Ideal partners for the Venus signs

Aries: someone who makes your heart beat faster, who teases you, who makes your blood rush, who makes you chase them, who makes you feel alive, who makes you grin

Taurus: someone who makes you feel at ease, who makes you feel at home, who gives your life structure and meaning, who gives you a reason to wake up each day, who makes you feel stable and whole

Gemini: someone who you can talk for hours with about anything and everything without getting bored, who you’re completely open with, who you can be weird with, who is funny, intelligent, and witty

Cancer: someone who is kind and tender, who takes care of you no matter what, who always has your needs on their mind, who is romantic and loving, who always makes sure you’re doing alright

Leo: someone who shows you off, who is really proud to be part of your life, who showers you with compliments, who always goes on about you to their friends, who talks about you like you hung up the stars

Virgo: someone who knows how to please you, who knows your pet peeves, who matches your standards, who you can find no fault in no matter how hard you try, someone who makes you feel safe 

Libra: someone who is cheesy and quirky, who is always telling you how much they love you, who romanticizes you, who treats your relationship like a larger than life affair that they can’t live without

Scorpio: someone who isn’t careless with your heart, who cherishes the vast amount of love that you can give, who doesn’t make you second-guess yourself, who takes their time to memorize every inch of your body, every part of your soul, who you can trust completely

Sagittarius: someone who doesn’t cage you, who lets your wild heart run free, who gives you your space and lets you breathe, who fills your days with yellow joy and promises of adventure, who never makes you feel bored and is unpredictable 

Capricorn: someone who always seems to be in control, who always knows exactly what to do, who inspires you, who has a planned out future and a sharp mind, who is good at meeting the goals they set, who you can picture yourself growing old with

Aquarius: someone who shows just the right amount interest to keep you hooked, who you can never quite figure out, who is different from the rest of the crowd, who’s individuality piques your interest and keeps them on your mind

Pisces: someone who’s really flirty, who can’t seem to keep their hands off you, who makes you feel like you’re in one of your fantasies, who thinks of you everytime they read a poem, look at a painting or listen to a love song, who’s ethereal and gentle

“I’ve never felt more understood.”


Golden Trio Era

Harry Potter
“You can only lose what you cling to.”
Hermione Granger
“You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own.”
Ron Weasley 
“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”
Neville Longbottom 
“Courage cannot erase out fear, courage is when we face our fear.”
Luna Lovegood 
“Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.”
Ginny Weasley 
“Though she be but little she is fierce.”
Draco Malfoy 
“I never wanted to be different. I just wanted to be me.”
Cedric Diggory
“And the only solution was to stand and fight.”
Oliver Wood
“Success isn’t something that just happens - success is learned, success is practiced, and then it is shared.”
Dean Thomas
“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.”
Seamus Finnigan
“Curiosity often leads to trouble.”
Lavender Brown
“There I just said it; I’m scared you’ll forget about me.”
Parvati Patil
“She’s got lions in her heart, a fire in her soul.”
Pansy Parkinson
“It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible and entirely ignored.”
Blaise Zabini
“I’d like to remain a mystery.”
Fred Weasley
“You have a choice. Live or die. Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be.”
George Weasley
“I’ll be alright. Just not tonight.”
Lee Jordan
“It’s better to cross the line and face the consequences than to just stare at the line the rest of your life.”

Marauder Era

James Potter
“We’re all just stories in the end.”
Sirius Black
“Nothing scares me anymore.”
Remus Lupin
“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
Peter Pettigrew
“We’re all just kids who grew up way too fast.”
Lily Evans
“We’re forever, aren’t we?”
Alice Longbottom
“It hurts me to think you’ve ever cried.”
Frank Longbottom
“Be by my side.”
Amos Diggory
“That day, we lost to fate.”
Marlene McKinnon
“Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”
Regulus Black
“All my friends are broken toys.”
Severus Snape
“I am the monster you created.”
Lucius Malfoy
“If I tremble, they are gonna eat me alive.”
Narcissa Malfoy
“She’s gone, but she’s everywhere.”
Bellatrix Lestrange
“Everything she does comes from this dark impulse. That’s what makes her so thrilling to watch.”

Next Gen.

Albus Severus Potter
“This one’s for the lonely child, broken hearted, running wild.”
Scorpius Malfoy
“I spend way to much time in my head.”
Rose Granger-Weasley
“She’s going to set the world ablaze.”
Teddy Lupin
“Nothing is what it used to be.”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Newt Scamander
“Your awkwardness is adorable.”
Tina Goldstein
“I noticed everything. I just acted like I didn’t.”
Queenie Goldstein
“Yes, I like the way you smile with your eyes.”
Jacob Kowalski
“What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?”
Creedence Barebone
“How many times can I break until I shatter?”
Percival Graves
“The storm is coming but I don’t mind.”


The idea that Taylor made a strategic business decision solely for the purpose of being petty ignores everything we know about how she had built her career and her reputation as one of the most admired business minds in her industry. Industry publications (tech, business & music) have all been speaking on the Spotify issue in the past few months. Taylor'a future actions have prominently featured in many of those articles. Talk of an impending deal have been wide spread. This was going to happen.

In true Taylor fashion the rollout would be done to showcase her return to Spotify the way she wanted it framed. She was not going to be seen “crawling” back to Spotify. It wasn’t going to go down as just a foot note. She was bringing something to the table. She took a strong well-reasoned stand against their unfair treatment and her return was not going to be seen as some type of capitulation to the inevitability of streaming.

Instead she waited till changes and reparations were made by Spotify. She waited until she had unassailable proof that she won the “game of chicken” against Spotify and everyone that said her decision would adversely effect 1989 on sales and charts. She waited till she had the numbers to show and the certification announcements. She waited…possibly…till the timing was right for an impending new album release. Timing was perfect. Then she framed it as a gift…a thank you to her fans. The ones who came through for her by buying her music. I think this was her primary strategy.

If thought was given to her return coinciding with Katy Perry’s album…and I think it is naive to assume it wasn’t part of the discussion…I don’t think it was an issue of being petty/passive aggressive that was the dominating thought. I think talk would have centered around how do we make sure Taylor’s return to Spotify is triumphant. They would have wanted her return to be viewed as significant to Spotify. To accomplish this they needed the fans to stream in mass. They needed the media frothing at the mouth to discuss. They even needed social media to make it an event. What better way to do that then piggy backing off of Katy’s ill-conceived marketing strategy to drag Taylor into her own album promo.

