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Hey Admin, could I request a yiga who... I dunno. Just a Yiga-clan member if its ok ^^

To answer the question: No. No I will not draw just a Yiga-clan member ;)

I feel like i need to start linking to the Korok comic that started their weird obsession in my comic’s canon so that new people aren’t COMPLETELY confused…

so i had this dream about six of crows were each of them had to give a presentation about themselves and when it was wylan’s turn he walked up, clicked to a slide that had his name written on it (curtoesy of jesper) and he went, “i’m wylan.” then the other slide was entirely blank and he went, “i can’t read for shit.” and everyone clapped for him.


SavageSkye visits WildeHopps on their break, the girls decided to have a double date and they went to the mall. The guys are waiting outside while the ladies go into the Lingerie Store. And what do you get when you have a slick looking red fox along side a high class agent bunny? BroTP and of course two prime targets for all the single ladies out there. Naturally the two good looking mammals found themselves in a swarm of ladies while sitting at the bench in the mall together. The commotion is, of course, enough to get the attention of a certain female bunny and arctic fox as they make their way through the crowd towards the vulpine and the lapin. Before the guys could say anything, Skye pulled Jack in to her arms while Judy pulled Nick down to his knee and hug his head close to her chest. Much to the crowd’s surprise, the two proudly sending a message, loud enough for every single mammal in that corner of the mall to hear it: “HEY! HE’S MINE!! GO GET YOUR OWN!!” Dropping the crowd a bomb of disappointment and leaving the embarrassed vulpine and lapin speechless in the arms of their significant others.

A little bit of a fun idea, old friends hanging out with each other and of course Double Date. I might write something about this tonight, we’ll see.

I changed the way I draw Skye a bit.
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