Dirk talking for hours to inanimate objects because he thinks it's Mona Wilder.
Morena/Mona Wilder-Amanda-Water-computer system theory (4 parts)



So, together with @autistic-dirk-gently I came up with a new theory a few weeks ago. We posted it on Twitter and a part of it got accidentally confirmed by a cast member which is why we decided not to post it on Tumblr. We won’t tell you what part got confirmed but since the first episode aired, here’s the theory:

I was randomly looking at the Wikipedia page for Marzanna when I noticed a name on the page. Morena. Since it sounds kind of like Mona I got curious and klicked on it. You won’t find the stuff that I will tell you now on the English Wikipedia page for “Morena” tho because I looked at the German one and they’re different from each other.

Morena is a character in the slavic mythology associated with winter, night and death. She’s basically the equivalent to Marzanna.

Here’s the translation of a part of her Wikipedia page:

In some places of Middle Eastern Europe a haulm/straw doll, the Morena, dressed in an old dress is carried in a procession every year and is then going to be burned or drowned in water. A counterweight to Morena is a rod decorated with colourful or living material or a little tree.

Here we have a picture of Mona Wilder in a old dress. Since Morena is a doll or straw figure it would fit with Mona being the clown doll.

Then the official Dirk Gently Instagram account posted a picture of this rod thingy which is decorated with colourful material and lookS like it could be used as a weapon:

And just for reference, here’s a picture of an actual Morena doll:

Notice the similarity between the face of the doll and then the stress toy?

And the white dress, the colourful stuff which looks like the stuff hanging in Wendimoor from the trees and the similarity to another character we’ve seen a picture of which @autistic-dirk-gently and I think could maybe also be Mona Wilder.

Plus the ‘coincidence’ of the name (mona-MOreNA) which Max already did with aMANDa BROTzman-Mandelbrot.

Thanks to a post from Alexia Fast we know that Mona Wilder is the Blackwing subject Lamia.

In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (/ˈleɪmiə/; Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamia )

So here’s what we think could be Mona’s part in season 2:

Back in season 1 Bart stole a jacket from the biker gang which had “New children of the old god“ written on its back. A god doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, god is also a term which refers to the reason that our universe exists. The Blackwing subjects all have a really strong connection to the universe so they’re basically its children. So if Lamia devours children, Mona could destroy the others. I had a thought that if all the Blackwing subjects are basically the Earth’s computer system, Mona’s purpose could be killing the parts of the system that don’t work anymore and kind of protecting the others, looking after them and pushing them into the direction that they have to go in. But I’ll get to that back later in a comment on this post (probably part 4). The whole Mona is kind of evil part seems even more likely looking at this:

“The character to end all characters”

 It’s possible that Mona appeared to Bart in a dream, telling her to "Find Dirk Gently”, knowing that Bart would try to killl Dirk. And that doing so would mean straying from the will of the universe, which would make Bart vulnerable, and could lead to her death. Morena is an ancient goddess who is not only associated with death and rebirth but also dreams which then again fits perfectly into the dream topic with Bart. And Morena being another name for Marzanna could also mean that maybe our dear Mona is on said murder mission.

Since Mona can shapeshift she could also be the princess from the perfume ad that Bart watched in the hotel room. One of the lines from this advert is “Sometimes I feel like I’ve walked into someone else’s dream”, which fits the dream association. And Bart says that the idea to find Dirk Gently came to her in a dream. Mona could be responsible for that. Also, when Bart was watching the ad in the hotel room, she wanted to stay there instead of going to find Dirk. It almost hypnotised her. If Mona is the princess, that could have been another attempt to get Bart killed by tempting her to stray from her destined path or get her to do her damn job and protect Dirk Gently.

Plus another thing which was in the trailer and one from the first episode:

When Dirk met Mona again he goes “What are you doing here?” and smiles. He knows her (probably from his Blackwing childhood) and likes her.

I mean, look at his little smile. But then when we see him running through the corridor of the old Blackwing house screaming “It’s not the boy it’s not the boy”- he seems terrified. And now guess what’s behind him? Clown-Mona.

And her face looks like Mona so he probably knows that it’s her. But he’s still afraid.

And last but not least for the possible proof that Mona may be kind of evil part:

Getting back to the Morena part, the most interesting thing about this (apart from the doll thing) is the importance of fire and water which have been often mentioned in season 1 and play a major role in season 2, together with Amanda. And here’s how I think Amanda fits into everything (to be found in the next comment on this post because I want to keep the three parts of the theory kind of seperated from each other):

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Honestly, "the world’s most reluctant grown-up" is probably the best descriptor for Trash I've seen. I had to take a moment to contain myself upon reading it lmao. My Q for both the lovely cast of Wilder and the Apocalyptic Frat Boy himself: in a modern AU (and assuming they'd choose to go to one in the first place), what would their college majors be?

  • Ran – English Literature
  • Bahadur – Agriculture
  • Amir – Modern Languages
  • Royo – Journalism
  • Jamal – Theatre
  • Trash - Mechanical Engineering