Seems to me she used her impressive body of work to be her “on the record” comment/response to Katy and then let everybody else let their petty hearts run wild and have fun with it creating the big buzz. It’s was a good strategy and it was well executed to maintain her reputation and standing in both the music and business world in my opinion.

Stress Relief part 2 - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW SMUT)

So many people asked for more Wolverine smut…So, here we go. Very NSFW. Really. Shameless smut (with some gif, which do not belong to me by the way). Because self-control is for weak people…wait…hum…Whatever. 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)

Summary : Last time, you helped your Wolverine relax…this time, he helps YOU. And you couldn’t be happier. 

Part 1


It had been a while since you had a week as bad as the one you just had. 

Your students, maybe because they felt like the summer vacations were very close, were just being so difficult, so much that at each end of the class you were just exhausted both mentally and physically. 

If that wasn’t enough, you had tons of paperworks to take care of because you promised Storm you’d help her with it. You probably made at least 100 new student files, as the school really started to grow and more kids came in every day. You fucking hated paperworks…You cursed yourself for even asking Ororo if she needed help. She was your best friend, and was co-headmaster with Logan…You saw what being headmaster did to Logan, how it took a toll on his mind, mood etc etc, and just had to try to help them. Still. Fuck paperworks. 

You also were in charge of recruiting new teachers, and that was another pain in the ass, because damn some of them were perfect idiots. You had to throw some out of the school once you realized they were just journalists, looking for a new scandal article to make about a “school full of dangerous mutants”. Assholes. 

Oh, and of course, you also asked Kurt and Hank if they needed help, and of course…They did. 

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Your Time (M)

Smut /// Nerd!Baekhyun

You flip through the manga’s lining his windowsill; you’d just finished running your hands through the ones in his bookshelf. Baekhyun was lounging on his bed with his leg dangling off the edge. He had one of those double decker beds without the bed at the bottom instead the space was crammed with his computer and posters for old timey movies.

You toss your jean jacket onto the chair, dirtying the spotless room with the item. You could feel his eyes wandering off his manga and onto the chair in an instant.  

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i can be your family » an arya x gendry fanmix

hey little girl with the crooked smile / you got a love so warm, make a heart run wild / you make me want you, babe / hey little girl, set my soul on fire / you’re the gasoline, my one desire / you make it worth the chase / i will follow you to the end of the world / with you

// LISTEN //

If Gaston tried to count all the women he’s ever kissed, he’d run out of breath. And pass out, probably. He kissed girls in primary school, junior high, and some would argue every single girl in high school. He feels proud for it. 

He’s also kissed boys. That started later, though, as a dare in a high school party. It was someone he didn’t know, so he didn’t see the harm in it. Ever since, he’s kissed more and more boys. He loved kissing boys.

But kissing girls was easier because no one questioned you when you kissed a girl.

So Gaston liked to kiss whoever he pleased- there’s just one rule. It would be too complicated if he were to bend or break it. It is metaphorically written in permanent Sharpie marker across everything he owns. He opens his textbook and reads it. He unlocks his phone and reads it. When he wakes up, the rule is written on the ceiling of his bedroom so that he must first read it before going about any other activity. 

He doesn’t kiss his friends.

Enter: Lefou.

In a lot of first loves stories, the characters would know each other for most of their lives, but not in this one. There was two weeks left in the school year before Gaston graduated. He was thinking of everything in the future tense: what was to be, what was to come, what would unfold tomorrow and the day after and the month and years after that. 

Then, in Algebra class, he is pulled backwards as if by a rope around the neck. He’s pulled to present. 

“Do you have a pencil I can borrow?”

Gaston blinks. The voice is familiar, and so is the face. But Gaston has never spoken to him before. He’s cute, soft-faced, and gorgeously voiced. It’s so late in the year. The final exam is in three days. There had been no seat changes. This boy had been sitting next to Gaston all year and Gaston had never noticed.

The boy laughs quietly, nervously, and then turns the other way and asks someone else.

It all happens slowly, like Gaston is standing so far away and watching the shadow of this boy interact with someone who is not Gaston. Watch the boy laugh with someone who is not Gaston, and then return a pencil to someone who- again- is not Gaston.

The next day, Gaston gets to class early, and puts a pencil on the desk next to him. It is set down loudly, and makes a sharp, painful sound. Gaston stands next to it and smiles.

When the boy comes to class a few seconds later, he stops in front of Gaston. The desk is between them, holding the evidence of a single pencil. The boy is looking at Gaston like he has two heads, and isn’t even looking at the pencil. Why wasn’t he looking at the pencil? It was a gift, Gaston insisted internally; and although he wanted the boy to acknowledge his efforts, he couldn’t complain to be the target of his gaze.

“Um,” the boy says, “Hello.”

He sits down. He doesn’t notice the pencil. It infuriates Gaston further.

Gaston sits down, too, and says, “I brought you a pencil.”

The boy looks over sharply, surprised. He picks up the pencil, and looks from it to Gaston.

“This is yours?” he says. “I remembered my own today, though.” 

Then the boy tries to give it back.

Gaston shakes his head furiously. “No, it’s yours. Keep it.”

For a moment, Gaston feels as if he’s done something wrong. He feels like he should take the pencil back and laugh as if it were all a joke, do something to save himself from drowning- but then the boy starts to smile. 

Gaston dies. Not as the spirit dies, but as the flesh dies. He stops breathing and can’t speak and can’t think. 

“Thanks,” the boy says. The word is a bandit, robbing Gaston of ability to respond.

The boy turns towards the front of class. The lecture begins. The boy pays close attention, and doesn’t look at Gaston for the rest of class. 

When the bell rings, the boy gathers his things.

“I’m Gaston,” Gaston blurts. 

The boy turns around, and looks as if he isn’t sure if Gaston is talking to him or not. It’s ridiculous. Why wouldn’t Gaston be talking to him? Who else would he rather speak to? There isn’t anyone more worthy of Gaston’s attention.

The boy laughs softly. He juggles his books.

“I know,” he says.

The response makes Gaston’s heart sink. How could he know who Gaston is, and Gaston have no idea who he is?

The boy is leaving, and Gaston runs to catch up.

“What’s your name?”

The boy looks startled. He smiles again, and Gaston dies again.

“Lefou,” he says. 

Gaston grins. Lefou. Lefou.

