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Your Questions:

1.  A childhood memory that makes you smile?
Luckily, I have many.
I always liked the memories I have of sleeping over at my grandparents’ house with my sister and my cousin. We’d set a tent up in the basement sometimes, and we’d bring in all the toys in the house, and sleep down there. Then, in the morning we’d climb the stairs and sit around the table and eat breakfast. I associate cornflakes with bananas with my grandparents because when we stayed there late on weekends, we ate bowls of it late at night, instead of another meal, and then if we slept over we’d have it in the morning too. It’s all very warm and fuzzy, you know?

2. Do you have a comfort food? What?
Stage one comfort food is cereal, partly for the warm fuzzies mentioned above. After a long day, when I’m tired and hungry and lazy, I could eat 6 bowls of cereal. I love sugar, and I love milk.
Stage two comfort food is cookies and milk. In particular, President’s Choice chocolate chip cookies. Oreos will do in a pinch. Again, I love sugar, and I love milk.
Stage three, which is, like, “OMG MY LIFE IS FALLING APART AND I THINK I MIGHT DROWN IN MY STRESS”, is straight up chocolate. I’ve only gotten this bad about 3 times, but all three times there was no chocolate left in the house, and I nearly killed a bitch.

Other foods that make me make little, audible cooing noises of pleasure: cherries, cherry juice, pie (especially cherry), steak, and ribs. 

3. What drew you to tumblr?
Yeah, Ginandjack and Thiscrookedcrown are the reasons I joined Tumblr. 

4. The perfect article of clothing? What is it/does it look like?
A Men’s corset vest. Basically, a vest with an integrated corset. I’ve seen them online before, some were more obvious, and some were double-breasted, which hid the busking in the front. They were beautiful!
I also have a soft spot for Edwardian frock coats, highheels on men, and long-sleeved cotton t-shirts with a deep-v. 

5. A favorite drink?
Milk, cherry juice, cream Earl Grey tea, and a white zinfandel from the Gallo Family wines.

6. A personal hero?
Bjork, and Anita Roddick.
I actually only just now realized that both of the people I consider to be my biggest celebrity heros are really opinionated and ballsy women. Huh. 

7. A quote that moves you?
“It’s in our hands; it always was.” - ‘It’s In Our Hands’, Bjork
“Every boy is a snake; is a lily. Every pearl is a lynx; is a girl.” - 'Ocenia’, Bjork
“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” - Mark Twain? 

8. Dark woods or light woods (for furniture, floors, etc)?
That completely depends. My apartment right now is all light woods, and white walls. The witchy shop I created in my head when I was younger was all sky-blue walls, with distressed white furniture, and light woods. But I also love dark oak, with shades of sepia and parchment. It all depends on the mood you’re setting. 

9. An everyday item you can’t stand/strongly dislike?
Leggings as pants. I live in a city where that is an every day item, and I can’t stand it. Sorry guys, not sorry.

10. A time you felt inspired or stricken by something clearly outside yourself?
I got into a really fucking awful fight with the father of a friend of mine over his use of the word “f*ggot”. I know that the fight came from within me; I wasn’t possessed of a great rage on behalf of anyone else. This was all me. But outside influences made it possible for me to step outside of my usual reaction to things like this and to stand up and put this guy in his place. My work with Dionysus being part of that. 

11. A sound you love/a sound you hate?
Love: Peepers. Those frogs that come out in late spring and early summer, that start chirping in the middle of the night and are part of that beautiful “still, hot, summer night” symphonic trio made by peepers, crickets, and cicadas.

Hate: The sound of a knife scraping a dinner plate. It gives me physical reactions. None of them good. 

12.(Bonus cause I like this one) A favorite myth?
Now that I’ve read it, I love the story in The Bacchae.
Before that, I really liked the story of Athena and Arachne, and the story of Chronos eating his children. 

My Questions:

  1. Longest time you’ve gone without showering/bathing?
  2. Movie that makes you cry every single time?
  3. First song you remember slow-dancing to, or 'dirty dancing’ to?
  4. A movie you were really excited about, but totally let you down?
  5. Favourite spellcraft tool, component, or action?
  6. Sriracha, Frank’s Red Hot, or Tabasco?
  7. Weirdest dream you’ve had recently?
  8. Actor or actress everyone loves and you hate?
  9. Spellcraft element, or technique you’d like most to try next?
  10. Where does your screenname come from?
  11. If you could ask anyone on Tumblr to marry you, who would it be?


BONUS: (cuz you’re chatty) Happyheretic 

Reading for Wildefrau

Book: The Golden Compass

Question: Does this person have any messages to hear?

Answer: page 175: “She was eager to see cloud-pine, because the witches used it for flying, and she’d never seen any before.”

Hm, interesting…I take this to mean that you’ll get an opportunity to try something new? It may not even have any results come from it, but it’ll be a source of some joy, I think. Of course, this is entirely dependent on your personal symbolism around witches, flying, that sort of thing. :3