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Alison dies and we see the liars go to jail after being framed for her murder. As always, they were trying to discover what happened to Ali.

Flashfoward a couple of years. The air has calmed down in Rosewood and we see a blonde by the back comes back to the DiLaurentis house. When she walks inside, we see her reflection in a mirror. It’s Alison. She walks into the living room where a lot of people is waiting in the shadows. The lights go on to reveal Wilden, Wren (he is not dead but he HAS to be part of it), Garret, Ian, Shana, Maya (if you want to. Not for me.), Jessica (who was alive under Mary Drake’s ID all along) and Charlotte. They are all alive.

Then it’s reveal THE plan. From the very beginning. With every death, even with Bethany’s, all they wanted was to take the liars down. And finally, after many many many many failed attemps, THEY MADE IT.

Mary’s death as Jessica was necessary so Jessica could go away while Alison came back to follow the plan.

The only thing missing is the motive, which should be something amazing and shocking but knowing this show, it would be the most ridiculous thing like the liars bullied Ali in kindergarden.

I would love to include Noel but… c’mon. A head chop can’t be faked. RIP.

you failed us you little shit

Wilden, Hanna and the Church

This is another clue that seems so obvious to me now. Hanna planted the note on Garrett’s mom to bait A. Wilden shows up at the church (they focus on his fancy shoes/walk which I reiterate were the same as the ones in the lair I will insist was his, not Ezra’s…until IMK tells me otherwise. Call me crazy. 

Wilden shows up, we don’t suspect him because he is a detective (what cover could be better to hide A besides “killing” him off. It very well could have been right in front of our faces.

Wilden is Charles, and needed to disappear.

Just like everyone thought the dead girls body was Alison’s, Wilden decided to use this method and fake his death. He killed a man that had a similar body type to him and then put a Wilden mask over the face. We know there is a super realistic Wilden mask, that Elliot wore later in the show.

CeCe sent Sara (one of whom is definitely Bethany) to Wilden’s funeral, NOT to see if Wilden was really dead, but TO SEE IF EVERYONE BELIEVED THAT THE MASKED PERSON IN THE COFFIN WAS WILDEN. 

Rosewood Suspects & Their Potential Motives for Being A

If only that iconic Black Hoodie turned around to reveal one of the following familiar faces instead of CeCe Drake’s. 

We are allowed to dream, so here is a list of possible motives for each of Rosewood’s leading suspects & why they might have targeted the PLLs if they ended up being A:

With all of these terrible, yet justifiable motives, instead we got this:

Wilden Theory

We now know that Wilden was involved with helping Charlotte. We know they went to Cape May together with Melissa, someone else still shrouded in mystery.

According to Jenna, Wilden saw Ali the night she disappeared.  We still don’t know what happened with that.  See this post http://blackveilsociety.tumblr.com/post/123394158104/alison-saw-wilden-the-night-she-disappeared
We know that Wilden helped cover everything up from that night, but this meeting would have happened before anyone was hit or buried, as it would have been when Alison was wandering around rosewood meeting with everyone. So why don’t we know anything else about this yet?

As a cop Wilden would have many opportunities to plant evidence and lead investigations off track.  He had access to resources to find out about everyone and conduct surveillance. We know there has been tons of corruption with Rosewood PD.  

No one seems to have known Wilden until he was already older and out of school (Cape May time).  All we know is he attended Rosewood High. He could have a connection with someone (maybe Bethany) that we don’t know about.

Speculation that he was part of the NAT club.

Mary and Rollins used a Wilden mask to terrorize Ali with- WHY? Ian would be so much more relevant considering she even pushed him off that bell tower. Why in the world would they choose Wilden? There were also the pictures of Wilden in Rollin’s burner apartment. Maybe that’s how they got the mask made BUT it’s quite interesting that when Alison was seeing “Jessica” it wasn’t a mask at all, it was just Mary.

Wilden is Alive – He Faked his Death.
Marlene has said that someone stole the game from Mona in season 3.  We know this was apparently Charlotte, but with the reveal that Noel had been helping her all along I think it’s reasonable to theorize there were other helpers. Wilden died at the end of season 3 and his body was found in the season 4 premiere.  Could his death have been a way for him to devote all of his time to the A game? I personally get the feeling Noel has been blackmailed the entire time and I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilden was helping Charlotte dig up dirt on him.