That’s how it starts, anyway. And over the course of the remaining semester and following summer, they grow to be closer friends. Closer, closer still. And Gaston has no idea how he could be sitting right next to Lefou for an entire year and never having seen him before. When they laugh together or play soccer together or go to the movies together, Gaston thinks of nothing else he’d rather do. He thinks of wasted time and wasted opportunity.

Then Lefou would smile, and Gaston would die. His heart would stutter and sputter and give out. Gaston would be a walking corpse, and Lefou the assassin. 

They are sitting together on the sofa with popcorn and Doritos and M&M’s, watching a super hero movie and laughing at inappropriate moments with no one to tell them they can’t.

They’re close. Gaston feel’s Lefou’s arm touching his own. It feels like fire. It feels like electricity. It feels like the best thing Gaston has ever felt in his life. 

And all he can think about is how he wants to kiss Lefou, but he can’t. They’re friends, and Gaston can’t kiss his friends. 

Gaston has kissed many people. He’s loved none of them. 

Though despite all his effort, Gaston inevitably breaks his rule.

Lefou is still next to him on the sofa, holding the bag of Doritos, when he starts to droop over and lean into Gaston’s chest. Gaston holds his breath, his heart runs wild. He’s about to ask what Lefou’s doing when he looks down to see Lefou asleep. His lips are pretty, pink, and parted. Gaston loves them. 

He takes the bag of chips from Lefou’s hands and sets them down on the table next to them. As he moves, Lefou turns more toward’s Gaston’s chest. There’s a short moment of awkwardness, but Gaston puts his arm around Lefou and everything feels right. It feels like the last piece of a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle has been found and put into place. Gaston is utterly content. He feels warm, as if he’s sitting in the summer sun. 

They stay like that for half an hour. Gaston had long since turned the movie volume down to a dull hum so not to wake Lefou. At least, that was the objective.

“Do you like me?” Lefou says suddenly, startling Gaston.

 Lefou turns his face up towards Gaston, and Gaston forgets any surprise as it’s covered in adoration. Lefou’s face is flushed, warm, and cute; he blinks blearily, and Gaston dies and dies and dies. He’s in love.

Gaston wants to laugh. 

“Yeah,” he says, voice a whisper. 

Lefou nods. “What kind of like?”

Gaston’s heart stutters and sputters again. It has yet to give out. He isn’t sure what to say. The moment feels tender and quiet. 

He touches Lefou’s hair, and says, “The kind where I want to give you everything you ask for.”

Lefou smiles dopey and wide, “Like a pencil.”

Gaston laughs loud and abrupt. It comes out choked. 

“Yeah,” he says, “like a pencil.”

“What if I asked for a kiss?” Lefou says. His voice is gorgeous. Gorgeously-voiced, like the first time Gaston heard him speak in Algebra class a few months ago. 

“Yeah,” Gaston nods.

“Kiss me?”

And that’s the day Gaston has his first love’s kiss like every Disney princess movie likes to include. Gaston’s had many kisses in his entire life. He’s kissed more girls than he can count and fewer boys than he would have liked to count before he met Lefou. 

But firsts do that to people. Wipes the slate clean. There’s no more counting because nothing else matters. Lefou is every kiss Gaston had ever wanted and ever will want. 

“Kiss me again?”

Love So Warm (Make a Heart Run Wild) - supras
By Organization for Transformative Works

Written by: @musuak
Relationships: Niall Breslin/Niall Horan
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Veterinarian Niall, Fireman Bressie, Just Add Kittens, Nessie Summer Fanwork Fest

In which Bressie is a fireman who rescues a kitten from a burning barn and Niall is the village vet.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine, Part 1

Prompt: Stiles’ feelings about Theo prove to be correct as he kidnaps the both of you and forces your boyfriend to watch him hurt you.
The first thing you feel is pain. Throbbing, aching pain at the back of your head. When you open your eyes you only see more darkness. With confusion you go to lift your arm only to realise it is tied to something. Panic fills your mind as you recollect what had happened. The last thing you remember is the sickening smirk on Theo’s face as he tells you his plan to murder your best friend, Scott.
You try to let out a scream but it comes out muffled, the rope around your mouth hiding your attempts to be heard. You go to scream again but you stop, hearing a familiar voice mumbling in the darkness. You feel your face pale and your mouth goes dry as you realise that the voice you hear belongs to Stiles. Suddenly a dim light flickers on above, and as your sight adjusts you take in the scene in front of you. It’s a dusty, old room, practically bare besides the two of you. You look at Stiles, with rope bound around his hands and legs, tying him to the chair in which he is sat on. You look down at yourself only to realise you are in the same position. “No, no, no, no… (y/n), are you okay?” Stiles asks, anxiety making his voice hoarse and you know he’s more afraid for your safety than his own. You give him a slow nod, wishing you could ask him the same question. His eyes glaze over, fear making his heart run wild as he looks at the girl he loves, knowing he is completely helpless in any efforts to keep her safe. You watch with sadness as he tries over and over to free his hands, his wrists becoming red and sore from the rope. “I’m so glad you’re both awake.” You hear from the corner of the room, a voice that can only be recognised as Theo Raeken. Your heart drops instantly, sure he is going to hurt, or even kill one of you. “Let her go.” Stiles says immediately, anger present in his tone. “Oh Stiles, but that would ruin the fun wouldn’t it. You see, while you two are stuck here with me, my plan is going perfectly.” Theo laughs, slowly pacing around the two of you with a sickly sweet smile on his face. “What plan? What the hell are you talking about?” Stiles raises his voice, and you can almost see his blood boiling with anger. “My plan to kill Scott McCall. I didn’t come to join his pack Stiles, oh no. I came for a pack of my own. I came for the were-coyote, the one whose first instinct is to kill. The banshee, the one surrounded by death. I came for the beta with anger issues, the dark kitsune, I came for void Stiles, that’s the pack I want!” Theo shouts, with a proud look upon his face “… fortunately it doesn’t include Scott. "Similarly, I don’t really have any need for weak humans either…” Theo trails off, coming to stand behind you. You feel a lump in your throat, his words filling you with fear as you realise now that the only person he wants to harm is you. “What have you done to Scott?” Stiles asks slowly, and you can see the anger wash away on his face, being replaced by a fearful frown. “I haven’t done anything… it’s what Liam will do.” Theo’s laugh echoes through the empty room. “Now, I’m going to make you angry Stiles, I’m going to get the void Stiles that I want, even if I have to kill to do it.” His eyes never leave yours, his smile widening with every word he speaks. You try not to make any noise, try not to look as terrified as you feel as you watch him take a knife out of his pocket. Stiles writhes in his seat, shouting at Theo to leave you alone, but he continues to walk towards you, stopping at your feet. He places the tip of the knife at your neck, keeping it there as he walks behind you. “What are you gonna do about it Stiles? How are you going to stop me?” He asks, pushing the knife a little harder, and you wince as it causes a small drop of blood to fall down your neck. Stiles’ eyes are glassy, and you watch as he bites his lip, his brow furrowing at the sight before him. “Please, don’t hurt her, she doesn’t deserve any of this.” He says slowly, his voice breaking. You close your eyes tight as Theo quickly pulls the knife away from your neck. “If you haven’t noticed already Stiles, a lot of people are dead who probably didn’t deserve it…” Theo trails off, pulling your hair over one shoulder. With one swift movement he makes a sharp cut on the top of your arm and you jolt to one side, hissing in pain only for it to be muffled by the rope over your mouth. Your fear slowly numbs as you realise that you truly are helpless. You look up at Stiles, his breathing fast and his hands twisting and un-twisting around the arms of the chair and you know he’s not angry anymore, he’s terrified. “What’s wrong Stiles? Have you lost your voice?” Theo smirks. You tense as he grabs your hair, pulling your head to one side, making you look him in the eyes. “I’ve gotta say (y/n)…” he whispers “… I didn’t think I would enjoy this so much.” And you notice that the knife he had been using had been replaced with what looks like a taser. Your thoughts were shown to be true as two dart-like electrodes fire into your leg, and the electric shock burns through your body. You scream into the rope around your mouth, the electric current causing you to writhe in your chair. Suddenly the pain is gone, and you fall limp, feeling weak and helpless. “Please stop, please Theo.” You hear Stiles begging, his voice thick with a pain of his own, his tears now falling onto his cheeks. “Okay, okay, I’ll end this now.” You hear and as you gather the strength look up at Theo, you watch his eyes glow and suddenly he raises his fist towards your face. Once again everything has gone dark.

