I moved this week so the posting has been thin, but until I can unpack the typewriters here’s an update on my EDC. It may seem like a lot but it packs up nicely. So from top to bottom, left to right: 

I use pretty much everything in here on a daily if not weekly basis, it pays to be prepared. Again, for anyone wanting to know, I’m a Senior Online Marketing Manager in Montreal, Canada. If you’d like any reviews on the products above, feel free to message me.

Cheers and I hope you’re all having a great weekend. 


Just about a month ago, I got this fantastic new wallet from wildemoonleather. The design is simple and perfect for my needs. It neatly holds 4 or 5 cards and a few folded bills. And really, what else do you need? 

These kinds of simple and elegant designs are more than just supporting a small business and craftsperson. This wallet is the design equivalent of the tiny house movement. Why bother with something you don’t need (like three folds) when you can own something that is simple, made to last, and made by hand.

Go get one!

Just a reminder about the Fall Collaboration from myself and @wildemoonleather. This combination of his gorgeous card wallet made from a beautiful heavyweight leather with a vintage coin accent of your choice (which you can see on his Etsy page). It is paired with my original creation, a pipe tool wrapped in vintage reclaimed leather with antique brass snaps and anchor embossing. For the price, you’re getting two handcrafted items that will last you for years to come. We both stand behind our products, and we are proud of what we make. You can go to his Instagram account and his etsy shop link is in his bio. Thanks for the support, friends! #leathercraft #handmade #collaboration #wildemoonleather #captkellymfg