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I haven’t been feeling at the top of my game recently. As the days grow shorter and the skies get darker, I find myself retreating from the people and things that I love.
So yesterday, I took Ivar out to the foothills to wander through the forest with me.
Normally, on these walks, Ivar is bright and bubbly and trying to playfully shove his nose into every nook and cranny we can find out there. He is something of a handful on most trips to the wilderness.
But last night, he was calm - even patient - as I walked him through a secluded clear cut. He became exceptionally affectionate, as well, when I couldn’t take another step, and paused to sit in the middle of the trail.
Ivar shoved his head under my hand, rubbed his cheek against my face, and stood over me with his paws in my lap as the sunlight faded so I could bury my tears in his chest. It grew too dark to take any more photos, but we lingered in the woods for a time even so. I savored the moment too much to move from it.
This experience was a unique one. Wolfdogs are self-motivated animals, who want things their way and who don’t often make exceptions. But at a time when I was feeling down, Ivar did make an exception, it seems. And despite the darkness Autumn brings, he made my world brighter because of it, at least for a moment.
If you enjoy following Ivar, you should also check out my personal Instagram: @naturepunk_ for additional photos of our adventures together. Also be sure to check out our rescue page at www.packwestwolfdogrescue.org and consider making a donation to support our efforts. #wolfdog #wolf #wolves #oregon #wilderness #fall #autumn #malamute #fallcolors #realwolfdog #uppermidcontentwolfdog #highcontentwolfdog #westcoast #PNW #pnwonderdogs #jj_oregon #wilderness #trask #traskmountain #adventure #travel @by_wolves @walk_with_wolves @wolves_hd @animaladdicts @bewil.d @wilderness_culture (at Northern Oregon Coast Range)

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Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - Marlene Dietrich as Christine Helm Vole in a promotional shoot by John Engstead. The actress was wearing a turtleneck sweater, “half” trousers and two different types of shoes - ballerina flats and high-heeled mules.

The film is inspired by Agatha Christie’s short story with the same title, but an extra scene was written in order to show just one of Marlene Dietrich’s famous legs: it required 145 extras, 38 stunt men and $ 90,000. 

The costumes were designed by Edith Head.

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Wilderness Lodge by Mark Walter


1987 WTB/Team Trek - The Trek Team frames from 87 were essentially a stock aluminum frame with a full Wilderness Trail Bikes spread. This frame was left over stock from the season (NOS) and paired up with an ex-team Type II, Potts stem, and WTB Roller Cams. Specialized, Salsa, and Shimano XT/Dura-Ace/600 round out the build. 26.6 lbs for a bike from 87 ain’t bad!