She lives her life like a flame; a dance of purposeful chaos.… Her enchanting light can guide you and quell your fears… She’s hot; warming those who respect her and burning those who don’t… She is a flame with an unforgettable glow… A weak man will try to dim her luminance… but her soul mate will take pleasure in fanning the blaze.
—  Steve Mariboli
the signs as R5 lyrics

Aries: Even though these are our best days, we only do things in the worst way

Taurus: You’ve got your diamonds and your pearls, but I’m what you’re missing

Gemini: Looking for the one tonight, but I can’t see you, cause I’m blinded by all the lights

Cancer:  You don’t have to tell me twice, when lightning strikes

Leo:  Let’s stay on the run forever, let’s go nowhere that we know, get strange with the stars together

Virgo:  You’re trying for more, you’re dancing in the friend zone. Baby I’m bored, this game is so Nintendo

Libra: My mind says no, you’re no good for me, but my heart’s made up on you

Scorpio: My nights begin to bleed, mirages of love, don’t want to wake up

Sagittarius:  Wild hearts run, your time has just begun, keep chasing for the sun, don’t slow it down

Capricorn:  Good girls ain’t never making history. And we dance in the streets til the morning, never sleep when the city is calling

Aquarius:  I was tryna play too cool to get caught up. Like, too fun, too young to fall to pieces

Pisces: I wanna get lost in the city of lights, jump off the edge of the world tonight

Puppy Love (pt 3 Final)

Originally posted by bwipsul

SURPIRIZZZZZ ^^ Out of nowhere, here it is part 3! This is pure shitty fluff because I just keep on reading angsty stuff seriously guys life is amazing stop being so sad (just jk I LOVE reading angsty stuff keep on writing plz) also I tried to add some smuttish references in there to make it more funny but hey I’ve never tried before so don’t be too harsh with me plz ^^

Jungkook x Reader


Word count:  5,600 K

Part 1 ; Part 2

You gradually get used to live with Jungkook. While you are at University he works at the ice cream shop or walk around town, “to observe human behaviour” as he says. When you come home he is always there, welcoming you like the little overexcited puppy he is. And yes, the two of you keep on sleeping on the same bed. At the beginning it felt quite weird, but not bad weird. You have thought about telling him off sometimes but everynight he just naturally climbs into your bed and truth is you just can’t resist his big doe eyes. You keep telling yourself there is nothing romantic about it, it’s just two people who comfortably sleep side by side.

Jungkook is not a ‘real guy’… right?

“Y/N-ah” his voice tickles your neck as his arms naturally find their way around your waist. It’s almost night time and you are washing the dishes but, as usual, Jungkook is bored and wants your attention. You’ve noticed how he would get extremely clingy when he has nothing to do. Like a little puppy he either has too much energy or sleeps like a rock. And when he is bored he comes to you to get some sort of entertainment.

“Hands off you whining little brat” you scold him jokingly

“I’m bored” he protests as expected, resting is head in the between your neck and shoulder.

“And I am busy! I am not your personal toy! You better find an hobby or something!” you suggest trying to pray his hands off you. Mumbling something under his breath along the line of -why won’t you play with me?- he goes in the living room with his head  hanging low. He is still there, lying with his face flat on your small couch when you enter the room after finishing your chores. He looks so pitiful your heart clenches a little. What’s wrong with this one now? Letting out a sigh you sit on the floor next to him petting his head gently.

“What’s wrong?” you murmur softly. Jungkook turns his head to stares at you. There is something in his clear doe eyes that always entrance you. He is like a magnet. And you are inevitably drown to him. This time you can clearly see a veil of sadness covering his usual bright gaze and you can’t help wondering what’s bothering him so much and wanting to relieve his sorrows.  

“There is so much I want to do and so many things I need to learn…” Jungkook says in a distressed low whisper.

That is when you realize that the whole situation is actually really tough on him. He is trying so hard to be ‘normal’ and to find his place in this world. Jungkook personality is always so cheerful and bright it’s hard for people to notice when he feels upset. Seeing him so vulnerable and helpless in front of you it’s heartclenching. You feel the desperate need to comfort him and see his usual adorable bunny smile.  

“You don’t have to worry. You can do everything you want, learn everything you like. There is no reason for you to upset. You are hardworking, charming and everybody likes you. You will understand what you want to do in your life, eventually. And if you need any help, I’m here” you say smiling sweetly at him.

