Take all of your worries and throw them out the window. Get them out of your life completely. Worrying does nothing to change the situation, and only drags you backwards. So, where’s that window?

kaegay-akamatsu  asked:

just wanted to say: thank you so much for that writing of my strange dream i was literally left in tears of laughter after reading it so thank you for honestly making my day

You’re welcome.

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My job here is done

rishiko  asked:

tbh im mega jealous of the nature pics you post sometimes and the fact that you live in such a pretty area and get to casually see deer and go collecting rocks??? im stuck in the capital city of my country and i WISH I LIVED IN THE COUNTRYSIDE LIKE YOU PLEASE CAN I LIVE IN A HOLE U SHALL DIG IN UR GARDEN AND I WILL BE YOUR LOCAL GOBLIN? WE CAN TRADE LIKE.. MUSHROOMS FOR UHH TOOTHPASTE??? AND WIFI ACCESS? (pls post more nature pics i love them so much)

why live in a hole, i have an unused shed in my backyard that u can live in if u don’t mind the occasional wasp nest and leaky roof. u can furnish it and we can still set up a trading system with mushrooms. u can be the shed goblin !!!! and the neighborhood cryptid. i’ll give u a pitchfork too so u can defend urself from mountain lions its a great deal i swear.