wilderness king


what do we want? drugs! when do we want them? now! ( requested by anonymous )


“This lovely globe means a great deal to me. The press has been very good to me, and years ago, gave me a great start. But today, I’ve learned to appreciate, respect and value the media more than ever, by constantly making us aware of the indescribable suffering in this world. They have created a global compassion which to so many has become a life line and has in fact saved millions of lives. I’ve been given a career which has brought me nothing but fun and friends and happiness and enabled me to work with some of the greatest talents this industry has ever known. and for that, I get an award… I owe so much to so many and I know we do mention too many names in thank you speeches so I’ll only mention a few. William Wyler, Billy Wilder, King Vidor, Stanley Donen, Blake Edwards, Richard Quine, Peter Bogdanovich, Terence Young, George Cukor, Fred Zinnemann, Steven Spielberg, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden, Henry Fonda, George Peppard, Burt Lancaster, Richard Crenna, Alan Arkin, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner, Maurice Chevalier, Peter Finch, Lillian Gish, Robert Wagner, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Tony Perkins, Eddie Albert, Sean Connery, Peter O'Toole, Richard Dreyfuss, Rex Harrison and Fred Astaire! And of course, my dear friend and agent for 35 years, Kurt Frings. To all of them and all of you, thank you with all my heart.”

Audrey Hepburn accepts the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 47th Annual Golden Globe Awards, on January 20, 1990


anonymous asked: can you gif this scene in pp s4ep14 whereby amelia & gang decides to go to connecticut?
          ↳ private practice 4x14 – home again