Jungkook doesn’t reply but just looks back at you fondly. His warm gaze makes you blush a little but you try to keep up with it. You can see the relief your words brought to his mind and you feel extremely satisfied fro being able to help him. You are about to get up and leave when it happens. Without warning, he moves his face closer to yours and your noses touches. It’s a small, intimate gesture that lasts for less then a second. Not clearly realizing what is happening you sit frozen in place, your mind completely blank. Even though you can feel the warmth of his breath so close to your skin and his mouth inches away form yours, every muscle on your body feels paralysed.

After a moment you move backwards covering your face with your hands. The silence is so thick it’s almost unbearable and you hold your breath as your heart runs wild.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING??!!” You scream in shock. Jungkook looks at you blinking his eyes with an innocent expression on his face. Oh my god how many time you’ve restrained to punch that painfully  beautiful face.  

“What?” his flat reply only irritates you even more.

“Y-you… I… what..??!” you stammer. Jungkook senses your confusion but scratches the bridges of his nose with indifference.

“Why? I saw a lot of people doing that with the person they love”

You’ve never thought your face could turn this hot –IS HE FOR REAL? Did he just say the L word? Like this? Casually?!- You look at him in disbelief, your eyes the size of a saucer and your cheeks on fire. You were internally freaking out but impose to yourself to remain focused and concentrate. Clearing your throat you try to understand what is the whole situation about. First of all Jungkook is not a normal person, ok, he is also a dog, right, and with that said touching his nose means…

“D-do you mean a kiss?”

He stares at you and nods slowly pouting slightly. -Ok, this is getting out of your control-

“Uhm let’s break this down for a moment” Again you adjust your position trying to maintain a safe distance “Well, first of all that was technically not a kiss and second, kiss is not something you just randomly do with everyone, and well there are also those kind of people who don’t really care about it, but personally I find it something really intimate so yeah don’t be so careless about it people might misunderstand you” you start rambling and making weird gesture with your hands -Wow congrats that was so smooth, for fuck sake Y/N get a grip of yourself!!

Jungkook looks at you in silence clearly enjoying your little outburst. He’s got such an teasing look in his eyes you can feel your ears turning hot too. -Why is he looking at me like that? WHY DOESN’T HE SAY ANYTHING?-

“I just felt like doing it” he states simply turning around and stirring his back.

-What is it supposed to mean??!! Why is he like this?! What have I done to deserve such a torture?- You clear your throat once again and giggle uncomfortably. You honestly have no idea what to say nor how to feel about this whole nose-touching thing. Should you thank him? Nah that would sound weird.

The thing is Jungkook has this habit of doing awfully cute things that are probably oh-not-so-innocent from an external point of view. Like caressing the skin of your waist while humming a quiet lullaby or sleep impossibly close to you with his chin on top of your head. And honestly you still don’t know how to feel about it. He always does it so casually, so naturally with such an innocent expression plastered on his handsome face that never fails to leave you dumbfounded. The truth is that lately his only presence makes you feel hot and bothered. You have started to notice how is finger would linger a little bit too long on your waist, his hugs getting a little more possessive and his mouth resting way too close to your ear for your sanity. His fingertips have started to leave a trace of boiling spots on your skin and your checks lit up like Christmas balls everytime you hear his whining singing voice calling you from the other room.

“Well don’t do that again” you mutter under you breath and hide your face with your hair -a self defence mechanism of yours.  

“Why? You didn’t like it?” Jungkook glances at you sideways while casually biting down on his bottom lip. In the split of a second your gaze wonders from his eyes to his mouth and then to the floor and you hear him laugh faintly at you clear awkwardness -What’s up with the smug attitude now??? When did he get so bold? AND WHY AM I LIKE THIS???-

“Oh oh or maybe you enjoyed it?” you lift your face and upon seeing his self-satisfied grin you jump on your feet clenching your fists. When did he get so confident, so flirty?

“You little pervert! I- I want you to stay at least 2 meters away from me! Y-you sleep on the couch tonight!” you half scream stomping your feet and running to the other room to hide you burning checks.  As you walk out you hear a faint chuckle coming from the couch and you can vividly imagine the smirk adorning his tempting rosy lips.

When you get into bed that night it feels weird not to have Jungkook by your side. You have warned him not to come near you and weird enough he has decided to set on the sofa. When you came out of the bathroom and didn’t spare him a glance he felt bad and hated himself for being so impulsive at times. He knew you were not really angry at him and that his small gesture had taken you by surprise. But oh well, Jungkook too was shocked by his behaviour because usually he is more subtle with his approaches but tonight he just can’t control himself around you. Your movements, your voice, your smell, everything about you was intoxicating for him. Everything is ten times more amplified than usual and his self control totally non existent. Deep down the reason why and even though he doesn’t want to say it out loud he has already accepted it. The only problem is he is not sure if you would accept it so easily as well.

On the other side of the story, you’ve been tossing and turning around for an hour now unable to find a comfortable position. You sigh rubbing your eyes for the umpteenth time when the sudden realization hit you. Even though you would never openly say it to him the bed feels too big and strangely cold without Jungkook’s presence. It has been almost three months now and you hate to say it but you’ve fallen into the routine quiet quick. Going to University, working, coming back home and find him. It all feels so incredibly natural and simple it feels like you have known him from ages. Like it’s fate. Shaking your head -Come on Y/N don’t be such an idiotic helpless romantic!- you internally scold yourself.

It startles you a little when the door cracks open and you hear light footsteps approaching your bed. In a moment an adorable jindo dog jumps right in front of you. Speaking of the devil

“I-I’ve told you to stay away from me” you say but you can feel you voice shaking as the dog lets out a low sad whine. You decide to turn around because you know that if you keep looking into his adorable eyes you are going to give in. You are not even annoyed anymore, but you are just too prideful to concede defeat yet.

Suddenly you feel the bed sink under the weigh of Jungkook’ body, signalling he has turned into his human form. Unlike usual he doesn’t wrap his arms around you but stays distant. Sighing you just stay there biting your bottom lip nervously waiting for him to make the first move.

“I’m sorry” he speaks first  “I don’t want things to become awkward between us” you can hear the anxiety in his voice and you actually feel bad to have been so harsh on him for such a small matter. You know he meant no harm and was just being spontaneous.