There’s a great theory that Wilden visited Mona in Radley in Season 3 – see here http://blackveiltheories.tumblr.com/post/123407521943/the-day-the-game-was-stolen-from-mona-see-my-post

Alison and Mona’s deaths were successfully faked in this show and we had Mary show up after hiding out for years – a cop should definitely have the know-how and resources to do the same

The A text the girls receive right after his body is found – See this post http://blackveilsociety.tumblr.com/post/123509920894/youre-mine-now-im-still-here-and-i-know

Around the time of Wilden’s death is when A was baiting Toby with information about his mom. A police officer would have had access to information about Marion’s death. Charlotte’s reveal left major plot holes around Marion’s death, which I believe is because that story was not true.

Who got framed for Wilden’s death? Ashley Marin. Why would A all of a sudden target a parent like that? Other parents have been targeted but not for something so serious. Who did Wilden have a grudge against? Ashley Marin. It’s perfect for him to try to get back at her by pinning her with his own “murder’.

He was always sure to give Hanna trouble because of it as well. I think that WILDEN KIDNAPPED HANNA earlier this season. They have led us to believe that it was Noel instead of Rollins, but I don’t think it was Noel either.

Garrett Connection:
In season 3 Garrett was framed for Ali’s murder.  Wilden and Garrett were both cops, it would probably be easy for Wilden to frame him. Wilden was also dressed as a Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train when Garrett was killed. Garret was probably getting suspicious of him and realized he was breaking all sorts of rules on the job and involved in something sketchy.

Holbrook Connection:
When Cece/Charlotte was arrested for Wilden’s murder, she somehow escaped right after she was interviewed by Holbrook.  I think she told Holbrook that Wilden is alive.  She either blackmailed him so that he wouldn’t tell and would help them, or he decided to join their side for some reason.

After this, Holbrook seemed to do a 180 change in personality and started to get closer to Alison (visiting her house, kissing her at the Ice Ball). I think he was then being blackmailed by Cece and Wilden or something and doing their dirty work.  

After he got suspended from the police force he gets mad at Hanna and says it is all Ali’s fault – that he did her dirty work and then got dumped.  But this has never been brought up again! I think he told Hanna it was Ali’s dirty work but really it was Charlotte’s.

He even could have ruled Mona’s death a homicide to help Cece and Wilden move their dollhouse plan.


How the hell did Wilden manage to file Marions death as a suicide when he was still a child/NOT IN THE POLICE FORCE.

He’s a similar age to Cece, he wasnt a police officer when she was 7!!!!!!!!!!

I am screaming

Nothing makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uber A / A.D top 3 wish list

1. Alison. Why ? It would be the ultimate game and Alison was always the master manipulator. Her motivation is her personality and her need to control people like dolls. Imagine if she planned the entire Elliot thing to see if the girls would bury a body for her. The girls are ALWAYS connected to Rosewood because of Ali. She is the evil force that pulls them back and she thrives on this control. This is my ultimate wish guess ! Also how much more in your face obvious can A.D be. The bolder the move the less anyone questions it.

2. Wren. The ultimate psycho stalker. He is Charles. Cece took the blame so he could continue as uber A. This is my likely to happen guess.

3. Wilden. Beach Hottie. Bethanys brother. The girls would’ve had to bury Bethany in this scenario mistaking her for Alison that night. They all had a reason to hate Alison and could have made a pact to pretend it never happened and this is why they have suffered all these years. This is my wild card guess.

Alison being A would have the most impact. I love the Aria is A theories too! Alison is A would make her the MASTER manipulator. There’s lots of holes to fill with any of these top 3 contenders but it can be done!

Who are your top 3 ? Tell me why ! Let’s make the theorizing fun again! I miss a dash full of theories !

There must be something in the water in Rosewood that makes grown men wanna bang teenage girls.

Watching Season 3 when Aria and Hanna went to see Mona and she snuck off to the children’s ward. The camera rested on the words CHILDRENS WARD for a good three seconds.

So anagram time. Here are words we can get from this.

CHARLES HIDNWRDD - (hidden word)

WILDEN SCARS HD (Hastings DiLaurentis)

RACHEL S HIDNWRDD - (hidden word)



WRENS CHILD AD (Alison DiLaurentis)



Hmmmmm….very interesting.

I think Darren and Wren are connected!!!
Either as brothers or fighting over Alison! Maybe either one of them could have been the “father” that gave her the pregnancy scare?!?! Darren is older than the Ezra/Wren/Jason crowd.