do you ever just think about how wild star wars are politically.

  • like, there is the neoliberalism of the old republic, with the textbook neo-marxist core-periphery model of the greater galaxy. 
  • then there are the jedi, which are an enormously ancient and powerful institution that benefits from and enables the republican-corporate structure, but refuses to take direct involvement in its policy, 
  • this leaves an enormous power vacuum which is happily filled by the super secret red glowstick cult of the sith. 
  • and then dooku drags the jedi from his weird neoreactionary hereditary aristocracy ground, which is still somehow more refreshing. 
  • same thing goes for the separatist confederacy, which is mostly a network of megacorporations and planets dependent upon them, which are somehow a less stiffening alternative for many.
  • and then there is grievous, ventress and others from worlds existing outside the dominant framework of republican politics, but ravaged by capitalism and conflict and stripped of an identity beyond their utility, becoming the eventual wildcards. 
  • the entire worlds like mandalore, powerful and prominent enough to be of weight on the galactic scene, but ultimately uninterested in the galactic politics as framed by the republic, because their domestic problems are more pressing. 
  • what ever the hell is going on in the hutt space and underworld, raw capitalism functioning outside the state system
  • then there is the extremely militarized administrative structure of the empire, which drives itself to autocanibalistic destruction trying to keep all of the above under control.
  • pockets of limited autonomy exist under the empire, mostly in places whose established hierarchical administrative system allows for easier management.
  • the super secret red glowstick cult of the sith becomes even more secret, as things do within the mechanism of authoritarian states, which creates another vacuum, as their power is not backed up by ideological representation.
  • our beloved farmboy goes to pick up some power converters from the toshi station, and stumbles upon the said ideological vacuum with a blue glowstick in his hand. 
  • the rebel alliance, which is the oddest mix of generational royalty unhappy with the empire taking over the power they have over their individual planets, and straight up space anarchists from the worlds previously disfranchised by the republic and bombed by the empire.
  • the rebels politicize the jedi teaching as the core of old republican values, going off them as their platform (may the force be with you), even as the old jedi order pointedly stayed away from policymaking. 
  • the sequel trilogy, which refuses to address any of this. 

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Inktober #5

Request of the day was for something baseball related. Let’s call it a Pitch AU where Lexa plays for the Giants.

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NHL!Bitty: Floor People

Jack and Bitty both deal with playoff losses a little different than in college. (Not that different, though)

Fits into @whoacanada‘s NHL!Bitty verse

Jack is on his way to the door, keys in hand, in the entryway, leaving to pick Bitty up from the airport when Bitty slogs through the door, past Jack, and dramatically sprawls out on his stomach on the floor.

Jack looks down at his husband, then to the open door. He looks at his watch, and then back to his husband, who’s on the ground.

“I was on my way to pick you up from the airport?” he asks.

Bitty grunts in reply, from the floor.

“But you’re… here?”

Another grunt, partially directed at Jack but mostly to the hardwood floor.

“Thirty minutes before your plane is supposed to land.”

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From Chaosium’s Worlds of Wonder in 1982 came the Superworld box set, by Steve Perrin, in 1983. Before I go on, let us glory in that most excellent smirking robot dude featured in Michael Dooney’s cover art.

Done? OK, now, I should mention Superworld is the only thing to come out of the Worlds of Wonder box set (some of the spellcasting systems in Magic World kind of got absorbed back into RuneQuest, but I don’t count that). Despite the fact that I love the look of Superworld’s crisp and clean design as well as it’s not-very-great interior art (wait, is that a shoggoth?), I don’t understand why the system exists, as it mostly seems like a Champions knock-off. A separate volume, the Superworld Companion, even provides rules to convert to and from Champions and Villains and Vigilantes.

Who am I to judge, though? George R. R. Martin apparently ran a long-term Superworld campaign for a group of sci-fi writers that eventually turned into the Wild Cards shared universe anthologies (co-edited by Melinda Snodgrass). I reckon that cements Superworld’s reputation in nerd history.

And, if I am being completely honest, the wackiness first Superworld supplement, Bad Medicine for Dr. Drugs, completely justifies the existence of the box set, but that is a post for another time…

Bonus: how great is Radioman?

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I accept any and all Michael reactions in a video ever. Dude is surrounded by impossible people.

why, why are you doing that, that makes no sense, you suck at this, that is literally the worst possible - no you can’t argue because I am telling you that you will die, everyone around you is telling you that you’ll die, the game is telling you that you will die, YOU WILL DIE okay you went for it anyway good decision my dude have fun as a ghos- aaannnd you’ve won from last place.

Poor guy.