“It’s not awkward… I was just… you startled me so… yeah” you say, finally turning around to face him.  His tensed up expression softens when his eyes met yours. Without even thinking about it, Jungkook reaches out for you and brings you closer. He needs to feel you close. His hands hesitantly rest on your waist, eyes unsure, lips slightly pouting.

“I am sorry” he repeats hoping you can feel the sincerity in his words. For the umpteenth time that night you sigh and crumble under his sweet gaze. You just can’t be mad at him. You outstretch your arms and Jungkook quickly moves forward to hide his face in your neck.

“Don’t worry, I overreacted. It’s fine. We are fine” you reassured petting his head gently and smiling weakly. He purred under your touch and let out a satisfied sigh. It always amazes you how Jungkook can turn from a cocky little shit to a fluffy ball of cuteness in a span of two seconds. And, of course, as you lay there thinking just how adorable he looks, his voice comes out in a teasing tone

“So…. can we, like, do it again sometimes?”


“Just joking! Just joking!” his hands travels to secure themselves around your body and Jungkook snuggle himself impossibly close to you “Let’s sleep”

You are sure he can hear your heart beats three times faster then its normal pace and you internally facepalm yourself for being so weak when it comes to him. He knows exactly what he is doing. And you hate how much control he’s got over you. As you lay there with your eyes already half closed you hug Jungkook back, feeling him smiling against your skin. It scares you to admit it out loud because it has all happened so unexpectedly fast you still haven’t got the time to process everything. Jungkook came into your life as a powerful, beautiful tornado who has turned your routine upside down. You still don’t know how to define your relationship. You would say you are really close friend, but then again if anyone sees you right now would beg to different. But you don’t care. Because truth is that you’ve never felt so safe in anyone’s arm before. And you have no intention to let him go.

The next morning you wake up feeling as hot as ever. And no, not in a good way. You feel extremely sweaty and uncomfortable, like your body is catching fire. After that you feel Jungkook’ body impossibly close to yours his arms engulfing your body, but not in the usual affectionate manner. His big hands are wrapped around your waist, your face a millimetre away from his chest, his legs are tangled with yours, his strong grip keeping you in place. You struggle a little and shift your body trying to escape his grip. That’s when you feel it. Being the little spoon you can feel E-V-E-R-Y inch of his body pressing against yours. And there, right under your bum you feel something hard poking you. You blush fifty shades of red and let out a desperate sound half between a sigh and and whine. Immediately you cover your mouth with your hands, embarrassed that such a sound came out of you. Maybe it is you squirming in his arms or maybe your groaning but the guy besides you slowly starts to come to his senses.

“Stop moving around” Jungkook’s deep morning voice gives you goosebumps as his hot breath tickles the top of your head. His body is radiating so much warmth it feels almost suffocating.

“Kookie you should… it’s hot and and… w-we should just get up because-” you stutter unable to form a coherent sentence. You start to move around again careful not to touch him there.

“Oh come on, it’s Saturday! You don’t have class today right?”

Jungkook shifts in attempt to still your movements but suddenly realizes his not-so-little problem. You feel him stiffen besides you and his arms tense up around your waist. His eyes grow wide and he suddenly moves backwards trying to put some distance between you two.

“I-I am sorry… I…” Jungkook stammers as he abruptly gets up. You sit up as well and watch him freaking out with a shocked -but nonetheless- amused expression. With his hair pointing in different directions, t-shirt all wrinkled and eyes like saucers, Jungkook looks around trying to find a way out of this awkward situation deciding eventually to run for the bathroom. Still flushed like a tomato you lift a hand to your mouth to suppress a giggle. Even though the situation is extremely embarrassing you can’t help laughing at his confused state.

Still giggling you get up and and head to the kitchen to make some coffee. The thought of the frustrated look on Jungkook face makes you smile wider and your mind can’t help but wonder what exactly is going on in that bathroom…. You hide your face in between your hands wriggling your head side to side just to get those thoughts out of your mind. You suddenly feel like a little teenage girl again. Of course you have thought about Jungkook that way in the past months because, come on, he is undeniably attractive, handsome but cute at the same time and well… with a really solid rock body. The temptation to tease him, to see how he would react if you were the one hugging him has been incredibly strong, but you have restrained yourself not to ruin your relationship. What if he doesn’t feel the same? What if I make things uncomfortable for the both of us? What if he wants to leave? Those kind of thoughts have always stopped you from making a move, but your are aware of the fact that you are actually in a sticky situation. It is not the first time to feel a guy so close to you and you know it’s normal for boys to be like that in the morning, but well the fact that it happened there with you and the way he reacted made you feel a bit… flattered.

A sudden cough brakes your stream of thoughts and makes you turn around. Jungkook is standing at the door scratching the back of his neck and avoiding your gaze with a  pink tint painting his fluffy cheeks.

“I was.. I think…” he starts talking but shut it immediately because he doesn’t know how to explain it. He knows it’s something completely natural that he shouldn’t be ashamed of. He also knows that it’s normal for those like him to have this kind of persistent problem at random times of the year and having it now sure is… inconvenient. Unfortunately it is not something he can control but the fact that you are not freaking out calms him down a little. On the other hand you are quite enjoying the situation. Sure you still feel embarrassed but seeing his red face makes it all more funny. Feeling brave enough you decide to push his limit and tease him a little. It’s not fair he is always the one to make me blush, right?

“Come on Kookie it happens! Don’t worry! A boner won’t ruin our relationship” you blurt out giggling. Jungkook feels his breath hitch and his cheeks turning even hotter. He doesn’t know if he is more shocked about your relaxed reactions or the fact that you mentioned the words relationship and boner in the same sentence. Yesterday you were freaking out about him touching your nose and know, here you are, comfortably talking about his…. private parts. Girls sure are confusing- thinks Jungkook.  

The poor boy doesn’t  say anythig and you decide to get closer to him. Lifting your hand to pet his head and trying to sound as casual as possible -but knowing way to well what you are doing- you add “Come on it’s fine. It’s just me”

Now that is exactly the problem- thinks the poor boy. He feels the need to explain himself but his heart his beating so fast he can hear it pulsate in his temple.

“You know Y/N it’s hard to explain but people like me, well, dog like me can become quite sensitive during a certain period of time in the year and and…” again Jungkook stops and lets out a frustrated sigh. The situation in only getting worse and he has no idea how to get out of it.

