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#StopIFPI2k15 - Uploading tour videos (that stay) on Youtube

As we all know it’s been three months since the tour kicked off in Japan. Since then, we’ve been experiencing some disappointing stuff whenever videos of it are uploaded. Within hours they’re down and accounts are extinguished. We’ve complained, we’ve written open letters and nothing seems to work.

In light of that, it got me thinking: usually, Youtube robots take videos down by recognizing their digital imprint. But to use that same method to take concert videos down would be (almost) impossible, since each one of them are amost unique. So, I’ve decided to do a little experiment: I’ve uploaded the video for All Too Well at Staples Center a few days ago with a title that has almost nothing to do with Taylor, or The 1989 Tour: Sailor Twips Random Tour 2015 - The Scarf Song

(Sailor Twips is my homage to Taylor herself who filed 1989 songs in her phone under that so it wouldn’t get caught or anything, I’ve decided it was fitting)

The video is still there. So is the Style video from the same concert that I also uploaded.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that the filter that IFPI uses to take down videos is by their title and/or tags. If it has anything directly related to Taylor and/or the tour on the name, description or tags, it will probably be taken down.

What to do?

When you upload it, make sure that you don’t have anything related directly to Taylor/her songs/the tour on its name and/or tags + description. To make sure it all ran smoothly, I’ve changed the name of the file that I uploaded beforehand to the same title that I was going to use on the video (not willing to take any risks). Then, share it with all of your friends so they don’t get stuck with those 30 seconds clips :)

It sucks for the searching sake, yes.

But it makes the life of people like me, who lives abroad and isn’t hopeful that will get a chance to see the tour in person to actually see it (plus: guests and wildcard songs. I’m not confident that any of those would make it to any DVD/movie/TV special or whatever when we had a bunch of covers on the Speak Now Tour and just a few of them made it to the CD/DVD), a little bit more happier.

With every show that Taylor puts on, we can clearly see how much she loves us and what she’s willing to do for us. She’s not expected to have surprises guests, or have a wildcard song but she does it all because she knows how crazy we all get and because she thinks that we are worth it and that we deserve that. I love how well she plays with the element of surprise, but I love that she does it out of love for us.