wild wish

I still wish Ganon had been more human in botw. 

Like, I wish he could have spoken. I love the final scenes in SS and Windwaker, they feel so legit and tense because there’s this man in front of you that you have to fight mano a mano, and he’s goading and insulting you and stuff, it’s the real deal!!

Whereas Calamity Ganon is just one big mindless beast and consequently I didn’t feel as intimidated? Like sure he’s a behemoth in his second stage, but he’s also easier and I feel like that’s… wrong. It would have been cool as hell to hear a voice, like, trying to speak over Zelda’s, telling you you failed once before and you’ll fail again, etc. That would be rad. 

Just chilling on my bed, cruising my dash- woo I am a wild child!

Wishing I could head over to the UK with @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld ! Safe travels my friend!

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Bad news, Link. It looks like I got hit pretty good back there… I think… I think I need to get back to the Flight Range. I just hope that… I can make it back… You head down to Medoh.

So we’re getting new kh3 info soon & I decided to use that as a deadline for /finally/ finishing my kairi design.  I’m really excited about it and I’m never telling anyone just how long I’ve been trying to finalize a design for her

So here it is!!! Keyblade wielder in training kairi!!!!

After sora’s new look got released I really, really wanted kairi to have something similar; sportsy, made for movement, more ‘mature’, & with influence from her nobody.  But (hopefully) kh3 is going to be where kairi takes on an entirely new role in her narrative, finally being able to join the fray, & I thought she should have something that fit that idea as well.  

I kept those things in mind while working on this & did my best to still give her a design that fits her personality, previous designs & role in the story (and also one that fixed the disaster zone color scheme from kh2 because my God).

She’s become a very important character to me & she deserves to finally be a genuine part of the kh story.  I’ve been wanting that for her for ages, so here’s to hoping. Anyways I’m really excited about this! I love kairi!! hooray!!

(I put optional cat ears from the official art in there as well, they’re cute haha)