On the other hand you are looking at him furrowing your eyebrows and trying to make sense of his words. Dog, period of the year, warmth… could it be? No no no.. NO

“Are you trying to say that you are in heat?” you gape at Jungkook and blink a few times when the realization hit you. In the end, Jungkook is a peculiar kind of hybrid, between a man and a dog, and so it is normal for him to have this kind of problems, right?

“Well no- now I wouldn’t call it- better- no… yes”

You stare at each other in complete silence for a moment, hoping the other one would make a move first. The tension is so thick you find it hard to swallow normally. Jungkook is standing in front of you, cheeks flushed and ears on fire. His rosy lips are slightly parted, shoulder hanging low and a regretful expression on his face. You can’t help to feel sorry for the poor boy who has no control over the situation, but also amused by the sudden turn fo events. You find this the perfect occasion to push his limits. Just for fun. Finally, tired of the silence, you speak up.

“So what are you supposed to  do now? Find a mate or something to… you know?”

“NO! I Y/N! THIS- ARGH!” Jungkook cover his face with his hands and lets out a frustrated grunt. There is no way he can tell that what he really needs right now it’s less then a meter away from him.

“I think I can handle this myself” he states trying to sound as firm as possible. However, the red shade spreading on his cheeks betrays him and you cover your mouth to suppress a giggle. You hardly feel so powerful and in control in front of him and -honestly- it feels great.

“Awww our little Jungkookie is frustrated” closing the distance between you two you lean forward to pinch his cheek smiling widely.

-What the hell does she think she is doing????? I am here telling her that I am in heat and she is teasing me like a little kid??- Jungkook can’t let you have the upper hand -and given his current state he is in no mood for games. Slowly he lifts his hand to hold your wrist as his eyes locked on yours in a piercing stare. A little taken aback you try to avoid is eyes and move away but he is quick to grab your chin with his other hand and still your movements.

“I wouldn’t play around with me right now Y/N” the low tone of his voice sends a pleasurable shiver down your spine and his strong gaze keeps you frozen in place “nor call me little” he adds.

A cocky expression appears on his face when he sees your dumbfounded state. Oh oh the tables have turned. His hot breath fanning on top on your lips is almost intoxicating and nothing like the innocent nose-kiss accident of the previous night. This time Jungkook knows exactly what he is doing. Your attention accidentally swift from his eyes to him temping lips in the exact moment his tongue makes an appearance. You close your hide shut praying he would just do something, anything because your mind completely blacks out. How foolish of you to think you could have maintain some sort of power.

“We should get out don’t you think? The park maybe? It’s such a nice day and I think you need some fresh air”  he comments moving away and leaving you still more puzzled, overwhelmed and frustrated then before. We both do- he thinks to himself as he makes his way once again toward the bathroom.

The park is sunny and there is hardly nobody around. Well, it is Saturday morning. Jungkook strolls besides you in his dog like form because he said  it’s easier for him to control his little problem like that. You have been walking around for quite some time now and heading back toward you apartment when a voice called your name.  

“Y/N! Good morning” you halt in your steps and turn around to find a really attractive guy waving and coming toward you “What are you doing out so early? I recall you being a bit of a sleepyhead!”

“Jin Oppa! Good morning” you greet warmly “I would have slept in but this little one here was being a little too feisty this morning! What are you doing here?”

“Just out for a walk… Aww I didn’t know you’ve got a dog! He is so cute!” Jin stretches his hand to pet the little dog but he immediately let out a low, aggressive growl “Oh it seems like he doesn’t like me” dumbfounded Jin scratches the back of his head sending you a weak smile.  

“H-he is just not really used to stranger I guess, don’t mind it” you throw a warning gaze at Jungkook trying to get him to behave. Why the hell was he so aggressive at times?

“Well then, we should change that. Do you want to grab a coffee with me?” Jin offers, his eyes twinkling and voice warm.

“Yeah sure!” you easily agree, ignoring yet another growl coming from the little jindo dog on your side.

The three of you head toward a small coffee in the park, one of your favourites. Jungkook keeps complaining, letting out a string of frustrated whines and barks until you can’t bear with him anymore and let him sit on your lap. He settles there and keeps quiet for the rest of the time but you can’t help notice how he eyes follow Jin and controls his every movement.  You pleasantly exchange small talks with Jin for almost half an hour, talking about University-related stuff when suddenly the conversation takes an unexpected turn into your private life.

“So how is you boyfriend?” his bold question takes you a bit aback and Jungkook on your lap immediately pricks up his ears.

“N-no well I mean… who?”

“I mean that tall brunette you were with the other time I saw you. From his behaviour I just assumed you two were a thing” Jin explains and you immediately feel your cheeks turning hot. Damn Jungkook

“Oh… OH! No, I mean, he is a really close friend and we see each other sometimes but yeah…” you stammer clearing embarrassed to death. On the other hand the dog you your lap starts to bark and waves his tail excitedly. -WHAT EXACTLY IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!- you pet him trying to make him shut up as you try to find a way out of the situation.

“How is Suga oppa? It’s been ages since I last saw him!”

When Jin hugs you and waves you goodbye you immediately turn to stare down at Jungkook. You are so annoyed by his behaviour you don’t even know what to begin with, but the little one must have sensed the danger because just after you have shot him a death glare he starts to run away.

“YA you little brat! Stop and behave!” you shout after him.

When you arrive home -painting and slamming the door shut- Jungkook is quick to run in your room as you take of your shoes and turn into his human form. You barely make it to the living room as he storms out of your bedroom and stands in front of you, arms crossed. He looks kind of intimidating with his eyebrows furrowed and wrinkled up nose -nothing like the Jungkook you are used to. The way he is looking at you, so stoic and firm, gives you goosebumps but you refuse to back down.

“W-what do you think you are doing?! YA why can’t you be nice with my friends?!” You half shout trying to keep up with his burning stare.

“I don’t like it” he says sternly, his voice dropping an octave “The way he looks at you, the way he touches you, he is always too close” while talking he starts to move towards you causing you to blindly step backwards until you bump into the kitchen counter.

You look at him confused “I-I.. Jin is just a friend he….” your words sound feeble to your hears. Jungkook outstretches his  arms, trapping you in between them and the counter.

