(a.k.a. Poochini) is an animated children’s television series which originally aired globally in 2000, but was not shown in the United States for the first time until September 1, 2002. The series follows the life of a dog named Poochini who runs away from home after its rich owner dies, gets captured by the dog pound and is adopted by an average American family.

Why was it forgotten?: IT’S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE.

Ya know, I’ll give this cartoon something, it’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I could even call it pretty decent, and funny sometimes.  It’s quite a bit more enjoyable than other cartoons of this type, about a smart animal stuck with a dumb/offbeat owner/family. 

I could probably attribute the enjoyability of this cartoon to the stellar voice cast which includes Billy WestDee Bradley BakerMaurice LaMarche, and Leslie Carrara. They all turn in an excellent performance and make what would be otherwise bland scripts really fun.

Why do I say the scripts are bland? It’s pretty standard stuff. Episodes usually go; the dog needs something or wants to be left alone but the family pesters him and so hijinks ensue. That seems to be well enough to cover 7 minute episodes.

I’ll give the show credit in that regard. Every episode is short and moves at a decent pace so no story line overstays it’s welcome.

That’s pretty much Poochini. It’s nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either. It’s a space filler, something networks could put on in the morning, or the later afternoon when the kids come home from school and wait for the prime time cartoons to come on.


  • Though it was created and co-produced by San Francisco-based entertainment company WildBrainPoochini was not shown in the United States for over two years after its production. 
  • Poochini was based on the award-winning short A Dog Cartoon(1999).
  • It was directed by Dave Marshall and Dave Thomas.


This series is far far far more pleasant than Family Dog, I’ll tell you that much. With these kinds of cartoons they can get really mean spirited really fast but luckily Poochini’s Yard manages to not be too hard on the titular character for comedic effect, and I’m glad for that.

If you want to see this series, there’s loads of episodes on youtube.



Created by Dave Thomas and Tod Polson

Cartoon Network/WildBrain, 2001

These are special poses I designed for the UMIGO short, “A Cup Fills Up.” It was directed by my buddy, David Hofmann, or you might know him simply as “Pez”. Click here to watch it.

When a cup fills up you can see…


an episode of my internet cartoon “glue” from way back featuring my version of the motor city mad man. and some other mutants.   


it was shaken

came through

just after

the failed descriptions

of last nights dark
and a

of words from
a more substantial same week evening, but

they didn’t
to enclose my fears and my
selfish fights,
they weren’t fresh or descriptively thought over,
so they wouldn’t just lay
To rest, when he

came through
the yard
a pleasing
and the relieving
crying and, too,
tears, to follow-

a little more wildbrained
suspicion and fear

and then-