemas mentioned liking JVR and Freddie Andersen so I just picked one and ran with it. I honestly have no idea where this plot line came from but somehow I managed to squeeze out a whole story. I think maybe this was an excuse to write a bunch of the Leafs together since it heavily features five more. Oops? 

When the Leafs lost in the first round of the playoffs you along with the rest of Toronto had been devastated. The boys had fought hard and it was weird to imagine them having time off when it seemed that hockey was the only thing they ever did. In the midst of all of the sadness and moping you found yourself agreeing to what would end up being a huge mistake.

Your boyfriend, James van Riemsdyk seemed to be inconsolable. He preferred to stay in bed and brushed off any idea you threw at him to take his mind off of the loss. He kept talking about wanting to get away from it all and in a last ditch effort you suggested that he do just that. Somehow the idea for camping had been born and now instead of binging series on end on his laptop he used it to search for the best tents and electricity free coffeemakers.

You convinced yourself that it was good he had found something else to focus on until of course you showed up to his apartment after he left a voicemail saying he needed help only to find he needed help packing the seemingly endless camping supplies into the trunk of his car. You had rolled your eyes but helped him just like any good girlfriend would and let him explain the reasoning behind every little thing he had bought. You had assumed he would be going with the boys camping, the rookies especially would need the time away and in some form you were right. He was going with a few members of the team but also you.

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