story quest one: the wilders, the wares, and the beginning.

THREAD TITLE: Over the Forest, and Through the Desert, to Maidenhair We Go

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       { ♕ }– The amount of chaos that went on inside of the Wild Katz building was absolutely ridiculous. Espresso, strutting in while carrying her sorry-ass wooden staff, glared at the two younger boys who ran around trying to catch a chicken that unfortunately found its way into the guild’s headquarters. Her eyes then drifted towards Killian and Nicolette at the bar, drinking and talking like usual. At least they were quiet about it.

      Espresso let out a small sigh and slammed her staff down into the floor. It caught the attention of everyone in the room. The two boys and the other two mature people stopped their bickering and foolishness to look at her.

      “You all are so noisy,” she began as she held a paper with lots of words in the air, “…Regardless of your childish behaviors, we have a quest. The reward is 2,000P and some semblance of armor.” She holds the paper out for everyone to see. On the paper there is a small, drawn image of the requester and a list of things that need to be done.

      “The quest is to defend a–,” Espresso stops for a moment to clear her throat because Luffy is still eyeing the chicken as it runs out of the guild house, “–defend a merchant named Marley. We will have to go with him to Maidenhair. He is carrying a large amount of items, so we have to defend those as well.” 

      She looks at all of the members of the guild and says, “Are you all interested in doing this? If not, I’ll find other people, perhaps more mature people to do the quest with.”