one thing I never see mentioned is that (even outside of canon discontinuity of the first book), it’s alluded to that something domesticated a portion of wildcasts in high rhulain.

just for fun I always thought they considered humans to be like eldritch abominations

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my favorite quotes: HSM style
  • and i swear in the moment we were all wildcats
  • my thoughts are "what teams" i cannot fathom into "wildcats"
  • i became a wildcat the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once
  • the wildcats persist in singing, so i make myself stand
  • i am selfish. i am brave. i am a wildcat.
  • home isn't a place, it's a wildcat. and we're finally home
  • you is kind. you is important. you is wildcat.
  • i lit up like a wildcat, hazel grace.
  • life is a high school musical tessa, and there are a thousand songs i have not yet sung
  • Yer a wildcat, harry
Alternative Divination: Wildcasting Pt 4

Intro/where the idea came from

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Aaaand we’re back! There’s only one more installation after this which revolves around object meanings. Then I’ll talk about the signifier bones, and finally we’ll be on to figuring out how readings are done!

For now, though, I’ve got another six objects from my system:

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I've started on the Wildcasting readings!

Also, there are two spots left!

I’ve decided to try to do at least one per day, but that’s ambitious. Thank you all for helping out! I’ve already encountered something I hadn’t thought of, which was what to do if one of the indicators didn’t fall on or near any of the items (as happened in the reading I just did now). I think I have figured it out, but it could still use a lot of tweaking.

I can really feel it working when I do the actual casting though! As in, I feel similar to when I do Tarot readings, rather than just like I’m throwing bits of rock and bone around.

I am also going to make a neat color meanings booklet with illustrations of all the items sometime this summer. Whoo!

Free Readings - Help me figure out my wildcasting system!

It’s been months since I was around to mention the Wildcasting divination system I have been developing…well, and it’s been months since I last touched it. Life has been pretty tumultuous and ridiculously busy, but a) I want to get back on this and b) when I asked Cernunnos what kind of offering he would like for Beltaine, I was told in multiple ways that I should be working on this if not finishing it. 

In any case, this “Wildcasting” is pretty simple cleromancy–the casting of lots–in which the divination is taken from a number of small items, mostly natural with a few personal trinkets thrown in, and how they fall when cast.

In my particular case I have decided to use a set of six small raccoon bones  as signifiers rather than tossing the items onto a pattern of some kind. I will cast the items and then cast the bones over top of them. The bones, which are all of different lengths + a vertebrate, will decide which six items constitute the answer as well as their importance (vertebrate = most important, smallest bone = second, next size = third, etc).

It is also meant to be a largely intuitive process, as you might see by looking at my previous posts about the item meanings.

So, in order to start really testing this out, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, I need some help! Please message me with a simple question, and I will attempt to perform a wildcasting for you.


  1. It will take me several days to a few weeks to get back to you depending on demand and my own school/workload, which is still really heavy. I am a full time art student about to graduate and I work retail part time. I wanted to wait until school ended to do this, but it was requested of me by Cernunnos, so yep.
  2. No yes or no questions (at this time)
  3. I will need feedback on how accurate the readings are! This is absolutely essential! If you are not prepared to at least let me know in a few sentences how well or poorly the reading applied to your question, please do not ask for one.
  4. Anonymous questions are fine as long as you message me again about the accuracy (see above) and identify yourself properly so I know which anon you were.
  5. If you would like to keep the reading private, please let me know and I will not publish it.
  6. I will only take TEN REQUESTS at this time! I will let you know if you got a spot ASAP.

Thank you so much to anyone who helps out! :)

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