Spoiler alert: he did, in fact, die.

The writing for Breath of the Wild is kinda… eh, so I’m just gonna pretend Link is a reckless idiot.

Before you comment/tag this comic with Fi/Skyward Sword hate consider this: don’t.

Hey #Sidon fans…have you still been wondering who voices this handsome fish-man? 

What if I told you I’ve known & NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY TELL?

The voice actor for Sidon in Breath of the Wild gave me the Green Light to talk about their involvement! I’m going to drop the news at 5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern Time TODAY.

For reference, the currently listed voiceover artist for the role on Behind the Voice Actors (Bill Rogers) is INCORRECT. The official VA for Sidon has not been announced before now!

The news will be posted on here as well as on Twitter, so don’t miss out if you’ve been curious! This is not a joke or a fake-out; I was given permission to release the official info and will be doing so at the stated time. :D

(someone write a drabble and i’ll give you a cookie akndsnk)

So these two often find themselves doing stuff together, and even when one of them is expecting they still find time to spend time relaxing. 
Even though the baby probably can’t hear, they still like to include her in whatever they do (including reading cool novels or so) ^_^



Lady Urbosa from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I crush on every Gerudo in the game so much, guys. So much. But the one that really wrecked me into tiny little pieces was Urbosa. So much so that we decided to draw her up in a pin up.

This here was a collaboration, with pencils by @teslakoiart as a part of our new art group alongside @superhappy called EverybodySuperHappy.

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Listen fam, I know we’re all upset about there not being any Ganondorf in Breath of the Wild, but Nintendo knew what they were doing. By the time most players get to Hyrule Castle, Link is buff, rich, beautifully outfitted, and a master chef. If Ganon had even a tiny bit of humanity in him, he would have seen that gorgeous young man ride through the castle gates on a white horse bearing armfuls of flowers and pastries, and he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from getting down on one knee and proposing right then and there.

I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t make the rules. Nintendo makes the rules, and the rules say that every creature in the game capable of fully sentient thought immediately falls in love with Link. The only way to avoid the awkward situation of Link and Ganon running off into the sunset together was to remove all traces of Ganondorf entirely. Thus was the glory of Ganondorf’s perfect hair sacrificed for the sublime beauty of everyone’s perfect elf boyfriend, alas.

Fun Breath of the wild challenge I’ve been doing.

All divine beasts
All shrines

No upgrading hearts/stamina/shiekah runes/inventory space
No shields 
No clothing
No cooking
No mounts
No buying items
No fast travel
No amiibos
No champion abilities
No fairies/ or temporary hearts/stamina wheels
No shrine radar

Getting food and elixirs from chests, quests, and NPCs is allowed.

Breaking these rules is allowed only if absolutely required.

If you love breath of the wild and suffering try this!