This Wildebeest-like Rahi is given its name due to the incredible durability of its skull that helps them push around rocks. (Though the real use for their durable skulls is actually for defense but they can push rocks around without any harm)

They are rather peculiar because they are seen either with a large herd or no herd at all, in which there is no in between. The fact that Rockbeest travel alone or in large groups still boggles the minds of Matoran zoologists today.

Rockbeest may live in Po-Wari of Zakara, but they also more commonly live in another landmass across the planet named Duanja, which is where the Rahi originated. Matoran zoologists are still trying to research as to how Rockbeest evolved and adapted the same way as each other regardless of where they came from. Matoran zoologists expected the Rockbeest on either side of the planet to appear differently and be different species due to living in such separate landmasses. So far, Matoran have concluded that the Rockbeest may be an invasive species to Zakara, but it has not been fully confirmed.

Rockbeests are illegal to hunt in Zakara due to their conservation status being low because of how uncommon they are there, the murder of a Rockbeest in Zakara would result in weapon confiscation. There aren’t any laws against hunting Rockbeest in Duanja due to the fact that they are plentiful because Duanja is their place of origin.

Conservation Status: Least Concern (Duanja), Endangered (Zakara).