“I.  Don’t. Like. It” he repeats and before you can move an inch is lips come crashing down against yours. At first, too shocked to move you just stay there, frozen in his arms. But soon enough your body reacts on its own. You wrap your arms around his neck, hands entangling in his silky brown hair and start to kiss him back passionately. The way his lips perfectly mould against yours, his hot breath, his  hairs in between your fingers. It just feel so good, so right. His hands dig on your waist and you are certain he will leave some bruises there. You are stealing breaths from each other like there is no more oxygen left in the planet, your bodies tangled like a two pieces of a puzzle. Jungkook pulls your body flats against his to feel how perfectly you two fits together. Your mouth tastes like those orange caramel you chew all the times with an after taste of coffee and even though it’s a bizarre combination he can’t get enough of it. Of you.

When you two part you look at his messy hair, his swollen lips and half lidded eyes. He is so beatiful he steals your breath away yet another time.

“I like you”  the words come out  like a whisper. In between sighs and hold up breaths you finally manage to bring out your emotions and pour them on him. It’s just three simple words and in the moment you say them you wonder why were you so scared to admit it before. Jungkook had already gained a special spot in your heart three months ago, when a little jindo dog came running toward you under the rain. Jungkook is able to lift your mood and put a smile on your face even in the darkest day. Jungkook teases the hell out of you but never fails to make is way to your heart with his tender words. Life with Jungkook is a dazzling, magical, never ending adventure. And you swear you will never get tired of living it.

Jungkook smiles at you fondly, showing those bunny teeth you adore so much and his eyes curls into two crescent shaped moon as he holds you closer and closer to his heart. From the first time he saw your graceful figure and twinkling eyes under the pouring rain he knew he had to get close to you. Jungkook is not someone who believes in fate but from that moment he started to believe that some things are just meant to be. And there is nothing that makes him happier then thinking that you are one of them.  He knows how much awkward he can be when it comes to express his feeling, so when Jungkook answers you he keeps it simple. Four simple words, the most banal, relieving, endearing, magical words he can master in that moment. As you stand there, giggling and blushing in his arms, hiding your face in his warm and welcoming chest there is nothing he wants more than make you smile forever. He’s got a lifetime to show you how much he cares and shower you with all his love.

I like you too”

Ok ok so just so you know this is going to be the last part. I will probably write some drabbles in the future, like everyday situations of Jungkook and the OC -if you have any suggestion just message me^^- but this is the last long scenario! Anyway, SORRY SORRY SORRY for the long wait but it really takes me ages trying not to write like a 5 years old and make as little mistakes as possible. Anyway I am satisfied with this and happy to have finally published it. Please comment, leave a message or any suggestion for future drabbles ^^

P.S I will probably edit this next week but for now enjoy!


cottonballwithmustache  asked:

i confess that i like you and i hope you are having a beautiful wet dream about your favorite lord. ps: let me know how it is tho :3c *cottonball is kicked out from the planet for being pervy*

Thabk you soooooo muchhhh~ I hope you will have good dreams about Ieyasu-sama too … ☆v☆

My heart os beating wildly for Shigezane-sama, though, … my heart run wild all the time so … yeah … I have no control over that traitorous thing …

When I look at her, my heart runs wild.

When I stare into her eyes a little bit too long I am assaulted by a hundred colors.

I see little flecks of green in her radiant blue. I see a small ring of warm brown around her iris.

But apart from their mesmerizing color, I see a thousand dreams.

—  stella .
excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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viki i was on snapchat lookin it this mtv thing about ed sheeran and what songs hes written for famous celebrities and whatnot and hes written several for one direction as u may kno but one im specifically talking about is 18 and for me that song is a slow, heartfelt total banger,, that i just can't not sing along to, so of course im singgin it out, let my emotions and heart run wild and free to this anthem, when i realize. it is in fact 1am and my family is asleep,,, til skam @ me

lsdkfj who cares if u wake them up,that song NEEDS to be sang out loud

“I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.” 

a rebelcaptain fan mix. listen here

STARDUST i’ll be your afterglow / your sweetness and your light / i’ll be the chemical that helps you sleep at night / we’re stardust, you and i  DROPS OF JUPITER now that she’s back in the back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair / she acts like summer and walks like rain / reminds that there’s a time to change COUGH SYRUP and i run to things they said could restore me / restore life the way it should be / i’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down VEGAS SKIES say goodnight / our first goodbye / i’ve only got forever and forever is fine / just take your time / we’ll stop the clock together and know that the timing was right  ➤ JYN ERSO & HOPE SUITE from the rogue one: a star wars story original motion picture score  ➤ SATELLITE CALL  this one’s for the lonely child / broken hearted / running wild / this one was written for the one to blame / for the one that believes they are the cause of chaos in everything AVALANCHE carry me down / rolling in your arms / cause i can’t remember ever falling this hard / tell me tonight / all that we have been / wasn’t nothing more than noise inside my head / crashing down / crashing down / in your avalanche SILHOUETTES there’s nothing that i’d take back / but it’s hard to say there’s nothing i regret CASSIOPEIA then the spark from a star shooting too close / they both smiled / what a day to explode / she said / tonight / come on, come on / collide  ➤YOU WON’T FEEL A THING when trouble thinks it’s found us / the world falls down around us / i promise baby you won’t ever feel a thing ALL OF THE STARS so open your eyes and see / the way our horizons meet / all of the lights will lead / into the night with me / and i know these scars will bleed / but both of our hearts believe / all of these stars will guide us home ➤ I DARE YOU TO MOVE welcome to the planet / welcome to existence / everyone’s here / everybody’s watching you now / everybody waits for you now / what happens next / i dare you to move ➤LEVITATE  there’s so much on my mind / i don’t know where to start / there’s a light filling up the dark / though i lost myself / i know it’s not the end / you are my shooting star / you make my heart ascend  ➤ YOUR FATHER WOULD BE PROUD from the rogue one: a star wars story original motion picture scoreANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN they say before you start a war / you better know what you’re fighting for / but baby you are all that i adore / if love is what you need / a soldier i will be KISS ME SLOWLY well i’m not sure what this is gonna be / but with my eyes closed all i see / is the skyline through the window / the moon above you and the streets below. ➤ RENEGADES long live the pioneers / rebels and mutineers / go forht and have no fear / come close the end is near GOODNIGHT MOON when our hearts are heavy burdens / we shouldn’t have to bear alone / so goodnight moon / and good night you / when you’re all that i think about. EVER THE SAME we should stand in the wind / we were free like water / flowing sown under the warmth of the sun / now it’s cold and we’re scared / we’ve both been shaken / look at us / this doesn’t need to be the end STARS all those times we looked up a the sky / looking out so far, we felt like we could fly / now i’m all alone in the dark of night / the moon is shining / but i can’t see the light