u know what i love the most about jack wilder

he’s a street kid, that’s p much a given. he’s a thief, a pickpocket, a burglar, a street hustler. he can fight like hell and defend himself against two fbi agents and have you see his getaway driving? the guy also rocks a leather jacket every time he’s not on stage, gets the Death card when he’s called in. if u see him walk past with a scrape ur just gonna assume there’s another guy out there who is currently registering to er

but the second he opens his mouth

purest, sweetest fucking cinnamon roll ever to cinnamon roll


The August Bbibliosaurus Challenge 

Day 25: I Judged the Covers 

I bought these books mostly for the covers, then the story inside. (Though, in TMR’s case, I read the book on my kindle and specifically looked for this physical edition, because I liked it better than the original.)