The famous Giant Gap run of the even more famous North Fork American Wild and Scenic River is one of the most challenging runs in Northern California. Cliffs tower 2,000 feet above clear green streams smashing a path through rapids choked with boulders. Heaps of mine tailings and an old cabin ruin border the course of this roller coaster ride through the historic Mother Lode.

Learn more about this BLM-managed river: http://on.doi.gov/IsIKiq

Photo: Bob Wick, BLM


The countdown is over - today is the Great American Backyard Campout! Across the nation, from #backyard2backcountry, we’ll be sleeping under the stars.    #GetOutdoors 

Check out BLMer Bob Wick’s morning view after a recent campout along the Gulkana Wild and Scenic River in Alaska.  

2 AM Near the 40 Mile

This is my first photo of the midnight sun from Taylor Peak above the 40 Mile Wild and Scenic River near Chicken, Alaska. The 40 Mile is actually 390 miles long and is the longest federally managed wild and scenic river. I’m still south of the Arctic Circle so the sun sets from about 12:30 AM till about 3 AM, but it stays like dusk outside. Colin, the BLM employee in the photo, is from Fairbanks; he says that they don’t even try July 4th fireworks there - it’s too bright to see them.

Bob Wick, Wilderness Specialist, BLM National Conservation Lands


#GetOutdoors This Holiday Weekend!

“Capturing the sheer joy and excitement of others’ experiences in the great outdoors brings true meaning and pleasure to my work. The thrill of connecting people with wild places, and living in the moment with them is almost indescribable. The only thing better than working and playing on public lands is getting to share the experience with others!” — Chad Douglas, BLM New Media Lead

Photos: Desolation Gray Canyons (Green River), Utah