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An Example of the Electric Charge from Lightning Striking “From the Ground Up”.

Lightning is the movement of electric charge across a potential, striking more commonly when the potential is higher, such as the top of a tree. 

However although we tend to think of lightning “striking” the ground, the movement of charge can occur in either direction where the potential dictates, usually in both directions. 

In fact, the final strike coming from the ground to the sky is often the largest and brightest, as seen in the gif.


The surreal sci-fi art of Christian Ward

Ward is a London-based artist and illustrator best known for his work in comics, most notably the epic ODY-C, a gender-swapped, sci-fi retelling of Homer’s “Odyssey” created in collaboration with writer Matt Fraction. He’s also contributed covers to series like Young Avengers and Iron Man, and recently started working on Marvel’s The Ultimates. His style is unlike anything in comics; bright and colorful, but also wild and explosive. ODY-C, in particular, is a science fiction world that feels unlike any other, with strange organic spaceships and a surreal mixture of magic and technology.

Via The Verge

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Today is World Elephant Day!  Asian elephants used to live in areas stretching from Iraq to southern China, where some still live wild. Elephants communicate over long distances using low-frequency rumbling sounds that humans can’t hear. An elephant can recognize a familiar voice from a mile (1.5 kilometers) away.

People in Asia have lived closely with elephants since at least 2000 B.C. All levels of society developed cultures of working with and caring for these creatures. The habitats these forest mammals once occupied have been cut down to make way for farms and villages. Asian elephants are now mostly confined to hilly regions where human contact is minimal. Recent figures indicate that there are about 30,000 Asian elephants left in the wild. 

Learn more about how Asian elephants in Thailand are being reintroduced into the wild: 

Learn more about this story. 

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